Penis Weights: 5 Crucial Questions About Male Enlargement

Penis Weights 5 Crucial Questions About Male EnlargementIf you are a man who is constantly thinking about how to enhance the size of your penis, then you are not alone in this thought. Every single day, many men worry about the size of their penis. Since today’s society calls for being more conscious about the parts we were given and comparing them with other people, there are many male enhancement methods available out in the market. Companies design various methods to enhance the man’s penis more drastically. Many men are constantly obsessing about the size of their penis. They will go to desperate measures to obtain that specific goal of increasing the size. If you are one of those men who are concerned about the same issue, then you know exactly how it feels to research and try out different types of male enhancement methods. Long lists of techniques claim to work effectively and safely, while other methods may be a bit questionable. Have you heard of penis weights? If you are still new to the male enhancement world, then this method for penis enlargement may still be blurry to you. However, there are such things as weights for the penis. Now, when you think about weights, the first thought you think about is it is a good way to increase a person’s muscle size. Bodybuilders use weights to enhance their muscles; however, did you ever think that your penis could use weights to increase in size?

Q1: Why Do Men Worry About The Size Of Their Penis?

unsatisfied sexual encountersBefore we start discussing about the facts about penis weights, let us first talk about the reason why many men are concerned about the penis size. One of the major reasons why men are obsessed with their penis is because a small penis equals unsatisfied sexual encounters. As a man, you always want to be famous for lasting all night in bed and known to satisfy your significant other. Most men are also embarrassed of having a “smaller penis” in comparison to the other penises that they have seen from the locker room or pornographic websites. Since the media has a big influence on what people think, a man’s penis size could be one aspect. Since people nowadays might believe in the saying, “size matters,” many men actually start convincing themselves that the size of their penis is one important factor. Some women think that the penis size shows how masculine a man really is. No matter what the reason for worrying about the penis size is, there is no denying that enhancing the male package is essential for men.

Q2: Are There Ways To Enlarge The Penis?

With the constant fixation of trying to increase the penis size, all types of products and devices focus on that main goal. There are natural methods that you could try, which involve eating certain foods, penile stretches, the kegel method and living a healthy lifestyle. health care professionalThere are also methods available in the market that contain certain ingredients for male enhancement. Such products are penis enhancement pills and supplements, penis pumps, tractions and weights and penile surgeries. Depending on what you prefer, you could either go with the natural way or purchase other methods for penis enhancement. Something that you have to consider is to consult penis enhancement issues with your health care professional. The reason behind for consultation with a medical provider is that they are knowledgeable about what methods are safe and effective. Before you go out and purchase all types of penis methods, do the necessary research and talk to your doctor about what will work best for you.

Q3: What Are Penis Weights?

Weights for the penis are one of the “original methods” for enlargement. They trace back thousands of years in India and Africa, where men would hang rocks as weights using a unique type of material under the penis head. Back then, the secret for obtaining a bigger, longer and thicker penis was using penis weights. How a man would wear the weights depends on the quality of time that it is on the organ.

Q4: What Are The Advantages Of Wearing Penis Weights?

Putting weights on the penis does not require a genius. It is easy to come by and does not cost all too much unlike other methods for penis enlargement. [adsanity id=”54600″ align=”aligncenter” /]Typically, penis weight plates are not more than a few dollars and depend on the weight level of each plate. There is a specific amount of time you should leave them on in order to get a good quality stretch. Many men who have used penis weights claim that their penis has shown significant improvement. Of course, this depends from man to man and results may vary. As the penis adapts, it will require more resistance or weight, so that there will be a positive change in making the penis bigger. In that case, you could just simply add more weight.

Q5: What Are The Disadvantages Of Wearing Penis Weights?

dollarsWith advantages also come disadvantages. Since penis weights do require a hanging device, also called a “hanger,” this apparatus may cost up to $200. Although weights cost only a few dollars, the hanger is necessary for the device to work. Since penis weights cause a stretch, a wrap is also required to protect the penis skin. It is not all too difficult to learn how to do it properly, so this does not cause too much of a hassle. Per session, a man would have to stand or sit down in one position for at least 15 to 20 minutes daily. The good news about this is that the device is hands free and men could do other activities such as watch TV, read, go on the internet and many other activities. After reading both the advantages and disadvantages, it really depends on how you look at the entire topic about penis weights. Some men claim that they work while other men may beg to differ. If you are thinking about penis enhancement, go ahead and ask your doctor about penis weights. With the many techniques available out in the market today, why not try out weights. It provides many advantages that could help in increasing your penis size. Make sure to talk to your health care provider about the safe and effective methods on how you can get a bigger and thicker penis so that you do not waste time, money and effort in achieving your goal.
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