Penis Extenders: 3 Reasons to Try Enhancement Devices

Penis Extenders 3 Reasons to Try Enhancement Devices

Do you wish you were longer and bigger down there? If you answered yes, then welcome to the club. Millions of men around the world wish they had a bigger penis. Many men report they are not content with their size; therefore, they seek products to help, like a penis extender, for example. Penis extenders are one of the many effective solutions that medical experts have come up to address the demand of so many men to make their penis sizes longer. You should learn how penis stretchers work, so you can decide if this is the right male enlargement option for you.

What Is A Penis Extender?

Call it whatever you want – penis extender, penile extender, penis stretcher or even dick stretchers – but one thing is for sure: this type of device can make your guy longer. Penis extenders are a type of device that gently stretches your penis using the traction method. Science backs up penis stretchers. In fact, it they first introduced them in the 1990’s to help men straighten minor to severe curvature or deformities of their penis. Over the years, this type of device has evolved from medical purposes to recreational use, helping men with size issues in making their manhood longer.

How Does A Penis Extender Work?

Penis extenders work through the penile traction method. The traction method is not a new concept. In fact, even men during the ancient times used this process by hanging rocks on their members in order to make them longer. Penis stretchers have two rings – the head ring, which fits the head or glans of your penis and holds it in place, and the base ring, which goes at the base of your penis. It also comes with adjustable rods to help you stretch it up to your desired length. Once you are strapped in the device, the traction method can now start working on its magic. The traction or the stretching of penis can cause microscopic tears within the layers of penile erectile tissue. Although you cannot physically see and feel it, your body will react to these tears by healing each gap caused. During the healing process, the nucleus of the cells will replicate themselves by creating two nucleuses in the penis muscle, also known as mitosis. These cells split up to create another duplicate cell, also referred to as the cytokinesis stage. The duplicate cells will compensate for the space caused by the tears. As a result, they will add as much as a few inches to your size. Keep in mind that the traction method takes time before you can see an improvement in your size.

What Can You Get From Using This Type Of Device?

If there is one good thing you can get from using penis extenders, it is its ability to add up to a few inches and girth into your penis. At the same time, you are suffering from congenital abnormalities that affect the size and form of your member penis stretchers can help, too. In fact, a study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine shows that commercial penile extenders can reduce penile curvature and can even add some length down there.

So, Why Should You Use A Penis Extender?

The 3 Reasons:

  • It is proven to work and can add a few inches to your size down there.
  • It is safe, non-invasive treatment as long as you follow the instructions on how to use it properly.
  • VigRX PlusIt can work with other male enhancement treatments. Aside from the stretching device, you can even take supplements, such as VigRX Plus to help you get bigger and harder erections, more frequent orgasms and an increase in your sexual desire. In addition, supplements supply your body with essential nutrients for better sexual and overall health, too.

Are There Risks And Side Effects?

Almost everything comes with risks, and apparently, penis stretchers are not am exemption. Although science endorses penis lengtheners, penile injury and damage can still occur because of the busting of blood vessels or rupture of penile tissues. Therefore, it is important to use this device in a gentle and gradual manner. [adsanity id=”54600″ align=”aligncenter” /] It is understandable that you want to increase your length in an instant. However, penis extenders do not work that way. If you pull out your penis up to its maximum length in an abrupt manner, there is a risk of developing permanent penile damage and you don’t want that.

Does It Really Work?

Surprisingly, a penis extender does work – and there are studies, although a few, that can prove that. One of the most popular studies conducted concerning penis extenders is the study made by urologist Paolo Gontero and colleagues of San Giovanni Battista Hospital at the University of Turin in Italy. Gontero had 15 subjects and instructed them to use penile extender for six months. After six months, these men gained an average of 0.9 inches in flaccid state, or a 32-percent gain, and almost half-inch in stretched length to 4.45 inches. Medical researchers published a study on the penis extender and published it in the International Journal of Impotence Research in 2002. Based on that study, a penis extender could add an average of 0.7 inches after four months of use for at least 6 hours a day. In other words, penis stretchers do increase your size and can add up a few inches to its length. To make it more effective, make sure to use the product for at least six hours a day for a minimum of four months.

Shopping For Safe Penis Products: Choosing The Right Penis Stretcher

Penis stretchers are everywhere. Here are some factors you need to look at in choosing the best penis extender.
  • Safety – Check for a safety certification, which proves it has passed the safety standards. Look for a reputable manufacturer that makes penis enhancers. At the same time, the device must come with a complete set of instructions, so you will get the guidance you need on how to use the product properly.
  • Comfort – It should have padding around the fastener to prevent irritation. At the same time, it should promote protection and comfort. After all, you will wear this device for a few hours every day.
  • Money Back Guarantee – You don’t want to waste your money on something that doesn’t work, right? Make sure you can get your money back if the product fails to live up to the claims.
  • product really worksClinical Studies – You need to know whether the product really works or not, so clinical reports can give you the best information.
  • Medical Endorsement And Recognition – It simply shows that the product does work.
  • Price And Value – Is it affordable and within your budget? Does it come with free items?
Above all, make sure to do your homework and make it a point to read customer reviews on penis extenders. You can ask your doctor for recommendations on the best enhancement options, too. Keep yourself informed, so you can be the judge of whether a penis extender is the right method for you. What’s the point of having a longer penis if you end up with physical damage? Be safe, not sorry.
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