Improving Your Sexual Health with Crazy Kegels

Improving Your Sexual Health with Crazy KegelsWhen it comes to sex, men always have a lot of concerns – the size down there, performance, the ability to satisfy the girl and even how to keep you dick standing up for a long time. You feel like it’s a shame if you can’t keep up with your partner. She may complain about how you release your juices after just a few minutes of humping. The truth is, there are many ways you can prevent premature ejaculation, such as doing Kegel exercises. For many years, Kegels were done by women who just gave birth to bring their lady muscles back into shape. However, you can also use this type of exercise – yes, it is an exercise for down there – to prevent you from coming too early, and even to help you keep your man standing. The question is how should you do Kegels properly?

Understanding The Exercise For Down There.

Understanding The ExerciseDown there, there is a type of muscle that can help control urination. This is called pubococcygeus muscle, or to make it simple, the PC muscle. Basically, Kegels are a quick workout that can be done in two to three minutes. They don’t require any gym equipment, rubber shoes, gym clothes or sweat pants, either. All you need is your muscle, which is attached below the bladder. You can do Kegels anytime, anywhere.

How Can Kegels Improve Your Sex Life?

What makes Kegel exercises extra special? If you simply want to last longer in bed, there are many ways to do that, such as using a desensitizing condom, the stop and start method or the squeeze technique. Still, why stop and ruin your mood during humping or use chemicals from heaven knows where when the secret lies inside you. As a matter of fact, Kegel exercises can also bring a lot of benefits, particularly in your sexual health.
  • Stronger ErectionsStronger Erections – Believe it or not, Kegel exercises increase your chance of getting longer and harder erections. This will surely make you and your girl happy. At the same time, research shows that Kegels can help men who suffer from erectile dysfunction restore erectile function.
  • Stronger Orgasms – If you feel that your “big O” is not pleasurable enough to satisfy the orgasm meter, then do some Kegels. They improve the blood flow down there and makes your guy more sensitive. This means increased sexual pleasure, too.
  • Last Longer In Bed – Who wants to have sex with someone who will only last for a minute or less? No girl in his right mind will allow that. Kegel exercises help you achieve more muscular control of the pelvis to prevent premature ejaculation issues.
  • Increased Ejaculation Volume – Ever heard of Peter North, a title holder when it comes to the farthest semen shooter? He might be in the porn business, but he does Kegel exercises seriously.
  • Increased Bladder Control – Surely, holding your pee is not good for your body. However, there are life and death instances where you really need to control it, and doing Kegels can help you improve on it. Still, if you really need to go, just go and don’t hold it off any longer, or you might pee your pants. Not sexy.
  • Increased Angle Of Erection – Kegel exercises can definitely make your penis stand straight up.
  • Better Penile And Sexual Health – Aside from keeping your man standing up or helping you hold off your juices, kegel exercises can also increase the blood flow down there. This can result to healthier prostate and keeping all your sexual organs run smoothly.

How Is It Done?

Kegel exercisesWhat’s the point of doing this type of exercise when you don’t even know how to do it properly? It may be challenging at first, but once you are able to locate the muscle, you’ll know what to do. Here’s how to properly do Kegel exercises.
  • Look For The Muscles. When you pee, try holding back your urine as if your girlfriend is shouting angrily at you for being late on your date. That muscle that you used to stop your urine from flowing is the PC muscle. Or if you feel like farting in public, you are also using the PC muscles to release that dangerous gas.
A piece of advice: when you do this exercise, relax as much as you can and try not to flex other muscles, such as the ones in your stomach or thighs. At the same time, don’t squeeze your butt cheeks, although the butt hole is okay, since that is also part of the PC muscle group.
  • Once You Found The PC Muscles, Do The Exercise. There are many ways to exercise the muscles down there, but the end goal is the same – to contract and control it. For starters, try holding it off for a second. Then gradually increase length to 3 seconds, 5 seconds then 8 seconds. Go on and practice all you want. You’ll get better eventually.
[adsanity id=”54600″ align=”aligncenter” /]Still, it doesn’t end there. Once you learned to control the PC muscles, it’s time to do some reps. Yes, just like any strength training exercises, you need to do this in sets – squeeze for 5 seconds then rest for 5 seconds for ten times. Rest then after a minute, do the whole thing again.

Last Notes About Kegels.

enjoy sexIt is better to start doing this exercise when you are lying down, so your muscles aren’t fighting against gravity. Once you are used to it, which means you should do this as much as you can, you can work out your PC muscles while sitting down and watching a movie, while walking or even when you are talking to someone. It’s not obvious anyway. Just relax and take deep breaths, and you’ll be fine. Also, be consistent and commit to it. Do the exercise at the same time each day, so you can fully enjoy the benefits. To help you better, try taking VigRX Plus male enhancement pills. They are made of high quality ingredients, so you can truly enjoy sex. And finally, you’ll no longer be called, “The famous one minute man.”
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