Penis Enlargement Devices: 2 Types for Male Enhancement

Penis Enlargement Devices 2 Types for Male EnhancementIn a circle of men, some things about a penis enlargement device may come up in the conversation. Some men are not satisfied with the size of their penis, while others may seriously need a boost on that part. Many people would say that the size of a man’s penis does not matter. But, since men may have issues with sexual satisfaction, because of their manhood, size actually matters. Men who have a smaller penis may encounter problems with their sex life. Though their sexual drive and orgasm are not affected, the size of their penis will still be one of their biggest dilemmas. Bigger manhood also makes the females to beg for more. This is another reason why some men are willing to undergo different hardships for that bigger penis. So what is a possible fix to this kind of manhood issue? Why not undergo a penis enlargement system? Men can choose from many methods today. They can make use of some penis enlargement devices, penis enlargement tools, penis enlargement machines, natural methods and more.

2 Penis Enlargement Device For An Enhanced Bulk

A man can make use of a penis enlargement device or a penis enlargement tool to get the boost that he wants for his manhood. The human body can adjust with an outside pressure abodybuildingnd some devices can prove this. So far, no negative results were reported upon usage of the below tools for penis size enhancement.
  • Traction Device – This penis enlargement tool stretches the penile tissues leading the way to new, heftier and bulkier muscles. Due to outside pressure, the human cells will adapt and it causes the penis length, width or girth to increase. This reaction of the body is the same as the muscles’ response to weightlifting and other bodybuilding activities. If muscles of other parts of the body respond positively to traction, the same goes with the penis.
A penis extender is one example of a traction device that applies force or pressure to the male genital. It is a mechanical gadget you can use by fastening to the manhood. It provides a pulling force that you can adjust anytime. This type of traction can cause a progressive extension of the user’s penis.
  • Penis Pump – Initially, some studies showed the usage of penis pump was ineffective when it comes to penis enlargement. After a six-month trial with 37 men who used penis pumps, it did not add a centimeter length to their penises. However, it did produce a psychological satisfaction to the men.
Apart from its psychological effect, penis pumps treat shrinkage of the penis. They also correct penile curvature caused by Peyronie’s disease. This was the case until another study, conducted by a group of experts in London, had far different results. After testing 31 subjects, they declared the penis pumps are proven effective when it comes to enhancing the penile length. Aside from this, it also was able to correct the angle of curvature and provide relief from penile pain.

Surgery: Risky And Expensive

penile surgeryA penile surgery or phalloplasty is a risky and an expensive way for penile enlargement. This makes use of implants on different parts of the male genitals. This process can be a cause of many side effects, such as loss of sexual function, numbness, impotence, deformities, bleeding and infections. To add up to the disadvantages, the procedure does not guarantee that the implants or gained size will not be lost.

Pills: Promising Or Poisonous?

The internet marketplace also offers penis enlargement pills and applications, which can be in the form of ointments or creams. These products were not tested or proven effective. Some of them may cause side effects, which leads to sickness or even deadly conditions

Natural Supplements: A Win-Win

Unlike internet-marketed pills, natural supplements have proven benefits to the body, while giving a boost to the size of the penis. These natural supplements can increase the blood flow to the arteries of the body including the penis. If taken in regular basis, the size may increase permanently, as the penis cells will adapt to the additional blood volume.

Physical Activity: Get Moving To Get Satisfied

physical activitiesMany physical activities can cause an enhancement to the size of the male genital. Exercises are risk free, cheap and the best way to increase the size of the penis. The pressure that can come from your hands are enough to significantly grow its size if done consistently. There are many exercises to do. You can perform them inside the bathroom in private.

Other Physical Techniques

Physical therapies or other techniques are scientifically-proven and effective methods for penis enlargement. Apart from solving your problem about the penile length or volume, you can treat many other conditions using these therapies:
  • Clamping – This method is effective but can be risky and dangerous, as well. A constricting device restricts the blood from flowing out of the organ. Tools that you can use are shoestring, cable clamps or a tight cock ring. This firmly attach above the testicles or at the base of the erect penis.
[adsanity id=”54600″ align=”aligncenter” /]After attaching the device, the man must engage in edging, which is extended masturbation. If done wrong, clamping may cause heavy and permanent damage to the male sex organ.
  • JelqingJelqing – With bare hands, a man can achieve a natural penis enlargement with jelqing. This works while increasing the circulation and blood. You can do this by stroking the penis many times in a squeezing motion. Perform this repeatedly with strokes starting from the base of the shaft to the edge of the glans or the head.

Patches As Penis Enlargement Devices

A penis enlargement patch involves the process of the skin absorbing the herbal male enlargement ingredients you apply to the penis. Patches are effective in improving the size of the penis, enhancing the erection and boosting the sexual performance of the user. Cases of small penis size are common. More and more men are seeking for ways on how they can enlarge their manhood. The use of a penis enlargement device may be a good move to achieve that natural enhancement. Apart from this, men can consider a variety of other methods if he wants to possess a larger penis.
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