Low Sex Drive In Men: 4 Effective Ways to Fight Low Libido

Low Sex Drive In Men 4 Effective Ways to Fight Low LibidoDecrease in libido may be common in women. This condition can also occur in men, even though it does not seem like it happens all that often. Low sex drive in men is a rare case, but this can affect to his sex life and relationship. Many men are too embarrassed to talk about this problem; hence, it may be much more common than most of us think. There are many causes as to why this happens to a man. There are times when men mistake the condition for going limp. Lack of libido in men is far from erection problems when it comes to the number of cases. When it comes to loss of libido in men, they can have an erection if they want to, but they don’t have the desire to have a sexual intercourse. Men who have problems with getting wood are typically having the normal or even a high amount of sexual drive, but they can’t perform physically. Low libido in men can come from different categories of origin. This can be due to physical causes, hormonal problems or psychological issues. It is important for all men to identify their case in order for them to come up with the best response to their low sexual drive.

What Are The Physical Causes Of Low Sex Drive In Men?

One truth is that low sex drive in men is due to the inevitable ageing process. However, other causes may happen because of certain health issues. Here are the following top physical causes why some men are having a low sex drive.
  • Low TestosteroneTestosterone levels relates to the libido. If your testosterone count goes down, your libido may follow. Men that have “Low T” have low energy, poor focus and decreased libido.
  • Erectile Problems – Limpness is completely different from loss of libido. However, they sometimes occur together. Erection problems and low sex drive can be a sign of another serious health issue such as problems with the heart. Consult a doctor before taking actions to treat this sexual difficulty.
  • Obesity – Obese people have lower testosterone levels. This results to a lower libido, making their sex life stagnant. Obesity is also associated with other health concerns related to the heart and insulin.
  • Medicines – There are medicines that can kill the sexual drive of many men. Antidepressants and medicines to cure enlarged prostate are some of the medicines that dampens libido. Apart from these, antihypertensive drugs and diuretics can also reduce the sex drive.

What Are The Psychological Causes Of Low Libido In Men?

Sometimes, it is all in the mind. Men who have low libido, but shows no signs of physical decline may be experiencing psychological problems. Such problems that affect the mind may be great showstoppers. Here are some of the psychological causes of low sex drive in men.
  • Social Anxiety – Anxiety is the number one libido killer. Though it is a social problem, anxiety covers intimacy, which makes it a valid reason for low sexual drive in men. Experts say that this has to do with incorrect assumptions, inaccurate beliefs or perceptions of things, making many matters overwhelming. This further creates stress and pressure, leading to a negative impact on the libido.
  • Depression – Depression has a significant effect on the sexual appetite of many men, and women, too. This phenomenon causes a great impact on a person’s state of mind, sleep patterns and libido.
  • Lifestyle – Some people may be too busy for sex. It takes a lot of time to pay for a wonderful and satisfying sex life. Doing it in a hurry, or while business plays over and over in your mind can spoil the scene and shut down your libido. It is important for couples who find themselves in this situation to consult with a sex therapist. Other things that can result to a tumbling libido level are alcoholism, drug use, and eating disorders.

Asking For Help

ask for helpThe best time for a man or a couple to ask for help is if loss of libido continues after three months. Sex therapists also add that this should be in the case where there is no obvious reason for it. A good example would be stressful work or project. In this kind of situation, it is only natural to advise that a man must let this stressful activity pass before checking himself again. Men are also ashamed when it comes to discussing matters like this. It is important for their partners to assist or convince them to take the matter to a sex therapist who can be of help. Why live life in misery when there are solutions that work effectively?

4 Things Men Should Do To Rekindle Their Libido

If you found your body declining from the joy and satisfaction that sex could bring, you may want to take action before it gets worse. Here are some things that you can do to combat loss of libido and jump back to the game. [adsanity id=”54600″ align=”alignnone” /]
  • Exercise – Physical activities can help with fighting the different causes of low sex drive, such as obesity and its related health issues, stress and depression. Find an exercise that you enjoy, and make it a regular routine. Change it up every so often by learning a new sport or activity, too. Physical confidence also gives you a psychological boost, fighting of the killer effects of anxiety and low immunity.
  • Manage Expectations – A mind-blowing orgasm during sex doesn’t happen all the time. Do not pressure yourself on pleasing your partner or achieving orgasm the way you want it. Experiment a little and continue searching for some moves to make it work.
  • Imagination – Explore your deepest fantasies and let your imagination to do something new and exciting. Try out some new things and consider using some materials. Let her be a part of it, too – make it a project you do together as a couple. It will bring you much closer.
  • Focus On Your Whole Body – While having a sexual intercourse, feel every touch and sensation coming from yourself and your partner. Sex does not have to revolve only on the genitals. Different erogenous zones are scattered in your body that can turn yourself on once discovered.
Low sex drive in men is supposedly a rare condition. Many men don’t want to talk about this problem, even though it is rising, no thanks to the hectic pace of life today. Though pain is not associated, it is important for a man to take all the necessary actions. Loss of libido is a big hindrance towards satisfaction and it can be a cause of many serious relationship problems. If you suffer from low libido, remember, you have many things you can do to address it. Why suffer? Start today.
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