How to Enlarge Your Penis Using 3 Foods From the Kitchen

How to Enlarge Your Penis Using 3 Foods From the Kitchen

Many men are still wondering how to enlarge their penis size naturally and safely. Some men spend so much of time and money on products that fail to bring effective results. They can also lead to many complications. The best way to improve penis size is by following natural methods of male enlargement.

How To Enlarge The Penis: Using Simple Penis Enlargement Tips

Here are a few of the proven natural techniques to increase your penis size. You can also use these for improving your sexual health.

Performing Penis Exercises: Methods And Techniques

Most experts agree that penis exercises can help you on how to enlarge penis safely. You should learn the right technique of penis exercises in order to gain effective results quickly.

There are many penis exercises available to help you increase penis size and improve your sexual stamina and health. The most common male enlargement exercise is Jelqing. They include:

  • Jelqing: Do this exercise by making an OK sign with your forefinger and thumb. Place this circle on the base of your semi-erect penis. Now, pull the penis from the base up to the head. You should apply gentle motion to prevent any harm to your penis. Also, you can alternate hands if you are tired.

It usually takes two seconds to pull back, and two seconds to pull up your penis. You should use lubricant prior to stretching your penis to avoid friction and prevent skin rashes. When doing jelqing exercise, do 200 reps per session. If you are regular with your penis exercising, you can get noticeable results in just eight weeks.

  • Kegels: Kegels are another popular and effective penile enlargement exercise among men desiring to have fuller erections and increased penis size. For performing kegels, you should try to flex and stretch the muscles you use to stop the flow of urine. This muscle is also known as PC or pubococcygeus muscle. Contract this muscle and check how long you can hold it in this position.

Gradually, increase the time duration of holding this muscle. This exercise helps to strengthen your PC muscle and prevents premature ejaculation. You can perform this penis exercise twice a day. The best thing about this exercise is that you can do it while you are in your office or in the market. There is no need of any special equipment or privacy for performing this exercise.

A No Brainer: Increase Your Frequency Of Sex

There is evidence that indicates that increasing the frequency of indulging in sex is the best way to enlarge penis naturally.

women on top positionWhen your penis is used regularly for sexual intercourse, the penis tissues will stretch and gradually develop. Blood circulation will increase in the penis area, which will prevent premature ejaculation and strengthen erection.

Partners should explore various different techniques and other passionate ways to make their sex life more interesting. Missionary position and women on top position can help increase penis size and maintain its health.

3 Foods Increase Your Penis Size Safely

There are certain foods that can work to improve erection and increase penis size by increasing the flow of blood and boosting the production of testosterone in your body. Both of these factors are important for attaining long-lasting erections.

One of the most important things to remember when including foods for male enlargement into your diet is to avoid high fat and high calorie foods, because they clog your arteries and limit the blood flow throughout your body, including your penis. They include:

  • tunaOmega 3 Fatty Acids: Foods that are composed of omega 3 fatty acids are perfect for increasing blood circulation. They also ensure to keep your arteries free from deposits and stimulates the production of the hormone, testosterone. Nuts, beans, olive oil, olives, and oily fish like sardines and tuna should be included in your diet.
  • Zinc: Foods that are rich in zinc are highly effective since they are great sexual stimulants. Oysters are popular as one of the foods for increasing sexual stamina since they are rich in zinc. Zinc plays a major part in increasing the secretion of testosterone. This mineral also increases sexual drive and treats sexual dysfunction in men. Dairy, poultry, and lean meat are other foods that are rich sources of zinc.
  • pomegranatesNitric Oxide: Foods such as pomegranates that increase the secretion of nitric oxide are also successful in making your sexual life active. Nitric oxide works by relaxing the smooth muscle surrounding the penis. This expands the blood vessels that supply blood to the penis and increase the blood flow. This in turns make the penis swell and attain a harder erection. Pomegranate also contains ellagen, which helps to erectile dysfunction quickly.

Male Enlargement Pills: The Best Way To Enlarge A Penis Naturally

Penis augmentation pills are a perfect answer to your question, “How to enlarge my penis?” There are many penis enlargement supplements on the market; thus, it becomes important to learn ways to select the right supplements. You’ll also want to know how to use them appropriately in order to gain their maximum benefits.

[adsanity id=”54600″ align=”alignnone” /]Men often ask the question to their doctors about how to enlarge penis safely with pills. These male enlargement supplements are composed of natural ingredients that work to increase the penis size and improve erection of penis. They usually contain a blend of vitamins, zinc, amino acids, and herbs such as ginseng, horny goat weed, gingko, and saw palmetto.

All these constituents are responsible to grow penile tissues, stretch veins and blood vessels. The perfect combination of ingredients in the right proportion ensures that you attain increased penis size in just a few weeks of taking these supplements.

Choose The Best Male Enhancement Pill For The Money

male enlargement pillThere are certain characteristics that make a male enlargement pill successful, outstanding, and popular on the market. Nowadays, market is stocked with all sorts of permanent penis enlargement pills that promise to increase your penis size, but actually they end up wasting your time, patience, money and energy.

Therefore, you should be very careful when selecting the best male enlargement pills for improving your sexual health. The right penis enhancement supplement should have the following features:

  • The right male enhancement supplement should consist of potent herbs and ingredients added in appropriate amounts. Many researchers point out the fact that penile tissues can increase in capacity and size if potent and effective herbal ingredients are in the right proportions.
  • The best cock enlargement supplement is the one that promise to increase penis size, improve sexual drive, treat erectile dysfunction, and cure overall sexual health. They should effectively work to prevent premature ejaculation, so that partners can enjoy long lasting and fulfilling love that satisfies both partners. They should also increase physical energy and sexual stamina to enjoy the sexual pleasure for a longer duration without getting fatigued.
  • The pill should include safe ingredients that are natural and do not cause any side effects. You may find many reviews of users complaining that certain pills are fake and end up doing nothing to the user. These pills also have risky side effects that can further harm your overall well-being. Therefore, it is very essential to choose the right product.
  • VigRXThe right male enlargement pill is the one that provides quick impact. The result is obvious within a few weeks of usage. Usually, the right pill is the one that offers to increase the penis size from four to eight inches.

Male enlargement supplements from VigRx are popularly used by men worldwide because of their effective and quicker results. They are real penis enlargement pills that can change your sexual health for better.

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