The Only 10 Sex Tips You Need for the Big Bang

Sex Tips You Need for the Big BangOrgasm – who doesn’t love what it is? It’s probably the closest thing that a person can get to nirvana without leaving the body. It’s euphoric and pure bliss. Aside from the occasional, or often, it depends, self-service that you reward yourself, orgasm can be achieved through sex. As much as you think that orgasm can have just one level of pleasure – an explosive and great one, that is – orgasm actually has levels of magnitudes and the higher the magnitude, the more epic your orgasm will be. studiesThere have been many studies and claims on how to prolong and intensify an orgasmic experience and some of them have be known to work. But you don’t really have to be a genius to learn how to do so. Orgasm happens when your pleasure point is stimulated – the same goes for your partner – and your brain releases endorphins that trigger those relaxing and pleasurable feelings. But enough with the technicalities and specifics. Gentlemen, sex and orgasm is simple. You may think that finding her G-spot is a treasure hunt and you may never be able to make her come, but it only really takes a few easy steps to get her and yourself to the brink. Here are 10 sex tips that you can use to exponentialize the pleasure you get when you get to the big bang.

1. Foreplay

It can start from a simple text messageEverything about sex starts with foreplay. The faster you get turned on depends on how you do foreplay. You see, foreplay does not only mean the initial moves that you physically perform in bed. It can start from a simple text message, a call or a wink from across the table. It’s as broad as that. You build up each other’s anticipation, making you hard and ready, while imagining the things you will do once you get your hands on her. So, it could either be a simple text message while you’re both at work – telling her of the pleasurable things that you will do to her. Or it can be a physical action – like caressing her body and her curves. Any way that can get you both hot and ready, plus the anticipation game can be the makings for your best sex ever.

2. Massage

MassageAfter a long day, a massage doesn’t sound so bad. As a matter of fact, it sounds so sexual, you’ll be turned on just thinking about it. More often than not, massaging your partner will lead to sex right after because of the relaxed feeling that you get after the massage. Your body’s tension has been released and you are loosened up enough that you crave more pleasure and release. Add to that is the fact that you are touching her body – and even her private parts – during massage gives you ideas on how to make it more pleasurable for her. Put a little pressure on your hands just on the right places to make it more satisfying. If she loosens up, she can ride you with the best sex ever as a thank you for the massage.

3. The Romantic Touch

The Romantic TouchIt may sound a bit cheesy, but adding a romantic touch to sex night is actually appealing – to both men and women alike. A candlelit dinner, music and a dance are just a few examples on how you can go romantic before the sex part of the night. Remember: Mr. James Bond may be tough, but he is always a romantic when it comes to his women. A romantic date can build up the anticipation for sex and the pleasure you both will get from it later on. Not rushing to the sex part can make you just horny enough and ready to rip each other’s clothes off once you are alone.

4. Dress Up Time

woman in a sexy nurse costumeDressing up and role-playing can play a big factor to your pleasure, too. You don’t have to do it all the time – maybe once in a while. Every person has their fantasies, the characters to play, what to wear, where and how to have sex. You only need to know what role you both like the most and work with that. [adsanity id=”54600″ align=”alignnone” /]Dress up and role play can give you the opportunity to fulfil these fantasies and make the sex more gratifying for the both of you. Imagine your woman in a sexy nurse costume, playing as a nurse taking care of you – sex stuff like this doesn’t happen only in porn movies, so don’t limit yourself with all the hot possibilities.


Most men like to exercise control in sexYou may not be into the whole dominant – submissive thing but you can add a light touch of it to sex. Actually, that is something that you are probably already doing. Most men like to exercise control in sex and pleasuring your woman. That is the beginnings of a BDSM fantasy. You can start simple and experiment from there. Tying hands or adding rules about not moving are just a few examples on how you can exercise dominance in bed. The thrill that you can get from being in control – or being in submission, depending on what role you want – can make the sexual experience a lot more intense and the orgasms you get can be more explosive.

6. Delayed Gratification

go slowDon’t rush to orgasm. You’ll get there eventually. Instead, go slow and make unhurried love with your partner. Taste each and every inch of her until you’re both panting with wants and craving for release. The longer the wait, the greater the anticipation will be for the pleasure that you will get from the sex and orgasm. So, don’t hurry to the sex part and don’t hurry the sex. Feel your thrusts and grind your manhood around her tightness to get maximum pleasure from the friction. If you do so, you will be guaranteed that your and her orgasm will be intense, you’ll be holding on to each other until the final wave of tremors.

7. Dirty Talk

Words can be a big factorWords can be a big factor to your pleasure – not only to express the pleasure that you get, but also to add to the pleasure that you give. Talking dirty to your partner during sex can make the whole thing more intense. The dirty words of the things that you will do, or are doing to her can bring you both close to the edge. Moaning is also a way to express pleasure. Your moans will let your partner know if she’s hitting the right spot – and the same goes for her. So, use your words to express your pleasure. That will make the orgasm a lot more intense.

8. Using Other Body Parts

lipsSex does not have to be just the penis and the vagina. Pleasuring you and your partner can also be done using other body parts – your fingers, lips and tongue, just to name a few examples. The conventional way of having sex may be great, but you can also explore and experiment by using other parts of the body to give you both great pleasure. Use your fingers to massage her clit, or use her breasts to wrap around your penis. Experimenting on other body parts cannot only add to your lists of best sex ever, it can also make you discover other parts of your body that you did not know can make you feel good, too.

9. New Positions

Kama SutraYou and your partner may have a favorite sex position that can easily get you there fast. That’s great. But trying out new sex positions does not only give you the opportunity to feel your partner from another angle, it can also make you discover other pleasure points of your bodies. So, add a little twist to the normal position that you do. It doesn’t have to be an extreme Kama Sutra position. You just have to take the position a little notch further to add more pleasure and make the orgasm more intense.

10. Muscle Control

you can definitely do through practiceYou may think this is a myth, but it actually happens. You can be in charge of your sex and orgasms through muscle control. As your organ is one big muscle, this is something that you can definitely do through practice.Your partner can do this, as well. Muscle control can make you control the tension of your penis and its hardness. With it you can also control your release while waiting for your lady to finish, or you can come together. It’s not rocket science; it’s just good old muscle control. So, this probably widened your view that sex is not just sex, and orgasm is not just orgasm. You can control, summon, stimulate and trigger orgasm with the right techniques. It does not require a certain skill. It’s normal human instinct – you pleasure me, I pleasure you. thank youWhen you know how to pleasure your woman in all the right places, you can bring her to the edge and give her the best sex she’s had, every single time. The “thank you” that you’ll get for giving her the big one will be just as epic – that is a guarantee. Put all that into equation, and you will get and give the best sex ever.
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