The Truth About the 13 Myths Surrounding Erectile Dysfunction

The Truth About the 13 Myths Surrounding Erectile DysfunctionErectile dysfunction is a sexual health condition that most, if not all men pray to never have. It’s a known condition that has been bugging men and their partners for decades. Though some people may call it a “lifestyle disease,” there is far more to erectile dysfunction than we know. Through the help of science and innovation, scientists and physicians have come together to create a sort of miracle in the form of ED drugs. With all the buzz of this bizarre condition that plagues men, many stories and claims have surfaced that are rather questionable. As if the condition is not alarming enough, people throw in some myths that can have men fearing for their sex lives. Thankfully, through research and isolation, doctors have worked hard to have these myths busted and assure men that it takes more than one failed erection to prove you have ED. So if you fear that you are falling into a world of ED problems because of the hear says of this medical condition, you just might be wrong. Here are 13 myths surrounding erectile dysfunction and the truth behind them:

1. Myth: ED Is Normal For Aging Men

erectile dysfunction for aging menWhile it is true that there are many cases of erectile dysfunction for aging men, it does not necessarily follow that ED is a normal case and should be an automatic for older men. The fact is that erectile dysfunction can happen to any man at any age. It can start as early as your 20’s. Erectile dysfunction is a physical and medical case that could be brought about by your lifestyle choices, too. ED is plainly medical and can happen to any man of any age. Due to lifestyle, it can happen at a later time in life, which is why this case is common for many aging men.

2. Myth: ED Is For Old Men Only

Erectile dysfunction is a medical case resulting mostly from a person’s lifestyle choices. If a man leads an unhealthy life with vices, like smoking and alcohilism, he can be a candidate for erectile dysfunction even at a young age. Although this condition normally happens to older men, there are also many reported records of men who suffer from ED as young as 20 years old. The claim that erectile dysfunction is for old men only is a plain and clear myth. However, since ED is a common case for older men, it is understandable why the myths surfaced in the first place.

3. Myth: ED Can Only Affect Men

man is diagnosed with erectile dysfunctionWhen a man is diagnosed with erectile dysfunction, not only is his physical state affected, his emotional and psychological stability may also be scarred. The majority of the male population makes their sexual ability a big deal. Not being able to have a normal erection anymore, or having problems with sex can be a major setback for their lives, personally and socially. Through all this predicament, it’s easy to say that only men can be seriously affected with this situation, but that is entirely a false fact. Erectile dysfunction can affect a man, his partner, his family, and even his job. The second most affected person could be his partner, but through all the emotional stress, it could extend as far as his job performance and how he treats other people.

4. Myth: Cycling Cannot Cause ED

The claim that cycling can cause erectile dysfunction has gained much attention from the media and many researchers over the years. While cycling is a healthy hobby for the heart and overall health, it seems that a man’s bedroom abilities is affected. There have been a lot of debates, but eventually they have come to a conclusion. Cycling can cause erectile dysfunction, but only when a number of specific factors are present.Factors that can cause erectile dysfunction for cyclists can include an improper seating position, incorrect materials used for the bicycle seat, and the amount of hours dedicated to cycling per week. Basically, it’s not the action itself that causes erectile dysfunction but the means.

5. Myth: Viagra Is The Only Solution

ViagraIt may be true that Viagra is the quickest way to treat a limp boner, but to say that it’s the only way is mere false advertisement brought to you by those who promote the product. Most erectile dysfunction cases occur due to lifestyle choices and vices like smoking, alcoholism and physical conditions, like illness and obesity. In fact, at the first signs of ED, doctors normally recommend losing weight, quitting cigarette smoke and minimizing alcohol intake. Viagra can help, that’s for sure, but it’s not the only solution. If you choose the healthy path, you can fight away this unwanted condition naturally.

6. Myth: ED Can Only Be Treated By Medication

The simple truth is that ED can be treated many ways other than through medication alone. Since most erectile dysfunction cases spring from vices and lifestyle, it can also be reciprocated by choosing a healthy lifestyle. There may be plenty of medications that can help with the condition quickly, but to maintain the health of your boner, you need to stay healthy, also.

Tight Underwear Causes ED7. Myth: Tight Underwear Causes ED

Tight underwear can increase the temperature around your penis and testicle area, which can affect the sperm production and sperm health. Wearing tight underwear frequently can cause infertility because it can affect the health of the sperm in your testicles. However, as per continuous studies, there have been no direct relation between wearing tight underwear and erectile dysfunction so it’s a clear case.

8. Myth: ED Is Just A Psychological Thing You Go Through

[adsanity id=”54600″ align=”alignleft” /]While it may be true that there are some cases of erectile dysfunction brought about by psychological problems, it does not follow that all ED cases are psychological. It can surely have psychological effects to a man but there have been minimal cases where psychological stability is the cause of ED. Some men also think that erectile dysfunction may not be a dangerous thing. You’ll be alarmed to know that severe cases can be due to cancer and other serious lifetime diseases.

9. Myth: ED Happens If You Are Not Attracted To Her

Not Attracted To HerIf you are not attracted to your sex partner, you might have some troubles getting your man down there to tighten up. This is not a sign of erectile dysfunction. It’s a sign that your brain and your head down there actually think the same thing, that you are not attracted to your sex partner. If you experience this, there is no need to be alarmed. Erectile dysfunction is a physical and medical condition that takes more than just sexual attraction. If you are angry with them or are harboring some resentment, it is time to have a long talk, or even consider counseling.

10. Myth: ED Can Only Happen If You And Your Partner Have Problems

This is a possibility, but the probability is at a minimum and you have to consider several factors too. For instance, if you and your partner argue all the time, your emotional stress might get to your physical nature and all other physical factors affecting your sex drive. So to clarify this popular myth about ED, it can happen if you have problems with your partner, but your doctor should rule out the physical factors, too.

11. Myth: You Don’t Need Medical Assistance As Long As You Have ED Drugs

Medical AssistanceHere’s what you need to know: ED treatment is different from ED drugs like Viagra. Viagra can help with the erection problem temporarily, but it does not cure the long term medical condition. While it may be true that Viagra can help, it’s more of a band-aid solution. Determining the cause of your ED is still necessary when you have this problem. This is to cure the condition permanently and prevent it from getting worse.

12. Myth: Men With ED No Longer Have A Sex Drive

To differentiate an erection from sex drive, an erection happens when there is a sudden surge of blood to your penis and this will tighen up your penis, hence the erection. Your sex drive is also brought about by the sex hormone called testosterone. That means the two things, although commonly associated, they also act separately, and one can go without the others. To put it simply, even is a man has erectile problems, he could still feel sexual urges. Only this time, acting on these urges may be a bit of a challenge.

13. Myth: Occasional Erection Problems Is A Sign Of ED

Whether you like it or not, ED can happen randomly and for no apparent reason. There are factors to consider, situations and there’s also the thing about how turned on you are. So no, occasional erection problems is not a sign of ED. If they happen on a regular basis, you have reason to worry. Don’t try to deal with it alone, though. Talk to your doctor and get to the root of the problem as quickly as you can. Occasional Erection ProblemsMyths are myths, and unless we can scientifically prove them to be true, they remain exactly that – a myth. Erectile dysfunction is a medical case that your doctor needs to look at closely through a series of tests and appointments. So, if you are having problems with erections and you fear the worst, the best thing you can do is to seek medical attention immediately to find out why. If you aren’t having problems, start doing things now to prevent it from happening later on in your life. Live a healthy lifestyle. Eat better, move more, rest more and take good care of yourself. Your body and your partner will thank you later.
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