Male Sex Drive: 9 Foods That Lift Your Libido

Male Sex Drive 9 Foods That Lift Your LibidoWhat does libido mean? Libido is a person’s sex drive. We also refer to it as sexual desire, which is important to achieve a satisfying sex life. Both men and women have libido. However, when it comes to male sex drive, the urges and the cravings are a lot stronger. This means that men have higher amounts of libido and they are least likely to encounter sexual drive problems that women. Different factors affect the libido in men. It is not common for males to have a decreased sexual appetite. Even so, every man must be aware if these factors in order to make quick adjustments in case that they have noticed a decline in their sexual drive. Once you understand all of the aspects that may negatively affect a person’s sexual drive, you may be interested to know about different ways to maintain your desire. Keeping yourself aware of these will surely come in handy. Help yourself, a loved one or a friend; you will never know who might need this useful information.

How To Increase The Male Sex Drive

Positive Mental AttitudeThere are many ways to keep your sexual desire in normal or high levels. The following items will help you to maintain or increase the libido.
  • Maintain A Positive Mental Attitude. If you feel confident and good about yourself, you will feel more sexually appealing. Once you do, the good vibe will radiate making you look attractive to the people around you.
  • Keep The Stress Level Low. Huge amounts of stress can kill the sexual drive. No matter how heavy and how piled up your work is, it is still important to take everything easy. Learn to possess the grace while under pressure. Don’t let small problems get the best of you so that you can be sexually ready and attractive once you arrived home.
Men have different reactions when it comes to stress. For them, sex is a form of de-stressing. This makes minimal or regular types of stress a little bit not affecting to male sex drive.
  • Consider Healthy Foods And Supplements. It is fine to look into some foods and supplements that boost a man’s sexual drive. Overly relying on this is indeed a wrong thing to do. Foods and supplements may be helpful on increase the male sex drive but it doesn’t mean these can do the entire job for you.
  • Detoxify Your Body. Make use of antioxidants to free yourself from radicals and harmful chemicals that might affect your sexual desire. Some things that you are taking inside your body may contain agents that could kill your sexual desire. Detoxifying would help to eradicate those unwanted chemicals guarding the normal or high level of your libido.
  • Consider Psychological Advice. Sex therapists don’t have licenses and the title of expert for nothing. Every bit of advice that they give to you they base on years of study and experience in the field of sex. Considering their advice would totally help to enhance your sex life.
  • Give More Time For Intimacy. Everyone needs to pay enough attention to his or her partners and sex life. People who are trying to sneak sex outside their relationships are most likely to have problems when it comes to sexual drive.
[adsanity id=”54600″ align=”alignnone” /]Apart from giving time for intimacy, it is also important to come in prepared and be in the mood for a sexual intercourse.
  • Explore All The Possibilities. An overused sexual position may become boring and expected. Try out something new with the help of your imagination. You can also make use of some materials to heat up the moment before engaging to the main scene.

9 Foods That May Increase Libido

Aphrodisiacs might provide much help in boosting the male sex drive. Men should not totally rely on the following list of foods to keeping their libido high. However, it is important to consider these foods as they can somehow do the trick.
  • OystersOysters – Oysters have high zinc content, which is responsible for raising sperm count. It may also help testosterone. You can eat oysters during foreplay.
  • BananasBromelain enzyme is abundant in bananas. This agent increases the libido and may increase sex drive in men. It is also a good source of energy giving you enough boosts to last a whole night of lovemaking.
  • Avocado – The Aztecs called this tree the testicle tree due to its appearance. Apart from it, it contains loads of folic acid to give you enough energy. Vitamin B6 and potassium, which can help to increase libido and male hormones, are also present.
  • Almonds – The orgy of essential fatty acids in a dose of almonds contains enough agents to promote healthy production of hormones.
  • ChocolateChocolate – Apart from luring your girl to bed with a bar of chocolate, it contains a certain chemical that will ignite your passion. The alkaloid theobromine produces the feeling of being in love. This helps by boosting the intimacy between you and your partner.
  • Figs – Figs are high in amino acids, which can spark a slow libido. Figs enhance the sexual stamina, letting you enjoy a long night of steamy sex.
  • Garlic – Though they don’t smell good on your breath, you will thank garlic for its libido-boosting benefits. It contains the agent, allicin, which can greatly increase the blood flow in sexual organs. This is an effective herb to boost libido, and you can take pills to reduce the odor.
  • Eggs – Eggs are high in Vitamin B5 and B6. Both are good energy providers that can keep you up all night. This food also helps fight stress and contribute to balanced hormones.
  • CeleryCelery – Apart from increasing the libido, it helps on the production of androsterone. This odorless hormone comes out through male perspiration and it attracts women.
The male sex drive is an important factor to a satisfied sex life and a healthier relationship. Knowing on how to keep the levels up will prevent you from having a sudden sexual decline. Keep the spirit and the hormones up with multiple ways that are safe and effective.
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