5 Male Enhancement Techniques That Help Your Little Man

5 Male Enhancement Techniques That Help Your Little ManIt’s no surprise that a lot of men wish for a bigger size. Believe it or not, most men think that being big “down there” means better performance in bed. Because of this, different companies decided to manufacture pills and launch products that promise to do the trick. But aside from male enhancement pills, there are other methods men can employ in order to increase their size and have better sexual performance. Let us take a look at the different enhancement techniques and how they can or cannot help every man’s erection and overall sexual satisfaction.

1. Male Enhancement Pills

One of the most popular and most sought after solutions for erections and performance problems is the use of male enhancement pills. This type of male enhancement pills is made of herbs and natural ingredients that are proven to increase a man’s size. Aside from addressing issues in bed, it also increases production of semen, improves blood flow in the area and provides nutrients needed by the reproductive system in order to improve overall sexual health. However, the results may not take effect instantly. Natural male enhancement pills  contain herbs and natural ingredients that are proven to enhance male performance and boost sexual drive. These ingredients include:
  •  Muira Puama Leaf
  • Longjack root
  • L-Arginine root
  • Maca root
  • Horny goat weed
  • Ginkgo biloba
  • Asian red ginseng
While some promise results, there are a lot of products that turned out to be fake. Numerous fly-by-night companies deceive the public and offer enhancement products without providing any proof or study as to their effectiveness and steal thousands of dollars from them. As a result, a lot of men question whether this type of product is safe and effective. The answer is Yes. VigRX PlusAgain, there are still legitimate companies that offer products that can really enhance the male area. One example is VigRX Plus. Aside from having doctors as its advisers, the pill is supported by a clinical study that will show VIGRX as an effective male enhancement tool in terms of getting it up and overall sexual satisfaction. And such results will show in just 84 days! VigRX is made of all-natural ingredients that are proven safe and effective to  male enhancement exercises . If you want proof, you can download the study on the company’s website.

2. Penis Enlargement Surgery

Generally, Male Enhancement Surgery is reserved for those whose member does not function normally due to a birth defect or injury. Because of the increasing demand for a bigger size, this type of method is done for cosmetic purposes. Also, some men cannot patiently wait for the results of the best male enhancement pills, thereby going for surgery. [adsanity id=”54600″ align=”alignnone” /] There are two basic enlargement surgeries:
  • Lengthening. The suspensory ligament that connects the penis to the pelvic bone will be cut. Since the ligament no longer attaches to the penis, it will appear longer causing it to be more unstable. Stretching devices must be used to prevent the ligament from reattaching.
  • suspensory ligamentWidening. In order to thicken the member, fat taken from the fleshy part of the body will be injected in the shaft of the penis. Since fat is being absorbed again by the body, asymmetry of the manhood may occur. To prevent this from happening, silicone or tissue grafts are used.
  •  A new surgical method was also introduced to make it look bigger. By partially disconnecting the scrotum, more of the shaft will be revealed which will make it look longer. This procedure can be resorted to since it is safer and only takes 20 minutes, unlike the two procedures mentioned above.
These procedures can be expensive and can cause damage on your bank account. Further, it involves a lot of risks and side effects such as:
    • Infections
    • Nerve damage
    • Reduced sensitivity in the area
    • Difficulty in getting it up
    • Lumpy or uneven size

3. Penis Pump for Male Enhancement

A penis pump is sometimes referred to as vacuum pump. Under this method, the ‘manhood’ will be placed in a plastic tube that has a rubber seal on the end. Once inserted, the rubber will create a vacuum around the base. The trigger must be squeezed in order to suck the air out of the tube which will eventually pull more blood into your member. Since there is an increase in blood flow, the size of the penis and overall sexual health will improve. This method is also used to treat erectile dysfunction, creating an illusion of a bigger size. Using a pump can cause pain which may last for weeks. Also, too much pumping can damage the elastic tissue in your manhood area which can lead to less firm erections. Therefore, this method should be used with caution and not longer than the recommended time.
4. Jelqing
This method is also referred to as P.E. or Penis Exercise. It uses a hand-over-hand motion so that the blood from the base will be pushed to the head of the penis. Another way of doing this is by pulling the penis as far as it goes and holding it for 30 seconds while it is in flaccid state. It may sound easy but this technique can be painful and dangerous. It may lead to scar formation, severe pain, disfigurement or worse, it will just stop working.
5. Stretching
This technique involves attaching a device to the penis, either a stretcher or extender, in order to stretch it. While the member is in a flaccid state, weights will placed to extend it for a few centimeters. Some studies have reported an increase from a half inch to an inch in length. However, those studies may not be reliable and it is safer to stay away from this method until it is supported by concrete evidence. Every enhancement technique has associated risks and benefits. While some techniques are proven effective, there are some that may be harmful not only on your manhood but also to your health as a whole. Therefore, it is important to think wisely and ask yourself whether you really need it and what good it will do for you overall best male enlargement.
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