Men’s Health: 6 Reasons Kegels Aren’t Just for Women

Men's Health: 6 Reasons Kegels Aren't Just for WomenA famous doctor named Dr. Kegel develop special exercises to provide many benefits to women in the pelvic area, and in the sexual department. Apparently, medical research has proven that this type of exercise also has benefits for men, too. When medical conditions lead to some men having a hard time controlling their bladders, this could just be their ticket to stay away from those embarrassing situations. Doing Kegel exercises will target the pelvic muscles – for both men and women – and help to develop the pelvic muscles, which can bring several benefits to the urinary flow and control,as well as to a man’s sexual capacity. For older men or men with erectile issues, this type of exercise can be helpful. Incidentally, you may not have to worry about your urination problems or erections anymore if you regularly do Kegel exercises. Here are 6 reasons Kegels are not just for women as well as some tips on the right ways to do them:

1. Kegels Might Improve Your Bladder Control

Improve Your Bladder ControlFor older men, especially men with bladder or prostate issues, controlling your bladder may just prove to be a challenging feat. When a man loses full control of his bladder, he won’t be able to stop once the urine starts to flow. Kegel exercise targets the muscles that are responsible for controlling the urine flow. Through regular exercise, you can develop the said muscles and give you the ability to control your urination. Yes, even if you already have bladder issues or other cases pertaining to bladder control. Basically, you just need to keep the bladder muscles function perfectly.

2. Kegels Can Prevent Embarrassing Urine Leakage

If it’s not already obvious, urine leakage can be an embarrassing situation if you start peeing yourself in a public places. This case can be common for men with bladder control issues. The problem with urine leakage is that you won’t feel the urge to pee, but the liquid just leaks out, and sometimes the leakage can be visible. You can work on being able to gain full control of your urination again. Through Kegel exercises, you can develop your muscles surrounding your bladder, as well as the bladder muscles themselves, giving you the ability to control urination. This can prevent embarrassing urine leakage, especially if you are in a public place. You would not want to have a wet patch on your jeans, do you? That could look wrong in so many ways.

3. Kegels Can Make Your Erections Last Longer

Make Your Erections Last LongerHere’s something that could get your attention. Ever wonder how some men have longer periods of erection, or how some men get another erection almost right after sex? Sure, sex can be extremely good and lasting long can be impossible. The great news is that there is a way to make your erections last longer, even if the sex is mind-blowing. When you regularly do Kegel exercise, you strengthen the muscles in the pelvic and penile area. This means your erections can become harder. Another thing is that this type of exercise can somewhat train the blood flow to your penis. When you get an erection, there will be an increase in the blood flow to your penis, which could make the erections last longer and be harder. Just by doing Kegel exercises regularly, you may notice a difference in your erectile performance in just a few weeks.

4. Kegels May Prevent Erectile Issues

Prevention goes a long way. Why not try to side step erection problems before they happen? Limpness is a problem where you either do not have the capacity to have erections anymore, or they could be inconsistent. Either way, it could be a huge bruise to your ego and damage your sex life considerably. Although there are plenty of ways to prevent erectile dysfunction from happening, one helpful routine is to do the Kegel exercises consistently. Because of the muscles that Kegels can develop and the increased blood flow, the distribution of nutrients can reach your penis and reproduction system regularly, which means that you can keep that area down there healthy.

5. Kegels May Help Your Prostate

Prostate SurgeryThere are several possible reasons that could contribute to prostate surgery. As cringe-worthy as they are, prostate surgeries happen. There are even cases where the doctor has to remove the entire prostate. Prostate surgery, like all other forms of surgery, will need to go through the natural healing process. To aid the quick healing of the surgery and your quick recovery, you can do Kegel exercises to work the muscles in the prostate and pelvic areas, developing them to aid the faster reconstruction of the tissues. In addition, the increased blood flow can definitely help in the faster healing of surgical wounds.

6. Kegels Can Make Your Pelvic Muscles Stronger

If you want to bring sex to the next level, you need to enhance your strength, endurance and the ability to make your erections last longer. You already have the idea on how to make your erections last long. Now how will you make your sex techniques more extreme? Kegel exercises, of course. Regular Kegel exercises will improve your pelvic muscles, too. Your pelvic muscles are the ones responsible controlling your movements and your thrusts during sex. If you want a stronger and more powerful sex sessions, Kegel exercises will definitely do the trick. How To Do Kegel ExercisesHow To Do Kegel Exercises Of course, you can’t just do any form of exercise and expect it to work. At the same time, if you say you are going to do Kegels, you should also make sure that you are doing the right thing. Otherwise, all that effort will be put to waste. So here are instructions on how to properly do Kegel exercises:
  • Identify The Correct Muscles

Identifying the correct muscles to develop is easy. It is important that you identify the proper muscles to gain the most benefits from Kegel exercises.To identify these muscles, you can either tighten up the muscles that you use to control in passing gas or the muscles you use to stop your urination midstream. When you feel these muscles, these are the ones that you should exert energy from during Kegel exercises to develop and enhance them for best results.
  • Practice The Kegel Technique

If you are just about to start doing Kegel exercises, it would be best to start lying down. With the identified muscles that you need to develop and your pelvic muscles, start contracting them and hold for three seconds. Release or relax the tension for three seconds. Then repeat the process for a few more times. [adsanity id=”54600″ align=”alignnone” /]Do this regularly to quickly enhance your pelvic muscles. When you feel muscle pain, which is something that you can identify, it only means that the muscles are developing and therefore you are on the right track.
  • Stay Focused

Stay FocusedThis has two points to consider, but the first one is your focus on the exercise. When you contract your pelvic muscles, try not to exert effort from your thighs or abdomen as this would defeat the purpose of exerting strength on your pelvis to develop the muscles in that area. Do not hold your breath, this is quite common when doing exercise. Your breathing should just be normal and you should breathe freely through the nose. The second point to consider is your focus on doing this exercise regularly. You see, when you want to develop something, especially a muscle, you need to constantly work them out to make the development constant. Stopping will just put your efforts to waste and you will go back to the beginning. Therefore, it is important that you stay focused and do your Kegels regularly.
  • Do Kegels Three Times A Day

If you want to see results fast, you need to continuously and constantly do your Kegel exercises. For best and quicker results, it would be advisable to do your exercise three times a day. Since Kegel exercise is quite easy to do – you can do them anywhere and anytime, while lying down, while sitting, or even while standing – you should be able to do them consistently each day. Kegel exercisesYou can do them while lying down when you wake up in the morning. Then, you can do the second set when you are in the office and you get the chance to focus at your desk. The last set you can do before you go to bed. When you do them is up to you, but the important thing is that you focus on the muscles you are working on. You do not need to have a medical condition down there to do Kegel exercises. This form of exercise helps the control you have down under, and it also develop the muscles in that area to make them stronger. This will even make your sexual techniques a notch better, if you know what we mean. So if you want to keep your prostate healthy, your urination under control, your erections lasting longer and your sexual capacity stronger, try some Kegel exercises.
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