Penis Enlargement Cost: 6 Factors That Affect the Price

Penis Enlargement Cost 6 Factors That Affect the Price

Nowadays, more and more men are looking for ways to increase their penis size. There are many male enlargement techniques, and one of the most sought after technique is penis enlargement surgery. It is popular among men, because it provides immediate results. Due to the growing demand of this procedure, penis enlargement cost is also rising.

Although the price of penis enlargement can be unapproachable, men still desire to pursue it to boost their confidence and sexual performance. But, is the inflated penis enlargement cost worth your efforts? Learn the facts, so you can make this decision for yourself.

The 6 Factors That Affect Penis Enlargement Cost

Every penis enlargement surgery carries with it some measure of risk. And, any operation ends up costing a large sum of money.

Since in many cases, penis enlargement surgery is cosmetic, health insurance companies will not assist the penis enlargement cost. There are number of factors to consider that can affect the total price of penis enlargement. These are:

  • Desired SizeThe Desired Size: The cost of penis enlargement surgery depends on the penis size you desire to have. Your surgeon will discuss all the possibilities of surgery so that you can decide the right size for your penis.
  • The Surgical Method: The surgical method that you will choose to increase your penis size is another essential factor that decides the total cost of penis enlargement. Usually, there is penis lengthening and widening surgery and their cost is slightly different from each other. As you read below, you will have more information on the various types of penis enlargement surgeries and their respective costs.
  • The Length of Surgery: The duration of the surgery is another factor that you should consider when calculating the total penile surgery cost. Penile enlargement surgery that requires a lot of time in operation room will obviously cost more because more anesthesia is necessary. In addition, the surgeon will need to reserve the operating room for longer hours.
  • Use of Advanced Tools: Your surgeon may charge you extra if more advanced tools are necessary for the procedure. Moreover, the penis enlargement cost may further rise if there is a need of post-operative care.
  • SurgeonThe Selected Surgeon: The surgeon you select for the surgery is one of the main factors to consider when calculating total penis enlargement cost. Surgeons who are more experienced, skilled and certified will charge more for their services, as compared to surgeons who are beginners. However, you should go for the more experienced and skilled surgeons to avoid any complications. After all, it’s about the most delicate organ of your body.
  • Location: The location of the surgeon’s clinic is another important feature to consider when analysing the average penile enlargement cost. Surgeons who are located in metropolitan cities may charge more than others who are in less-populated cities. You may want to check in your local clinics and other nearby places to find out the charges of different surgeons. It is also important to know that your total cost of penis enlargement may increase in case you are traveling to another city for the surgery. Not to mention, the hotel where you will stay, charges of hospital, traveling fare and other charges will surely inflate the total price of your surgery.

Many clinics offer easy financing options to patients in order to help them pay for their penis enlargement surgery.

[adsanity id=”54600″ align=”alignnone” /]They present the option of a payment plan that can assist you in paying the cost in simple instalments. Again, you should discuss this with your doctor at length, since each clinic has its own financing policies.

These are a few of things that you should discuss with your surgeon before going under the knife. This will help you become aware of any additional charges or expenses included in the final cost of penis enlargement.

Different Types Of Penis Surgery And Their Cost

penile surgeriesThere are a couple of surgeries that surgeons can perform in order to increase your penis size. The type of procedure you choose will depend on the result you want.

The most commonly used penile surgeries are penis lengthening and widening. Thus, the total penis enlargement cost is different depending upon the procedure you choose.

  • Penis Lengthening Surgery: The penis lengthening surgery involves anesthesia. The surgeon makes an incision and cuts the ligaments that hold the penis in place. This penis enlargement cost can be anywhere from between five thousands to fifteen thousand dollars.
  • Penis Widening Surgery: The surgeon does penis widening by fat injections or dermal graft insertions under the penile skin. These both are complicated procedures and often require a lot of time for surgery and recovery. In case any complications arise, which may possibly happen, further corrective surgeries are necessary to rectify the problems. This in turn will cause the penis enlargement cost to increase.
  • Subcutaneous Penile Implants: Most surgeons also used subcutaneous penis implants to increase the penis girth. The implant is made of silicone for the treatment of penis enlargement and impotency. The price of penis enlargement surgery usually depends on the procedure you select, but on the average, the cost of phalloplasty is more than a few thousand dollars.

The penis enlargement cost may add up because of the follow-up surgeries that may crop up in case the patient is not satisfied with the results or if side effects occur.

Is There Any Other Safe Alternative?

VigRx PlusRather than paying the huge penis enlargement cost for surgery, you should look for other affordable options, such as male enlargement supplements. There are many natural male enlargement supplements available on the market that can increase penis size and nullify other sexual health issues in just a few weeks.

These natural supplements are safer than other risky options, such as the use of penis pumps and penis enlargement surgery. Because they contain natural and effective ingredients, men can gain immense sexual benefits.

If you want to go for natural treatments before getting under the knife, consider using natural male supplements like the ones from VigRx Plus. The cost of this supplement is highly affordable compared to penis enlargement cost. Try it once, and you will never have to ponder upon the option of penis enlargement surgery ever again.

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