7 Subtle Ways to Conceal Your Sexual Excitement

Subtle Ways to Conceal Your Sexual ExcitementAdmit it. A picture of a naked woman in front of you, or your hot teacher in Calculus class can make your knees buckle. It doesn’t matter where you are, but there are certain triggers that could give your man down there a boost. loveA boner can be an expression of love, affection or lust for someone. It shows how attracted you are that you are willing to do it anytime, anywhere. A big problem happens when your girl is missing in action, and you are getting a boner in places where you shouldn’t get it. Boners at the wrong time and at a wrong place is just plain awkward and embarrassing. You may look horny and willing, but when someone sees you with your soldier down there in full salute, they’ll run away from you, as if your penis was a horrifying zombie that will eat her alive. The question is, what can you do about it? How will you hide your sexual excitement without looking to obvious? Here’s how.

1. Go Somewhere Private

a bathroomFind a secluded place, like a bathroom or a room with no one or just a few people inside. This is the easiest way to conceal your boner without looking too obvious and worrying about what other people will think. However, make sure you go into the room as normal as you can. Running swiftly on your way to the bathroom sends two messages: you need to use the bathroom and let Mother Nature takes it course, or you are running away from someone, which makes you look even more suspicious. Once you’re in the room, take a seat, breathe and count one to 10, if that helps. If you have a jacket, tablet, newspaper, book or bag with you, use it to conceal your area down there, so it’s not too obvious, especially when you choose to stay inside an empty room. The erection will go away in no time.

Use Your Hands2. Use Your Hands

No, you are not supposed to give yourself a hand job. In fact, your hands can be a great tool to hide your erection. After all, nobody thinks twice about a guy with his hands in his pockets, right? At the same time, if you are able to master the art of hands in your pocket when your guy down there decides not to cooperate, then you don’t have to worry about obvious erections anymore. Here are tips on how to do it:
  • While sitting down, put your hand inside your pocket and numb your erection using your thumb. Don’t worry. The outline of your hand inside your pocket hides your boner.
  • While standing up, place both hands inside your pocket. Try your best to pin down erection to your lower thigh or lower abdomen, whichever works for you. However, this works best when your erection is only on its first or second gear, so the hands in your pocket technique won’t be too obvious.
  • Make a fistMake a fist while your hands are inside the pocket. This helps especially if you are wearing tight pants and you need something to draw people’s attention away from your crotch.
The key here is don’t stimulate it more. The more you put pressure on your man, the more stimulation it receives. This means longer obvious erections, as well.

3. Choose Your Clothes Wisely

Did you know that your clothes cando a lot towards hiding your happy penis? If you rarely get a boner, then this won’t be a problem. However, if your penis is always making a cameo, regardless of where you are, then your choice of clothes just might help. Here are tips for dressing your area down south.
  • Cotton UnderwearStay Away From Non-Cotton Underwear. Silk may be a favorite however, just leave it inside the bedroom. Silk or any fabric with rough hems can rub against your guy and cause an erection. This is something you should avoid, especially when you leave your libido meter on all the time.
  • Go For Loose Clothes. The truth is what you wear plays a major role in concealing your boner. As much as possible, don’t wear anything too tight or types of clothes that restrict your movements. Loose shirts that extend down to your crotch are also excellent in hiding your erections. Avoid pleated pants and light-colored khakis at all costs. It makes you look like your libido is on fifth gear the whole time.

4. Make Use Of What You Got

a group of cheerleaders – in uniformThere are instances where you can’t help but get a boner, especially when the hottest porn stars are around or you are surrounded by a group of cheerleaders – in uniform. Obviously, you don’t want to go the men’s room or any empty room and let the erection subside. In this case, check out your backpack and find something that could help you hide your man down there. Sitting down and crossing your legs is a great way to conceal your sexual excitement and minimize suspicious looks. If you can’t find a place to sit, then a jacket, a bottle of water, or a book or tablet in hand is perfect to hide your out of bed penis. Make sure to hold it casually so it won’t be obvious that you are hiding something. A backpack or a laptop resting on your lap is also an effective way to conceal a boner. In other words, improvise and maximize whatever you have in the most casual manner as possible.

5. Distract Yourself

thinking thoughtsAnother easy way to let erections disappear is to distract yourself from thinking thoughts that could trigger a boner. The truth is, suggestive thoughts make your mind wander, which could lead to an erect manhood down there. If you start distracting yourself, then you might forget why you are turned on after all. Think about something important, such as a due date for a project, financial issues, errands, or anything that is pressing. Apparently, excitement and anxiety are not good friends. At the same time, stop worrying about your erection. The more fixated you are about your boner, the longer it will last. Relax, think of other thoughts that are not related to sex and you’ll say goodbye to your boner in no time. [adsanity id=”54600″ align=”alignnone” /]You can have a difficult math problem on hand or hidden in your wallet,so you have something to think of, just in case you need to get your mind off your erection.

6. Take A walk

Take A walkAnother easy way to let the erection die down is to take a walk. With your hands inside your pocket, start moving your legs and head somewhere. This also gives you an opportunity to adjust your pants until the excitement diminishes. This is because walking helps move the blood flow trapped in your crotch and bring it to your feet and arms. restroomHowever, how you do this is crucial. If you simply stand up in a room full of people and just walk away without telling anyone where you are heading, then you can draw suspicions from these people. Try to be casual as much as you can. Excuse yourself and tell your guys you’re going to the restroom or to get a glass of water. Alternatively, tell them you suddenly got dizzy and you want to take a walk for a few minutes. Again, be casual. Don’t send signals that something is wrong with you. The more people who are around you in a panic, the more difficult it will be for you to get away from your boner. The good thing about walking is that it could be a good exercise for you. It’s a win-win situation, don’t you think?

7. Read Or Watch Something

Watch SomethingAside from thinking of thoughts that could distract you, reading or watching a film, sans the sex and passion part is a good way to help you get rid of your boner. It takes your mind away from erection and at the same time, keeps you distracted. Think about this. When you read, you are more focused on the text to be able to understand the story better. This helps you divert your attention and makes you forget about your erect penis after. If you are not a fan of reading, you can watch something from your tablet or smartphone too. In this case, the non-sexier it is, the easier for you to make your man down there take a rest. religionChoose shows that involve politics, religion and marketing- anything with no dash of sex in it. This will help your mind forget about its libido and try to make yourself believe that for once, you are also capable of discussing serious topics, as well. Don’t forget to take note of these tips in case you get a boner in the most unexpected and bizarre places.
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