Just a Number: 12 Little Tips for Great Sex at Any Age  

Just a Number: 12 Little Tips for Great Sex at Any Age  Sex is fun and healthy. It is a powerful way to express your emotions and at the same time, an effective tool to boost your health. No matter how pleasurable it is, sex is often associated with the younger generation. But that should not be the case. The truth is having a healthy and fun sex life is possible, regardless of the number of candles on your birthday cake. There will always be a need for intimacy, which goes beyond doing the missionary position inside the bedroom. However, various issues such as menopause, stress, erectile issues, health conditions and medications can all affect your groove in bed. Sex should not be a thing of the past. If you want to get your life back inside the bedroom, here are a dozen tips to help you get that great sex – no matter how old you are.

Foreplay1. Start With Foreplay

An occasional quickie is one way to add fun to your sex life. However, this could be problematic if you do this all the time, and go directly to the main act. Being in a relationship doesn’t always mean you can take sexual shortcuts. If you want to have great sex at any age, then don’t skip the foreplay. It is a fun way to tickle each other’s senses to boost arousal. At the same time, you are both getting in the mood for some action, which could translate to a better and more enjoyable sexual experience.

2. Don’t Hate, Communicate

Just because you know and have been dating a person for quite some time, this doesn’t mean you know what is going on in her mind. It is important to never assume you do. Whether you are 30 or 70, always keep the communication lines open with your partner. Bodies and feelings change over time, which is why it is imperative that you discuss desires, preferences, needs, fantasies, and even fears with your ladylove. Don’t hesitate to talk about both sexual and non-sexual issues. This brings you closer, strengthens the relationship and makes sex even more pleasurable.

3. Go Past Penetration

OrgasmAdmit it. When you hear the word “sex,” the first thing that comes to your mind is getting inside her. Apparently, sex is more than just that. A good sex life at any age goes past penetration. Orgasm may be the end goal, but don’t forget that intimacy and physical touch are essential, too. These two components are something you could benefit from, especially when physical conditions or health issues are getting in the way. Instead of focusing your energy on getting inside her, think about the importance of sensual, loving contact and tenderness and what it could do for your sex life and relationship.

4. Experiment In And Out Of The Bedroom

When was the last time you did something unusual in your sex life? Regardless of age, experimenting both in and out of the bedroom will take your sex life to the next level. Start by trying different positions. Go out of the usual missionary-dog style-woman on top and look for something new. There are many sexual positions that are both comfortable and pleasurable for you, even if it means bringing out your Kama Sutra book. Aside from experimenting on positions, have sex in places outside the bedroom. The living room is a good place to start. The kitchen is also a good idea. If you are trying to be extra adventurous, go ahead and bring it outside. Just make sure you won’t get caught. No one wants to be arrested for lewd public behavior, after all.

saying no to sex5. Use It Or Lose It

How many times have you heard that saying? As annoying as it sounds, this one is true. If you keep on saying no to sex, or if you wait for the mood to pay a visit, you might lose your groove without even noticing it. Therefore, just do it. Treat sex as a form of exercise, which you need to do regularly, even if you are not in the mood. Get back into practice for as long as you can. Once you start to get back into the habit, you will be surprised as to how it will make you feel better.

6. Change Your Sexual Schedule

Are you in a sex rut? Believe it or not, even young couples experience “routines” inside the bedroom, which could lead to a dull sex life. Regardless of your age, don’t let a set routine for sex ruin your happiness in bed. Introducing change in your usual sex routine can help put the excitement back in your sex life. If you always have sex at night, then try morning sex or an afternoon delight. If you follow a specific schedule in bed, surprise your partner by rearranging that pattern. If you always have sex on weekends, then try initiating it during the week, instead. Change is good, as long as you both agree to it.

7. Don’t Worry About Performance

make your partner happyNo matter how “pro” you are in bed, there will always be a time when you can’t help but worry about how you are doing in bed. You want to make sure that your man will cooperate and that you will be able to make your partner happy. While these are legitimate concerns, you need to let go of all your worries and apprehensions if you are after great sex. There is a possibility that you might not be able to get it up, or even if you do, it won’t last that long. Being a worry-rut could also lead to lack of arousal and orgasm, which is the opposite of what you want to happen.

8. Boost Your Activity Level

You can consider sex as a form of exercise. However, don’t rely on this bedroom activity alone. You still need physical activities such as running, playing sports, and lifting weights to make sure you are in your best shape, both in and out of the bedroom. Studies show that increasing your activity level has positive effects in your sex drive. It releases endorphins, also known as happy hormones. Aside from this, it increases your energy levels and keeps your heart in shape, which could help you last longer in bed. There is also better blood flow in important areas, something you will need when the situation calls for it. It also keeps you in shape, thereby helping improve your overall sense of well-being. Work out with your partner. The couple who works out together ends up having better sex life.

9. Say Hello To Sex Paraphernalia

sex toysYou may always rely on your ability to make a woman wet down there, thanks to impressive foreplay skills. The question is how long can you do it? Consider sex toys and lubricants at your next session. It adds fun and excitement inside the bedroom, which could make sex more pleasurable. Surprise your ladylove with a whip, handcuffs, vibrator and sexy lingerie for her. Bring out your inner Christian Grey, sans the Red Room of Pain. Your partner will surely be in the mood.

10. Be Playful

Did you know that being playful with your partner could do a lot for your sex life? Teasing or tickling may be a simple and fun activity, but it could go way beyond that. Don’t stop being playful with your partner, no matter how old or young you are. Do whatever it takes to keep the fun in the relationship. As you get older, you will face tons of issues – physically, emotionally, and mentally. Surprisingly, adding play in your daily routine could help you relax and get you both in the mood for some action.

11. It’s Okay To Ask For Help

embarrassedWhether you are 20 or 60, there will come a time when you are not in the mood for sex, or you can’t get it up for variety of reasons. That’s okay. However, if you notice that dry spell is extending its stay, then don’t be too embarrassed to reach out for help. Schedule that trip to the doctor and find out what is going on. [adsanity id=”54600″ align=”alignnone” /]A loss of interest in sex and erection problems are your body’s way of telling you that something isn’t normal. It could be a sign of a medical issue, such as a heart condition, high blood pressure or something else, which a doctor can address. Working with a professional could help you improve your sex life. If you need to take medications, then watch out for the side effects. Some medications inhibit your sexual response, so make sure to raise that concern on your next doctor’s visit.

12. Focus On Each Other

Somewhere in the relationship, you will experience roadblocks, triumphs, challenges and other life-changing situations, such as job stress, illness, money problems and family issues. This could affect your relationship and change the way you look at each other. You might even forget that you are partners, too, and it may make sex a foreign act to you. Don’t stop focusing on each other and addressing each other’s needs. This is why it is important to maintain constant communication. You need to know what is going on between you two. Reclaim your romance, find the time and constantly remind each other why you are together. Don’t forget that at the end of the day, you are also a couple. Great sex is not confined to a specific age bracket. Whether you are in your 20’s or at the retirement age, make sure to remember these tips, and you will be well on your way to a better sex life.
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