15 Hot Tips on How to Attract Women Despite What You Look Like

15 Hot Tips on How to Attract Women Despite What You Look LikeNaturally, men are attracted to women. Though this is the case, it does not guarantee you the attention of that bombshell sitting across the bar. This is because beyond what nature demands, there are interests and elements that women look for in a man they can refer to as their ideal mate. This brings us to the ever-popular debate on the best how to attract women tips. Whether you are a single man or someone tied into a relationship, you need to know the secrets that turn a woman on. That is where VigRXPlus comes into the picture. It is a Leading Edge Health product that is clinically shown to increase sexual and intercourse satisfaction by 71.43 percent. More on that later… Here are 14 other interesting tips on how to attract women and the results you will get.

1. Asking the Right Questions

The most common questions goingAsking the Right Questions through a man’s mind looking for a date are:
  • How do I dress?
  • What do I say?
  • How do I act?
  • What should I not do?
You may be struggling with women because you’re not asking the right questions. Before you deal with what you do and all that information, it is important that you first learn the art of attracting women. You may ask why this is such an important lesson. The answer is simple – you’re probably putting the cart before the horse. Are you wondering exactly how to attract a lady? The details are in the text to come, so keep reading.

2. Attracting Women is Simple If You Know How

If you really know how to do it, you will realize how straightforward attracting a lady is.If you are interested in changing that awkward moment into flirting and smiling, you need to start from the basics. These tips will also cover how to attract women on Facebook and other social media networks. This means you should forget everything you know and start afresh. In matters related to the attraction between two human beings, whatever you did that attracted a specific person will not always work for another person. If a soccer player kicked the ball the same way he did the last time he scored, there is a good chance he will not score. The same happens when you are dealing with the attraction of women. Moreover, there are many theories you will find online, such as the attraction “switch” story. In this theory, it is said that women have an attraction “switch” that men can just turn on. If you base your way of approaching women on this theory, you are destined to fail. That is because women are not machines that can be turned on or off with just the push of a button. They are human beings, each with a distinct psychology. In other words, instead of looking for the secret push buttons or using the same old pick-up lines for every female you encounter, you should try to understand a female’s psychology first.

3. Being Confident Helps Every time

Being ConfidentBeing confident is the key to attracting women. Women also love to hang out with daring guys that could ask them to go out in an unusual way. If you could pull off a pick-up line that is not too cheesy, you are guaranteed a date.
  • Eye Contact: Being confident also means you make eye contact while you talk to a lady. Eye contact and communicating through your eyes is sufficient to put a spell on just about any female. There is no bigger turn-off than avoiding the gaze of a female or diverting your attention to your mobile while she is talking to you.
  • Non-Verbal Language: The non-verbal language also matters. The gestures of your hands, your facial expressions and your body signs tell your partner a lot more than what you speak.
  • Avoid Being Over-Confident: Be confident and try to use these things to your advantage, but always know the limit between confidence and over-confidence. Try not being over-confident and a show-off, because you’ll come off as arrogant.

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5. Attraction is Not a Thought, It is an Emotion

attracting womenThe rules are as simple as if a man can make a woman go through an experience she likes, she will be attracted to him. If this man cannot do this, then the opposite applies. That is pretty much what the basics of attracting women are all about.
  • If a woman is looking for someone that makes her feel alive and excited, then she could be attracted to you.
  • If what the woman is looking for is safety and security, and you can provide both, she may feel an attraction.
  • If she needs a man that makes her feel unrestricted, but at the same time give her the attention she deserves, you could be her fix.
The lesson to be learned here is that you need to be what she is looking for. If you can deliver, then you will be her weakness, her magnet. If you cannot deliver, then she will be neutral at best, and push you away at worst. You probably are sitting there thinking about the switch and everything else that comes with it. You are wondering how comes it is this obvious and not involving the miraculous switch.

6. Give Her the Attention She Craves

[adsanity id=”54602″ align=”aligncenter” /]It is good if you talk to her and let her know about yourself, but if you do nothing but brag about yourself then she is definitely not going to give a second thought of leaving you for someone else. What most of the women complain about their partners is that they spend a little time listening to them. Giving her some time and listening to what she has to say is a major turn up for a female. For her, it means that you think of her a lot more than just a sex-buddy.

7. The Top Reasons Women Reject Men

The biggest mistake people make is to follow advice that does not work. Tips that do not mostly focus on what women want are bound to get you rejected. You drink too muchHere are some of the top reasons why a woman will not want anything to do with you:
  • You’re too focused on getting laid.
  • All you talk about are the topics considered risky, like politics, sex and ex-girlfriends or ex-wives.
  • You drink too much.
  • You practice poor hygiene.
  • You are too eager to please.
  • You tend to be physically present, but mentally absent
As much as these things are all about the first time you meet, sometimes women watch from a distance, and you can bet they will be looking at these things.

8. How to Attract Women Starts With Understanding Women Want Different Things

This takes us back to the theory issue. You cannot assume that all women want the same thing from a man. The first step to understanding women and people in general is to treat each of them as an independent individual with their own feelings and wants. The following women will not be looking for the same experience:
  • A 19-year-old girl out of a relationship probably with a high school sweetheart and looking for new adventures.
  • A 25-year old librarian who has just started the journey into love land.
  • A 35-year –old woman looking for the attention of a younger man.
  • A 30-year-old stay at home mum trapped in the wrong relationship.
Now, looking at all these situations, do you still think the switch stands a chance? There is no manual that you can just follow to unlock the secrets of attracting all women.For instance, you will need to know how to attract older women to get along with the 35-year-old lady. Each of these women is in search of a man, but they have specific needs which apply to them. This is just the same way you have your own goals, which are different from what your parents would have wanted or what your friend wants.

9. What Attracts Women to Men and How You Can Give It to Them

feel happy aroundIn most cases, this is where the volumes of books on what attracts women start talking about what you should do and how you should do it. This might not just work because what you do will not determine what the woman feels. While this might be contradicting, there are many support points to back up this statement.
  • You might greet her in a way that creeps her out, or in a way that excites her and makes her want to know you better.
  • You can tell her a nice story, or a bad one that bores her and gets her disinterested.
  • You can ask for her number and make her give it to you and look forward to the call, or make her feel unsafe and insecure.
The issue is not in what you do, the issue is in what you believe in. Think about the kind of people you think are funny or exciting. The kind you feel happy around or secure in their company. This is the same way. You will only make a woman feel excited if you are excited. You will only make them feel secure and safe if you feel secure and safe. If you are afraid of talking to a woman, then you might end up creeping them out when asking for their number or saying a simple “Hi.” This means that you will only make them secure if you are confident and secure. Yes, it is that simple. You first start with yourself before you go to the woman you want to be attracted to you.

10. Attracting Women Starts With Giving Yourself What You Need

You need to build a new you. Focus on all your strengths and weaknesses, and structure a new person based on the things you can do and solutions to things you cannot do. The following are important points to keep in mind:
  • Battle Your FearsCreate a Life of Positivity: Create a life full of positivity and challenges that bring out your inner strength.
  • Challenge Your Insecurities: Challenge all your insecurities and avoid allowing them to be a challenge to you.
  • Battle Your Fears: Move towards all your fears and stop running away from them.
  • Be an Open Person: Be an open person that shares instead of hiding and learn how to approach women.
To be a man that women will be attracted to in a natural effortless way, you have to start by becoming the man you want to be.Attracting women starts with being attractive.

11. Does The Way You Look Determine How Attractive You Are?

A simple answer to this question is there is someone for everyone. Though this is the case, you might be interested in a particular woman. This means you cannot just sit around and wait for the love of your dreams.You may not believe that, but your physical looks have little or nothing to do with your attractiveness. Everyone has seen a lot of couples where the girl was an obvious 10 and the man was just average, or the other way around. This is a confirmation that your looks might not be the cupid’s arrow that hits her heart. You can have the best looks in the neighborhood and have the most expensive suit in your area, but the moment you open your mouth, whatever comes out could be repulsive to her. This is why you need to be a complete person and know how to talk to women. You need to match your style, your looks and your vibe. When all of these speak the same language, you will be easily understood and attractive to the woman you deserve. That does not mean you should totally disregard the importance of looks. Every woman prefers to see a gentleman in a nice suit, but do not focus too much on that. Try to become the whole package for her.

12. The First Impression Matters, But There Are Second Chances, Too

dressingThough there are people who get off on the wrong foot, but become the best of companions later. You should step up your game a few notches higher when you are planning to be in the presence of a woman you want to attract. This takes us back to being the man you want to be. When you are reinventing yourself, there are a lot of elements related to how you look at yourself and some of them involve how people look at you. This is where your style comes into play. When thinking about your dressing, you have to pay attention to your physique. No matter how good clothes look on someone else, they might not bring out the same look in you. You need something that brings out the best in you in a manner that you want people to look at you. The most important thing is to keep in mind that it is not about the suit you wear, because women are attracted to more than just clothes.

13. Will You Attract the Woman You Like All the Time?

Some people think that they will be attracting all the women they like because they have got information on how to attract women without talking and know how to flirt. It is impossible to be a magnet to every woman. Keep in mind that even the most handsome of men have women who find them repulsive. There are situations where the woman you are interested in will not feel the same way about you. One major mistake that people make is to spend years pursuing the same woman who has no feelings for you. While you are wasting your time, the woman who may be a great companion will be meeting other people. While it is good to be determined, it is detrimental to be over-confident.

14. A Little Insight Into What Women Find Attractive

Simply put, women are always looking for a complete man.Here is what most women look for in a man:
  • Confidence: There is always a lot to tell from the way you move, talk and interact with people. You need to show that you are confident in everything you do. This is covered in the self-reinventing part.
  • Sense of Humor: There is popular saying that states that if you can make a woman laugh, you can make her do anything. It might not be 100 percent true but there is a lot of truth in it.
  • make a woman laughSecurity and Safety: You can be as confident as you want and make a woman laugh from morning to evening, but if she is not safe and secure around you, you might just enter the friend-zone. There are a lot of people who have joined the list of ‘just friends’ in a woman’s life because they do not provide security and safety.
The most important thing is to make a woman know you are interested in her and use your attraction skills to make her fall for you. Most people will now ask how they can do this. If you met a person who looks like a chef, dresses like a chef and talks like a chef, but with no chef skills, what would you call them? An actor or imposter, right? This is what a woman feels when she sees a guy dressed up, but without the magic that attracts a woman to a man. This is why you need the three qualities above and everything to back them up.

15. How to Attract on Facebook: Why Social Media is the New Sexy

Here are some tips on how to grab her attention on social media when she cannot see you physically:
  • Profile Picture: Your potential girlfriend has no idea what you look like right now. So putting an old high school photo is not going to help. Update your profile picture regularly.
  • Have a Witty Profile: Women always fall for sense of humor in men.
  • Follow Pages of Her Interest: Follow pages of her interest so that you have something to talk to her about.
  • Be Vigilant: Assume that she is watching your activities. Make sure your activities portray your positive side.
The next time you are sitting in a restaurant and there is a beautiful lady on the corner, do not sit there thinking you are not a good match. Go to her and use your skills to make her feel special. This is how to attract women with body language and is an obvious element in life.The tips mentioned are sure to help you understand how to attract women.
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