Men Who Masturbate: 13 Upbeat Ways to Stop Touching Down There

Upbeat Ways to Stop Touching Down ThereIf you are like many men, you may find yourself wanting to masturbate every chance you get – like every time you’re alone at home, or every time you go into the men’s room – you may even say that you have a masturbation condition. Yes, it’s a condition. There are cases that are easily curable, and you can control your urges if you really focus, but then there are also more serious cases that need professional help. dangerousBasically, it boils down to the fact whether or not you masturbate too much and it affects your daily life. While masturbation can be good, healthy even, but only if you do it once every few days. Doing it too often can be dangerous to your physical, psychological and social health. So the question is, how do you stop yourself? Thankfully, there are a lot of simple ways you can help fight the urges and beat masturbation addiction. Seeking professional help can be your last resort, especially if you think that you can’t control it anymore. While you are still able to control yourself, here are 13 strategies that can help you fight the urges of always touching yourself down there:

1. Keep Yourself Busy

Play sportsThey say idle minds are breeding grounds for evil thoughts. Well, if you’re not thinking of anything evil, you will start thinking about things that could entertain you. Like masturbation, for instance. The urge to masturbate comes when your mind and hands are idle, and you have the means to do it. That is why if you want to avoid masturbating so much, you should do the exact opposite of being idle. That is, to keep yourself occupied with other lots of other things. There are a lot of stuff to do, depending on your mood and energy levels. Play sports; find a new hobby; go out and enjoy the sun. The possibilities are endless, so start by thinking about the things you liked to do when you were young. Rediscover an old hobby or activity you loved to do.

2. Take A Cold Shower

Take A Cold ShowerThis is especially true when the urge to masturbate is very high. When you are really tempted to do it and you have nothing else to do within your reach, take a cold shower. Cold showers are great to tamper a lot of feelings. One of them is when you are turned on. Ever notice how in movies, when a man is very much tempted to make love to a woman, but for some reason, he can’t. He would take a long, cold shower to tame down his erection. The idea is practically the same for this scenario.

3. Stop Watching Porn

Stop Watching PornPorn stimulates your brain and turns you on. It’s as simple as that. When you watch porn, you are subjecting yourself to temptation that will end up in masturbation. Let’s be honest. You watch porn because you want to live your sexual fantasies and pleasure yourself, right? If you are someone who watches porn often, this may be the reason why you masturbate often, too. To cut down on the masturbation, you need to address the root cause and stop watching porn, which is a trigger.

4. Avoid Being All Alone

surround yourself with friendsWhen you are alone in your room or at home, you get ideas. You get tempted to do stuff, because no one is there to see you. Sometimes, you get the great idea on how to spend your alone time is to pleasure yourself. While it’s not entirely wrong, it becomes bad when it happens often. You start shutting yourself off from the world and your social skills get affected. To avoid that altogether, surround yourself with friends and family all of the time. This will also divert your attention from wanting to touch yourself.

5. Create A Masturbation Schedule

Create A Masturbation ScheduleYes, as ridiculous as it sounds, one way to minimize or stop touching yourself is to create a schedule on when you can touch yourself. It’s simple. To make it more systematic, you have to make it more systematic and that’s by planning it out. As sad as it is – the thought of you scheduling your ejaculations – it’s actually a good way to prevent masturbation addiction. If you put in a schedule for when you would allow yourself to masturbate, say once or twice a week, you can build your self-discipline and that is a good start.

6. Stop Thinking About Touching Yourself

Stop ThinkingThe simple and obvious way to avoid touching yourself down there is to stop thinking about it. It all starts with your thoughts. [adsanity id=”54600″ align=”aligncenter” /]Whatever you end up doing is dependent on how you entertain and tolerate your thoughts. To avoid getting tempted to masturbate, at the first thought of doing it, kill the idea immediately. It’s when you entertain the idea that will start building up into the urge to do it and will eventually end up in you actually doing it. The ability to control your thoughts is very important.

7. Watch Action Movies

Watch Action MoviesIf you are turned on by watching romance flicks or porn for that matter, the best way to avoid it is to discontinue watching these films. If you have identified that these are the root causes, or the triggers for why you want to touch yourself, it is only appropriate that you stop doing it. What you can do? Watch action movies instead. You can also watch other genre that you can be positive would not turn you on. There are a lot of movies that you can watch and that can divert your attention from masturbation.

8. Listen To Relaxing Music

Listen To Relaxing MusicSometimes, erections comes from being too tensed or stressed. When you are stressed out, blood rushes around your veins and that includes your penis. We all know that erections happen when there is a rush of blood towards that part of your body. If you are tensed or stressed out and you feel like getting off is the only way to release the tension, listen to some relaxing music. Classical or instrumental music are said to relax the mind that would eventually relax the muscles and even out the blood circulation.

Go Ahead And Pee9. Go Ahead And Pee

Your penis – yes, the one you use for sex – is also the organ that you use for urinating. One organ, two functions. That means your erections could probably just be an urge to pee. Why don’t you go check it out and visit the bathroom, instead?

10. Do Some Exhausting Exercises

Do Some Exhausting ExercisesWhen the urge is too strong, wear yourself out with exercises. If you are starting to get an addiction to masturbation, one good way to fight it is to wear yourself out every day, so that you won’t have the energy to do it anymore. Do some exercises like running, lifting weights or even a brisk walk around the neighborhood. It does not have to be in the gym. You can jog around your neighborhood or do some push-ups and pull-ups. You are actually doing yourself a favor, because you are also working out to develop your body while distracting your mind.

11. Do Some Yoga

Do Some YogaYoga has always been known to relax the mind and help you learn to control your body and thoughts. By doing yoga, you are also learning to fight the bodily urges that you will have, including the urge to masturbate. You will become the master of your physical domain.

12. Find Yourself A Partner

Masturbation happensFind Yourself A Partner if you want to feel pleasure, but you don’t have anyone with you to help you get that pleasure. Sex is meant to be done by two people. Pleasuring yourself does not always have to be a lone act. You don’t have to stay solo when you want to reach orgasmic pleasure. Go out and meet new people of the opposite sex. Find yourself a partner who you can make love to every time you want to feel pleasure and give pleasure. Orgasm is a lot better if you do it together with a partner.

If All Else Fails, Seek Help

alcoholismIf you feel like you are becoming addicted to masturbation, you have to be honest to yourself and admit that you have gone far. Like alcoholism or drug addiction, it starts with being brave enough to admit that you are starting to get addicted. Seek advice from your family or friends. Of course, you don’t have to advertise it to the whole clan. If you are ashamed, that is perfectly understandable, but you have to realize that your family and your real friends will be there to help you. seek a doctor's helpYou should also seek a doctor’s help and advice, as well. Your doctor can refer you to a specialist, but your family and friends will also be there with you, to help divert your attention and fight your urges. Masturbation addiction is nothing more than a psychological matter. You can beat it as long as you are willing to work on it. If you are motivated and you have the willpower to control yourself. There are many ways that you can use your time. The best thing about that is you get to learn more about yourself and of your environment. Get your life back and do yourself a huge favor by not masturbating constantly. By beating your urges,you are doing something else entirely that can be good for you.
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