3 Foods to Increase Libido You Can Find in Your Kitchen

3 Foods to Increase Libido You Can Find in Your KitchenSome men and women have too much sexual activity. Others rarely have any of it. Sex is a need that, according to the famous psychologist, Abraham Maslow, has to be met. That is why it is important to get that libido back on track through smart solutions, like eating foods to increase libido. Life is busy and stressful these days. Sex often gets pushed onto the back burner as a result, especially when a person is busy with work, responsibilities at home and all other preoccupations of the mind. Not having sex can hurt you more than you know.

Influences On Sexual Views

Views about sex differ among ages, races and cultures. Some people openly talk about their sexual encounters. Others want this matter to be as private as it can be. There are people who believe they need to have sex regularly, while others can live months without it. The following factors can have an influence on your ideas and opinions about sexual activity:
  • couples kiss passionatelyEnvironment. Some people live in places where people still observe conservative and traditional practices. Others grow up in a country or city where couples kiss passionately and no one even cares.
  • Family. The examples on courtship and marriage that parents and older relatives display to the children can influence the growing child’s ideals on sex and relationship.
  • Media. The content that the person reads, watches, listens to have a huge impact on his or her views on, and desires for sex.
  • Peer Pressure. There are countries where chastity until marriage is encouraged. Then there are countries where people, particularly friends, tease or bully men and women if they are still a virgin after they get pass the age of 18.
  • Religion. Having religious beliefs or the absence of them can influence the sexual orientation of a person significantly. Many churches discourage having sex outside marriage.
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How The Lack Of Sex Can Hurt You

So long as done responsibly and with protection, sex can be a rewarding and beneficial act. Experts found that having no sex life at all can lead to some negative effects. The following outcomes have been documented when a man has little sexual acitivity:
  • develop prostate problemsLess sex or no sex at all can make men develop prostate problems.
  • Having little or no sex can bruise the relationship. The absence of physical intimacy can make partners or spouses drift apart.
  • When you lose interest in sex and fail to fulfill the needs of your spouse or partner, you encourage infidelity. The other person will satisfy that need in the bed of someone else.
  • Not having sex can lessen your self-confidence and esteem.
  • Less sex or no sex at all can make people irritable and unhappy.

How Sex Can Benefit You

Although most people engage in sex because it’s fun, to have children, to create intimacy and a host of other reasons, sexual activity actually provides several benefits to the mind and body.
  • It Strengthens The Person’s Immunity. Having sex can release a particular antibody that fights off bacteria, germs, viruses and other agents that can cause diseases.
  • It protects The Individual From Certain Diseases. Men who have sexual intercourse at least two times a week are less prone to developing heart problems by 50 percent. Sex lowers the risk of prostate cancer. It is also lowers blood pressure.
  • It Burns Calories. Having sex can help you shed off a few pounds when done regularly.  You can burn five calories per minute of sexual activity or 170 calories in an hour.
  • It Can Make Your Hair, Skin And Nails Stay Young And Healthy. Sexual activity promotes blood flow. Increase blood circulation helps your body be more able to receive and process nutrients. This leads to an afterglow on the skin, lush hair and great nails.
  • It Can Help Control Pimples And Acne. Regular sex can help balance the hormones, which in turn results to a clearer skin.
  • It Can Ease And Release Stress. Orgasms releases much stress and pent up tension.
  • It Can Relieve Pain. Having sex triggers the production of endorphins. This gives a happy feeling that can distract a person’s attention from the pain.

Dealing With The Libido Issue

Some guys take sex pills or watch porn to get wood.  Whatever floats your boat – though you could also do these things to regain your sex drive:
  1. Find out why you are losing or have lost the drive to engage in sex then deal with the reason.
  2. Discuss this matter with you partner. He or she may be able to help you find the solution to the libido issue.
  3. Patch up any differences and problems you may have with your partner. It is hard to want to have sex when you are mad at a person.
  4. Seek the help of a doctor, counselor or therapist as necessary.
  5. Check out if you are taking medications that can lower the libido as a side effect.
  6. Reduce stress. Unload, delegate or share responsibilities. Clearing your mind will help you have the will and the strength to make love when you get home.
  7. Eat right. Take in foods that increase sex drive naturally. Extra weight can make a person feel unattractive and tired.
  8. Add more excitement to the sex life by trying out new things that you and your partner have never done before.

The Three C’s: Foods To Increase Libido

There’s no more enjoyable way to increasing the sex drive than eating foods that increase libido. To fire up that sexual desire, here are three C’s you can add to your diet:
  • Chocolate – Especially the dark variety of chocolate is a delicious and natural aphrodisiac. It has phenylethylamine, which boosts the level of dopamine. This leads to increased happiness and sexual desire.
  • CeleryChili – Chili makes the body feel hot by increasing the pumping of the heart and triggering the hypothalamus to elevate the body temperature. This can make the person want some form of heat release, one of which is sex.
  • Celery – This vegetable contains chemicals that improve the sex drive and the sexual climax. It elevates pheromone androsterone, an aphrodisiac found in male sweat.
Is your sexual passion running low? Start munching on celery and other foods to increase libido. Bring back that sexual fire in your bed by eating libido foods – it’s both delicious and good for you!. Be happy, healthy and sexually satisfied in your life.
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