Supplements to Increase Libido: 6 Vitamins for Vitality

Supplements to Increase Libido 6 Vitamins for Vitality

Men all hope for an immense sex drive and longer lasting erection every time. Unfortunately, there are many factors that can affect your mood in bed, such as aging, poor diet or even depression. The good news is you can address your lack of drive in bed using supplements to increase libido.

Read on to find out the essential vitamins to increase libido and learn how they can help you get your groove back in bed.

Where Is Your Sex Drive?

depressionBefore you learn what the key vitamins for your libido are, it is important to understand first why your sex drive is M-I-A. This way, you will know how to address the problem and find the appropriate solution for it. Again, many factors can kill your mood in bed. This may be due to hormonal imbalance, natural aging process, and depression among many others. Before you say it’s the end of your sex life, there are a lot of supplements to increase libido that are available in the market. And these supplements contain essential vitamins that are proven to boost your libido. For example, VigRX Plus is proven to increase overall sexual desire by 47%.

What Are The Essential Vitamins In Supplements To Increase Libido?

There are vitamins and supplements designed to increase libido. Before you rush to the nearest drugstore, make sure to contact your doctor first before you start taking new vitamins.  Nonetheless, here is a list of the different vitamins that may help with libido:
  • Vitamin E – Did you know that vitamin E may help improve blood circulation in areas such as your genitals? This powerful antioxidant contains components that might strengthen your immune system and protect your blood from clotting. Food, such as nuts, seeds, spinach and tomato are only some the good sources of vitamin E. If you are not really a pill person, break a vitamin E capsule and rub the gel on your vagina for several times a week. This can help you lubricate your thing to make you enjoy sex even more.
  • citrus fruitsVitamin C – Blood flow is very important and one way to encourage it is by taking vitamin C. This vitamin for libido can help efficient blood flow to the rest of your body, which can promote better blood flow down there. Plus, it works well when combined with vitamin E. Therefore you might want to stock yourself with some citrus fruits or take vitamin C supplements everyday.
  • Vitamin B9 Or Folic Acid – According to some studies, folate can help reduce the number of abnormal sperm. At the same time, there are studies that show it can boost your sperm count especially when combined with zinc. So what are you waiting for? Consider peas, bananas, cantaloupe, asparagus and avocado. It can be good too.
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  • B Complex Vitamins – Shona Wilkinson of The Nutri Centre says that B vitamins, such as Niacin and vitamin B12 can help regulate your sex organs and boost the production of sex hormones. This means that the more B vitamins you have, the more sex hormones would be released which should help better sex drive. Also, B vitamins mayreduce anxiety which can greatly affect your mood too, especially during your menopausal stage. Further, it has mood-enhancing benefits, which can be helpful to your sex life. Therefore, look for B-complex supplements to get your daily dose and make you enjoy sex.
  • zinc supplementsZinc – Zinc appears to benefit testosterone production. This hormone is one of the major components of sexual desire and helps maintain a healthy sperm. Look for zinc supplements to give your body much needed zinc nutrients, or eat raw oysters to increase dopamine production that can positively affect your libido.
  • L-Arginine – L-Arginine is one of the amino acids or the building blocks of protein in your body. This component boosts the production of nitric oxide,> which in turn increases the blood flow to your sexual organ. To get enough of this amino acid, consider foods or supplements with this sexual nutrient, and aim for more protein in your diet.
The question now is can libido supplements with vitamins really increase your sex drive? The answer is yes, as long as you choose the right product. If you are looking for supplements to increase libido, then try VigRX Plus. This doctor recommended male enhancement supplement can give you longer lasting erections (like that 62.82% ability to maintain an erection) and an increase in your sexual stamina. Plus, you’e getting quality with VigRX Plus and its all-natural ingredients. Try it risk free for 67 days and see the effect. If you are not happy with the result, you can get your money back in full.
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