Penis Growth: 7 Modern Male Enhancement Methods for Men

Penis Growth 7 Modern Male Enhancement Methods for Men

A man’s penis is surely an organ that gives him some pride. This is especially the case if his package has a “more than average” size to it. Despite all the other aspects that a man has to be concerned about, such as his personal life, career, physique and his overall image, penis size is usually at the top of his priority list.

If you are a man, then you may agree or disagree with this fact, but the reality is, many men want to know more about penis growth. Since all men think differently, you probably have your own thoughts on penis size. Have you ever just wondered, why do men, in general, obsess constantly about how big they really are? Do you ever just ponder why you tend to wrap your mind around thoughts like how to grow your penis? If you do, then you are part of the millions of other men that also think about the same questions.

What Exactly Signifies A “Large Penis” Anyways?

This has been a debatable question for many years. No one seems to find the “right” answer. However, the results of many scientific studies seem to point out that the average male penis, during erection, is at a length of 5.1 inches to 5.9 inches. People consider anything that is longer than that length is long. When talking about the average circumference, the average male penis is said to be at 4.49 inches to 4.97 inches in perimeter when fully erected.

Should You Measure Your Man?

during sexual intercourseNow this question depends from man to man, and even from woman to woman. Some men measure their penis size by whether or not they can please their woman during sexual intercourse. Other men measure their penis using measurement devices to find out the actual length and circumference of their package. To measure your member, take out some measuring tape or a ruler and start from the base of your penis all the way to the tip. Make sure to measure from the topside of your package and not the underside, because you will not get the correct size. For the girth measurement, you could take a string and position it around mid-shaft, after doing so, lay out the string on a ruler to get an accurate measurement.

Is The Penis Size Related To A Person’s Body Size?

Many factors affect a man’s penis size. However, the most significant factor is a man’s genetic makeup. According to some studies done, it seems to show that a man’s height shows a direct relationship with the general size of the penis. Although studies have also been done on weight, it does not seem to have a consistent relationship compared to the height. Have you heard that a man’s foot and hand size could show the man’s package size? You probably have because it is a popular myth. However, several studies show that the foot size actually does not have a relationship to the penis size. Fascinatingly, however, the index finger was actually found to be linked to the overall size of the penis in a couple of recent studies.

Until What Age Does A Man’s Penis Grow?

Penis GrowthWhen a young boy enters the age of 10 to 14 years old, he is in the stage of puberty. This is when their hormones are raging and their body goes through significant changes to prepare their bodies for manhood. The penis will stop growing from the ages of 16 to 21 years old, depending on the male. Other factors include how well you take care of your body, as well as genetics and other factors. If you have stopped growing in height, then your penis has probably stopped growing also.

Is Penis Growth Possible For Men Who Are Done With Puberty?

If you have done research on the penis enlargement market, then you have a pretty good idea of the wide variety of products and methods available for men who want to have a larger penis. Some products and techniques seem to work for several men, while other methods are risky and might not even work at all. However, to answer the question, it is actually possible to grow your penis with the safe and effective products out in the market.

How Do You Find The Right Method For Penis Growth To Use?

To find the safest and most effective method, if there actually is a product, the best move to make is to talk to a healthcare professional. If you are embarrassed about this topic, then you have to suck it up and bring it up with your doctor. [adsanity id=”54600″ align=”aligncenter” /]

The reason behind that is because he or she has more knowledge about the entire topic, since they have studied the reproductive system’s parts and functions. If you are quite serious about increasing your penis size, then making this move is necessary to find out the right method for your body. Do all the essential research on your own, so that you can bring it up with your health care provider with confidence. You will be surprised with all the techniques that are available for you, and that is the reason why you have to be careful in your search. Read about customer feedback and look through the ingredients. Make sure that the feedback is legitimate and from actual customers. You could also do some research on the ingredients a product contains to make sure that it is safe and non-toxic. doctorThe key to penis growth is gaining knowledge through research and talking to a professional that specializes in the topic, most preferably a doctor. You have to be open-minded to the fact that it may or may not work for you. Do what you need to learn more about penis enlargement techniques to be safe in your decision. Learn to love your body, so that you could live a more fulfilling life.

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