How to Improve Sex Life: 9 Ways to Make Sex Exciting Again

How to Improve Sex Life 9 Ways to Make Sex Exciting AgainIs your sex life at its lowest? Are you missing the fun and excitement in the bedroom department? If you answered yes, then don’t feel bad. Many couples feel the same way, too. The term “sex” can trigger different kinds of emotions. From love to excitement, sex can also mean longing, anxiety and even disappointment. Even if you are already an “expert” in the field, there is no guarantee that your sex life will always be fun and exciting. Here are some tips on how to improve sex life that can help you bring back the spark inside the bedroom.

Top 9 Tips On How To Improve Sex Life

Sex is a hormone-driven body function that aims to draw two species together. Aside from procreation, sex brings pleasure and strengthens feelings of intimacy with your partner. If your sex life decided to take a different course – a slower course, that is – here are some things you can do to improve your sex life. 1)  Connect With Your Sensual Self. One of the best tips to improve your sex life is to know what turns you on and what you are comfortable with. Love yourself and your body and accept those flaws. If you don’t feel good about yourself, how do you expect to perform well in bed? 2)    Don’t Say No To Adventure. Do you really want to know how to improve sex life? Then put the fun back into sex. No matter how good you are in bed now, there is no assurance that you can perform well after five years. Be adventurous and try out different positions and possibilities. If you have not had sex in the kitchen, try it. Also, create an environment that can put you and your partner in the mood. Being playful and creative in this department will definitely improve your sex life. [adsanity id=”54600″ align=”alignnone” /] 3)    Be Healthy. Always remember this – your sexual well-being is affected by your mental and physical health. Therefore, getting rid of bad habits and sticking to a healthy lifestyle is one of the best tips for better sex. Exercise regularly to keep your heart healthy and improve the blood flow down there. Quit drugs and smoking and as much as possible, drink alcohol in moderation. 4)   Eat Right. Did you know that there are certain foods that can perk up your libido? Keep in mind that what you eat plays an important role, not just in your health, but also in your sex life. Therefore, eat amino acid rich foods such as fish, chicken and pork to improve blood flow in your genitals. Also, it won’t hurt if you eat aphrodisiacs, such as oysters to help you get in the mood.    Talk To Your Partner5)   Talk To Your Partner. Surprisingly, there are couples who don’t talk about their sexual preferences. If you really want to put the spark back in the bedroom, communicate with your partner and talk about your needs, desires and what turns you on. At the same time, be honest and discuss any sexual issues. A good communication is a key not just to a healthy relationship but also to a better sex life. 6)  Do Not Underestimate The Power Of Foreplay. Couples often neglect this, since most people want to fast forward to the main event. Don’t. One of the best tips to improve your sex life is to practice foreplay as much as you can. Kissing, necking, stroking and sensual massage are one of the things you can do to get you in the mood. Plus, it is a good precursor to an orgasmic sex, too. 7)  Consider Enhancement Supplements. This type of pill is made of herbs that appear to promote jump in the bedroom. An example of this VigRX Plus. Based on the studies conducted by Vedic Lifesciences, VigRX Plus is proven to improve erection quality and sex drive in just 84 days. Plus, it uses all natural ingredients. 8)  Make Time For Sex. None of these tips will be possible unless you dedicate your time to lovemaking. Whether you are in a long term relationship or still in the honeymoon phase, allotting an hour or so for it can already make a difference in your sex life. 9)  Seek Professional Help. There are instances where the natural methods won’t work. If you are still suffering in the bedroom, consult a sex therapist or psychologist. There may be underlying issues that you need to address, so you can finally get your sex drive back. Just like any other aspect in your relationship and life, sex should be treated with importance. All of these tips on how to improve sex life won’t work unless you prioritize sex and your partner’s needs. Just don’t rush, take it easy and your sex drive will come knocking at your door eventually.
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