How to Be Sexually Attractive – Tapping Into Your Masculine Hotness

How to Be Sexually Attractive – Tapping Into Your Masculine HotnessWhat makes women want men? According to a study published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior, two German researchers found out that men and women are almost the same when it comes to sexuality and attraction. Contrary to previous beliefs, women can be liberal, especially in choosing their mates. The challenge now is how to be sexually attractive in your dream girl’s eyes and make you the man of her dreams. VigRX Plus clients come from different walks of life. Some are married, others divorced. And still more are single guys looking for a little fun. But they all have one thing in common: they need to be sexually attractive to women to hit that sweet place where a woman agrees to shed her clothes, look him in the eye, and engage in the act of making love. Make sense? Then pull up a chair and take notes – we’re going to talk about how to be sexually attractive to women, from the makers of VigRX Plus…

1. Recruit A Couple of Your Friends to Be Your Wingmen

Recruit A Couple of Your FriendsGoing after a woman for the first time may be nerve-wrecking, regardless of how many times you’ve done it. Whether it is your first time or 100th time when it comes to dating and relationships, it won’t hurt if you travel somewhere with an entourage. A study conducted by researchers from University of California, San Diego revealed that people in groups have higher attractiveness rating compared to those who prefer solo. This is also called the “cheerleader effect.” When you are in a group, women see it as average faces, which helps even out any unattractive idiosyncrasies. On your next night out with the boys, go ahead and hit up places where you’ll be seen by the ladies. You’ll get more noticed, which leads you to the next tip.

2. Dress Like a Real Man: Sexually Attracting a Real Woman

Now that you finally saw her looking, it’s time to take your game up a few notches and get her attention. In this case, your appearance matters. By appearance, this means paying attention to what you wear and how you look starting from head to toe. Here are a few tips on how to dress appropriately:
  • Dress according to the occasion and location. If the place you are going to requires dress shoes, then make sure you have them.
  • If you belong to the younger generation, dress a bit older than your age.
  • Stick to classic clothing staples and worry less about fashion trends.
  • Stock up on blue and white shirts, especially dress shirts.
  • If you are willing to take sexual attractiveness to the next level, go for red. Red is a symbol of power and status, which could help you on how to be sexually attractive in women’s eyes.
  • Replace your t-shirts with polo and sport shirts.
  • Wear dark-fitted jeans for a relaxed, casual look.
These are just a few tips to remember when dressing up and making you sexually appealing. Keep reading to know more about how to be a sexually attractive man.

3. The George Clooney Effect: How Looking Older Boosts Your Attractivenessdress a bit older

There is a reason why you are required to dress a bit older than your age. Apparently, a 2010 study found out that as women earn more and become more financially independent, the more they prefer older men. What’s the reason behind this? The financial independence gives women more confidence in choosing their partners. There is lesser pressure on women to go for someone who could provide them financial stability and sense of security. Just like men, they focus on how good you look and worry less about your money and financial status. Don’t be fooled. The George Clooney effect only applies to physical attraction. There are other considerations when choosing a partner and your physical appearance is only one of them.

4. Smile: An Important Tip to Remember on How to Be Sexually Attractive

Let’s say you dressed the part and what you are wearing is appropriate for the place and crowd. You also caught her looking when you and your guy buds entered the room. What’s your next step? Smile. [adsanity id=”54600″ align=”aligncenter” /]According to National Smile Month, smile is the most important physical attribute when it comes to attraction. Smiling is a powerful show of emotion that makes other people around you feel at ease. Surprisingly, it could be the simplest yet most powerful aphrodisiac. If this is not enough to convince you to flash your pearly whites, a study published in the Journal of Nonverbal Behavior showed that smiling individuals are perceived more favorably than those who don’t smile. This boosts your attractiveness quotient and makes you look more trustworthy and genuine. Go ahead and smile. It makes you look good and more approachable, too.

5. Forget the No Shave November Look and Grow a Light Beard

10 days worth of beardThey say women like it clean up there. That may be true. After all, a no-beard look is cleaner and more hygienic to look at, sans the beard burn. Apparently, a new study shows otherwise. According to a 2013 study, women found men with 10 days worth of beard more attractive compared to those with full beard, lighter shadow, or clean shave. This is because facial hair is related to not only maturity and masculinity, but also with aggression and dominance. Go ahead and give your razor a break. Consequently, here are tips on how to grow that heavy but sexy stubble:
  • Using a razor, grab all hairs evenly and make sure to keep it at three to five millimeters only.
  • Keep the majority of your stubble near the bottom third of your face and maintain clean shaven upper cheeks.
  • Choose a trimmer that comes with the right length setting.
  • Make sure your neckline is neat and clean
  • Wash your beard every time you wash your face to keep it clean.
Maintaining the stubble look may be more demanding compared to growing a full beard or keeping it clean. Think of the benefits it will bring on how to be sexually attractive to a woman. Sounds simple? There are other tips on how to be sexually attractive man, so make sure you keep reading until the end.

6. Don’t Be Afraid and Learn to Befriend a Little Man

playing, and cooing with babiesA wing man can drastically improve your chances with women. Here is the surprising part: your best wing man might just be in his diaper. A French study revealed that men who played and are nice to babies were three times more likely to get a woman’s phone number compared to those who ignore newborns. Believe it or not, 40 percent of women are willing to give their number after they saw you smiling, playing, and cooing with babies. Befriending a little man or woman makes you more attractive in the eyes of women. At the same time, it signals your willingness and openness to have kids and build a family, thereby making you more sexually appealing. Just make sure your fascination for babies is genuine and not just for the sake of getting her attention. Otherwise, you can check this next tip on how to be sexually attractive to a woman.

7. Walk the Dog and You Might Just Increase Your Sexual Attractiveness Level

Don’t feel bad in case you are not fond of babies. If dogs are your thing, then use it to your advantage to boost your sexual attractiveness. A French study showed that there is a higher possibility for you to get a woman’s number if you are with a dog, compared to asking without any animal companion. Another study from University of Nevada-Las Vegas revealed that men use their pets to attract possible sexual partner. You might be wondering why. Similar to babies, interaction with dogs provides subtle cues of being a potential parent. Dogs require care and attention, thereby sending a message to the opposite sex that you can take responsibility. Indeed, dogs are man’s best friend.

8. Bring Out Your Sense of Humor and Crack Her Up as Much as You Can

Crack Her UpThere is something about men and sense of humor that makes it sexy and attractive in women’s eyes. In fact, a study conducted by University of New Mexico researchers showed that your witty one-liners might help you in the sack. Researchers believe that a man’s sense of humor is deeply rooted in sexual selection that signifies creativity and intelligence. This makes women believe that funny guys could make better mates. Let’s say you are not a natural comedian. That’s fine. These simple tips will help you add “humor” in your resume and win over women:
  • Believe that you have the ability to be funny or hilarious to keep you motivated.
  • Get to know your audience first before delivering your prepared jokes.
  • Touch on subjects that are universally relatable such as driving a car, riding an airplane, and even relationships.
  • Make yourself the target of your jokes
  • Prepare your punch line by spoiling the end of your joke.
  • Do not rush when delivering your lines.
  • Don’t force yourself to be funny and instead, choose the right timing when you can be funny.

9. Make Sure You Smell Good to Help You Seal the Deal

Did you know that how you smell directly affects a woman’s perception of you? It turns out that a woman could “sniff” your genetic makeup before she decides if you are the right one for her. Keep in mind that a woman’s sense of smell is also at its peak when she is ovulating. They could also tell whether your aroma is different from them, which makes them sexually attracted. As a result, experts posited that their highly developed sense of smell could have a direct effect on their sexuality. You don’t have to ask a woman to smell you in public, and let her decide right then and there. The important thing is to maintain proper hygiene, spray your favorite cologne, and make sure you smell good. This may help her get excited especially during close encounters and be willing to do the deed with you.

10. Hit The Gym to Keep You Lean and Make You More Sexually Appealing

muscularityPersonality is an important factor in every relationship. Since you are starting to build sexual attraction, how you look also matters. This includes your physical built. After all, women desire for men who are strong, athletic, and muscular for both casual sex sessions and long-term partnerships. It turns out that muscularity is related to dominance. According to a study from UCLA, women referred to “toned” men or those who displayed moderate muscularity as the most sexually attractive. On the other hand, non-muscled slender men and the brawny guys are less sexually appealing in women’s eyes. What’s the bottom line? Do not put too much or too little muscles. Getting six-pack abs or big arms is not necessarily attractive. As much as possible, target the right muscles, eat healthy, get enough rest whenever necessary, and be consistent with your workout.

11. Get Up, Groove and Show Her Your Dance Moves

By this time, you are able to establish a connection and you are sure that she is sexually attracted to you. This doesn’t mean you already sealed the deal. You have to show off a few of your dance moves then she will decide if she’s good to go. The way you dance, or at least move, could affect your sexual attractiveness quotient. Consequently, there are women who are willing to have sex with men simply because of the way you dance. Believe it or not, there are certain movements that women find attractive and erotic, You might be wondering why. Dancing and your movements in general, reveal information about your age, health, energy level, and biomechanical efficiency. Some well-documented signals of dominance include:
  • The way you touch a womanNon-reciprocal same-sex touching such as how you touch a man’s back
  • The way you touch a woman. To make sure a woman will accept your request for a dance, make sure you touch her lightly in her arm while asking.
  • Big movements that maximize space such as extending your legs or stretching your arms.
  • Open body position such as not crossing your arms over your chest.
The next time you are in a dance floor, you know what to do.

12. Pitch Perfect: A Sexy Voice That Makes You More Sexually Appealing

Before puberty, your voice was similar to the female voice. As you crossed the puberty stage, you experienced a dramatic increase in the length of your vocal chords, making it 60 percent longer compared to girls. The longer your vocal chords, the deeper and more resonant your voice pitch will be. The reason for the changes in your voice pitch: your testosterone. Testosterone triggers the changes in your voice, which means the deeper it is, the more testosterone you have. This signifies masculinity as well. In case you are wondering, women are more likely go for men with deeper voices, especially when it comes to sexual, short-term encounters. Fertile women are also more likely to say yes if you have a deeper voice, thereby making you more attractive. Still, this doesn’t mean that a deep voice guarantees a boost in your sexual appeal. Your voice is just one factor and there are other things you can do, such as what were listed here, to make sure you seal the deal. After all, every woman is different and requires a different kind of approach. Congratulations. Finally, you got her attention and she now looks at you in a sexually appealing manner. Keep reading to learn about more tips on how to sustain sexual attraction, especially inside the bedroom.

13. Flower Power: Buy Her a Bouquet of Flowers to Enhance Her Mood

Flower PowerThere is something about women and flowers that perk them up and get them in a happy mood. After all, flowers are linked with relationships, regardless of the occasion. Based on a study published in the journal Social Influence, being in a room with a few flower vases might influence the way a woman sees you. In fact, flowers could influence your sexiness, attractiveness, and date ability level. Since flowers signify romance and relationships, this could enhance her mood as well. The next time you bring her to your apartment or visit her in her workplace, make sure you bring a bouquet with you. She will look at you more favorably.

14. Master the Art of Kissing to Turn Her On

By this time, she is already into you and might be willing to take things to the next level. The next thing you need to do to seal the deal is to kiss her right that could get her in the mood. Here’s the problem: most men think that kissing is just a simple act of locking lips after bringing her home. The truth is it is more than that. How you kiss could affect your attractiveness level and ability to score another date. Below are simple guidelines on how to kiss a woman and get her in the mood:
  • Make sure to freshen up your breath.
  • Pay attention to her body language. If she starts to touch you frequently, leans toward you, or maintains flirtatious eye contact then you are good to go.
  • Start your kiss slow.
  • Use your hands to touch the sides of her face, sweep her hair behind her ear, or stroke the back of her neck.
  • If she continuously kisses you, slowly reach for her waist and gently pull her towards you.
  • Tame your tongue – for now and reserve the French kiss on your third date.
Remember: timing is everything. Do not rush and take everything as natural as possible. In case it leads to something else, don’t forget to take your VigRX Plus supplement. VigRX Plus is clinically shown to increase sexual and intercourse satisfaction by 71.43 percent.

15. Don’t Be Afraid to Show Your Sensitive and Vulnerable Side to Be Sexually Appealing in Her EyesShow Your Sensitive and Vulnerable Side

Centuries ago, society perceived men as someone who are strong, don’t cry, and don’t show any kind of emotion. A single tear connotes weakness – and you don’t want people to look at you that way. Not anymore. Fast forward today, the more you show your emotional side and give her a glimpse of your vulnerability as a person, the more desirable you will be in her eyes both emotionally and sexually. At the same time, it won’t hurt your masculinity and in fact, does the opposite. What is the reason behind this? Women think that emotionally, well-rounded men are also emotionally stable, which makes you more desirable and appealing. Aside from this, it sends her a message that you could make a better long-term partner because you are not afraid to show your soft spot. This breeds more intimacy, trust, and honesty in the relationship, which is a good thing. In other words, real men wear pink – and are proud of it.

16. Wear the Confidence Hat In and Out of the Bedroom

Admit it. You like women who are confident and at ease with themselves. The more confident they are, but within boundaries, the sexier they look. The same concept applies to you. Wear the ConfidenceThink about this: if you fidget a lot and you are anxious and nervous about everything, it will show in the way you think, talk, act, and behave towards the opposite sex. It may not be a lot but this could be a big sexual turn off. On the other hand, if you present yourself well and confident with the way you sit, stand, talk, and act, then women will find it sexy and be turned on by you. This also makes you look more masculine, thereby boosting your sexual attractiveness. Here’s the best part: your confidence could translate inside the bedroom. If you believe that you can give her the best sexual experience and you are determined to give her only the best performance, then it will show in your actions. This makes her more eager, more excited and more sexually attracted, both inside and outside the bedroom.

One Last Reminder

Every woman is different, but this doesn’t mean you cannot decode them or allow them to mess up your strategies. When it comes to boosting your sexual appeal and attractiveness, take note of these 16 tips on how to sexually attractive and you are on your way towards being the masculine man in her eyes.
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