Male Enhancement Surgery: 4 Main Types and Their Risks

Male Enhancement Surgery 4 Main Types and Their RisksSome men have a naturally small penis and they want to increase penis size with male enhancement surgery. It is a situation which can make them feel sexually insecure and uncomfortable. This anxiety often compels men to do things that are considered to be very risky. And penis enlargement surgery is one of these risky things. In this article, we will learn about different types of surgeries and their risks. In this article, we will learn about the different types of surgeries and their risks. In this article, we will learn about the different types of surgeries and their risks.

What Are The Different Types of Male Enhancement Surgery?

Male enhancement surgery can help you attain three important things. These are improved penis curvature, penis enlargement and penis enhancement. It is important that you have a thorough discussion with your doctor prior to the surgery about the results you are aiming for. Here are few common types of penis enlargement surgery:

1. Ligament Cutting

surgeryYour penis is attached to the pubic bone by ligaments. In the surgery, these ligaments are cut so that the penis separates from the bone and hangs outside the body. This increases penile length. After the surgery you are required to stretch your penis daily with weights to maintain the length. Stretching the penis prevents the separated ligaments from healing. If the stretching exercises are not done, over time your penis may return to its original size. Risks: According to the American Urological Association (AUA), this surgery has not been shown to be either effective or safe. Once cut, the ligaments do not provide the same level of stability to the penis. If the ligaments are cut incorrectly, your erect penis will be unstable or will position itself at odd angles. Unsuccessful surgery may also increase your chances of impotence.

2. Dermal Grafting

Another type of penis enlargement surgery is dermal grafting. Here, tissues are taken from other parts of the body and added to the shaft of the penis. This increases its girth. Risks: This surgery can result in serious side effects such as scarring and hair growth on the underside of the penis.

3. Fat Injection

Fat is taken from other parts of your body such as the buttocks and thighs and injected into the shaft of your penis. The result is a thicker penis. As this surgery does not change the head of the penis, the result may be an enlarged shaft with a small head. Risks: Some men who have undergone this surgery have complained of lumps at the base of the penis. Also, the results of the surgery are not always permanent. The fat may diffuse and be absorbed back into the body, making the whole process useless.

4. Penis Implants

These are devices that are placed inside the penis through surgery. Implants are of two types – semi-rigid and inflatable.  Men can have a stiff erection during arousal with these implants. Risks: Men suffering from spinal cord injuries, urinary problems and diabetes are at higher risk from this method. In some cases, implants may not work. The site of the implant may become infected and may also break through the skin. It may also injure the surrounding tissues.

Why Is Male Enhancement Surgery Not Worth It?

Surgery of any sort is risky because it involves the male sexual organ. Some other things to remember are:
  • It can be very expensive.
  • There is no guarantee of positive results.
So What Are My Choices? [adsanity id=”54600″ align=”aligncenter” /] Due to the health risks and high costs of male enlargement surgery, most men avoid it. They prefer other forms of penis enhancement. There are many effective non-surgical ways to improve the size of the penis. Among these are exercises such as jelqing and stretching. These exercises have been proven to be very effective for increasing penis size without causing any serious side effects. If you are looking for a method that is non-invasive, successful and effective, then VigRX Plus is a safe option. It increases penis size, strengthens your erection, and helps to prevent premature ejaculation.

What Is VigRx Plus?

VigRX PlusVigRx Plus is a male supplement created to make the penis longer and bigger. The great benefit is that men experience an increase in sexual drive after just a few days of taking it. VigRx Plus contains natural ingredients so it is safe to use. It has also passed laboratory testing. In conclusion, male enhancement surgery brings life-threatening risks. It is an invasive process, mainly to the penis. So, surgery should be your very last option, Choosing safer methods that are proven, safe and effective is highly advisable.
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