Harder Erections in 6 Easy and Natural Ways

Harder Erections in 8 Easy and Natural Ways

It will always be an unending quest: How do you get harder erections, so you can last longer in bed? After all, having rock-hard manhood during sex is a dream come true for most men. At the same time, you are able to give pleasure and the ultimate sexual experience to your partner, as well. The list is endless when it comes to having a stronger erection. Whether you are blessed, or possibly cursed, with your manhood down there, nothing is more important than being prepared when it comes to the bedroom department. Here are tips on how to make your penis go the distance – minus the expensive implants and harmful pills.

Top 6 Natural Ways To Get Better Erections In Bed

Many guys prefer to stay natural to address bedroom issues. Can you blame them? If your guy down there is suffering between the sheets, maybe it’s time to do the following techniques.
  • Eat Balanced And Nutritious MealsEat Balanced And Nutritious Meals. One of the keys to a longer erection is a healthy diet. Keep in mind that your blood and hormones need nutrients to enable you to have sex multiple times. Therefore, stock up on carbs and zinc which may help your testosterone and sperm levels. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables since it’s good for you too. Unhealthy diet can lead to poor blood circulation. Erection problems may follow.
  • Calm Your Nerves. Did you know that your lack of self-confidence and fear of intimacy could affect your sex life? That’s right, guys. Nervous energy can translate to unwanted shrinkage or worse, you can’t even get it up. So when your guy experiences stage fright, find a way to make yourself feel comfortable. Turn of the lights, play in some music and keep telling yourself that you are good no matter what. The more relaxed you are, the stronger your member will be.
  • Stay Away From Penis Shrinkers. According to a study conducted at the University of Kentucky, men who smoke described their sex life as five, with 10 being the highest, while non-smokers rated theirs at nine. In other words, quit smoking. Smoking can cause erection problems and your ability to stay hard when it matters. It also damages the blood vessels and penile tissues, which can affect its ability to stretch and get it up.
  • Exercise Regularly. It is common knowledge that proper blood flow down there is essential in order to get your man up. Therefore, always take care of your heart, the organ responsible for pumping blood. And there is no better way to take care of it and encourage it to pump up than by working out, especially doing cardiovascular exercises. It keeps your heart and your body healthy, gets you back in shape and makes your penis get and maintain an erection.
  • Get Enough Sleep. There is a reason why parents push their kids to go to sleep. It has many benefits and it recharges the body so you can have energy to do your tasks within the day. Hence, get at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep everyday to avoid disrupting the flow of hormones that are responsible for your sex drive. Erections are common during the REM phase, which can last up to 5 hours. In addition, sleep recharges your penis and keeps it well nourished with oxygenated blood.
  • Do It More Often. This means sex, of course. For most men, having sex more often leads to better erections. This is because sex boosts testosterone levels that can keep your “machine” going. Remember, if you don’t use it, you might lose it.

Top 10 Foods For Stronger Erections

[adsanity id=”54600″ align=”alignnone” /] Aside from the natural tips mentioned, food plays an important role in giving you stronger and harder erections. Again, a healthy diet can help your guy a lot to keep it going. Here are ten of the best foods for stronger erections:
  • onionOnion – Did you know that onion is good for the heart too? It thins the blood, hence increasing the blood volume, which in turn, helps you get an erection and makes you last longer.
  • Salmon – Omega-3 fatty acids can improve blood circulation. This component is in fish, such as salmon.
  • Oysters – Zinc is necessary to produce testosterone in the body. One of the best ways to get this nutrient is by eating oysters.
  • Banana – Banana is rich in potassium, which can keep your heart healthy and improve blood circulation. The goal is to get enough blood supplied down there.
  • Whole Grains – Who says whole grains are just for those who are on a diet? Carbohydrates provide the energy you need to help you get an erection. You can get them by eating whole grains and fruits. In addition, they have less fat, so there’s no worrying about weight gain. Be sure to stay away from processed, simple carbs, though.
  • Fennel Seeds – This food can help clean up the toxins in your body and system so you can have a healthy erection.
  • Watermelon – Aside from its taste, watermelon can relax or dilate your blood vessels, so your heart can pump more blood to your member.
  • pomegranatePomegranate – This fruit is loaded with iron, which can help produce red blood cells. As a result, you will have more blood, which can lead to stronger erections, too.
  • Chillies – Have you noticed how your face becomes red after eating spicy food? That’s what happens to your manhood when you eat hot chilies, too. It pushes more blood to your penis to make it easy for you to get it up.
  • Dark Chocolate – There are opposing views on the aphrodisiac effects of chocolates.Still, many people tell that dark chocolate can help you get aroused, which makes it easier for you to get an erection.

A Few Words About Erection

There are many ways to help you get longer erections. But, it is always important to consult a doctor to understand why you are having issues with getting it up. It may be a sign of a medical condition such as cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure or an underlying disorder. At the same time, you are able to explore your options to help you get back in the bedroom arena. This way, he can recommend you the best techniques and it’s up to you to decide which will work best.Getting harder erections and sustaining them is not easy for many men, like those who struggle with getting wood. With time and some know how, you’ll can bring the spark back.
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