7 Days of Sizzling Hot Sexcapades

7 Days of Sizzling Hot SexcapadesSex is fun and pleasurable, period. However, there will be instances when everything gets in the way and slowly, you realized that a dry spell has hit the bedroom. You can blame your kids, your crazy work schedules, or even your nagging wife who’s constantly wearing an angry face every time you come home from work.You can even blame the lack of intimacy due to years of being together and doing the same old thing, which is quite boring. Let’s get things straight here. Cheating will always be out of the question. Still, that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything about the sex drought. Instead of slacking down and blaming everything that’s going on in your life, here is a challenge for you: Do the seven-day sex challenge. Yes, that is one whole week of pure fun, pleasure and orgasm to remember forever. So, if you and your wife are up for the challenge, here are tips on how to make your sex week even more amazing.

1. Day One: Create Your Sex Menu Sunday

sex toysThere is no better way of starting your week than creating your own special menu for sex. Think about this – you’ve had a dry season for the longest time. You don’t expect to jump in the bed, take of all your clothes and have sex just like that, do you? To make it less awkward, get some arts and crafts materials, sit down and talk about the things you want to do inside the bedroom. Then make your own sex menu, exactly how you like it. Just like the ordinary menu, start with an appetizer, aka foreplay. Followed by the main course, which is how you want to do your bump and grind session, aka the sex positions. Don’t forget the dessert or the after play. You can also create a portion for side dishes, which shows the add-ons or sex toys you want to use in bed. And the drinks too, so you will know what drinks to serve. Then, check out the menu and see what you can order from there.

2. Day Two: Husband Is The Main Man Monday

There is a reason why Fifty Shades of Grey sold millions of copies worldwide and is about to come to life on the movie screen in February 2015. That dominant-submissive role played by Christian Grey and Anastacia Steele, well, kind of set the bar on how this BDSM thing works. sensual messagesGuys, for your day two, it’s your time to take over. A woman needs a strong man to assure her that she can be protected when the right time comes. However, she also needs a man who can be gentle and able to fulfill her needs. This is where you come in. Start the day by making it about her. Focus on her needs, both in and out of the bedroom. Romance her throughout the day, send her sweet and sensual messages and surprise her with her favorite flowers and chocolates. If you can cook food for her, then go ahead and do the extra mile. Or reserve a table for two at your favorite restaurant. At the end of the day, sex will only comes as a bonus.

3. Day Three: Sensual Games Tuesday

try different sex positionsHere comes day three. After being a good husband, it’s time to do things differently in the bedroom. By different, this means doing things you don’t usually do in ordinary days. In other words, Tuesday is the day where you can experiment in bed. For starters, try to re-create your honeymoon. Ask your wife to wear the lingerie to keep things sexier and more exciting, without revealing too much. Or put a twist to it. Instead of doing your honeymoon all over again, do things that you should’ve done on that night. You can also try naughty board games to guide you along the way. Or take out that sex menu and see what you can do, something you haven’t done last Sunday. At the same time, try different sex positions to keep things hotter inside the room. If you want some reinforcements, take out that sex toy you’ve been itching to use with your girl. Watch porn to help you get in the mood. You can also consider recording the entire session for some, uhh, future reference. Just make sure to keep it so nobody sees if. After all, you don’t want to be the next porn star sensation, do you?

4. Day Four: Wife Takes The Lead Wednesday

text messagesNow that you’ve taken the lead, did some things differently inside the bedroom and even walked down the memory lane, it’s not time for your girl to play the dominant role. Remember this: women want men who can control them, but within reasons. At the same time, they want to be in control, too – and you should let them.The fourth day should be all about you. It’s your turn to make the sexual experience more about you, too. In this case, let your wife read this portion, so that she will know that it’s your turn to be pleased. She can do the same things you did for her, like sending steamy text messages or Viber-ing a picture of her in her favorite lingerie. If you want to make it easier, because she’s not Professor X who can read your mind, and after all, what you really want is to be pleased, let’s not make things more complicated. Write a list of the things you like. At least she will have an idea on what to do on Wednesday without racking her brains out.

5. Day Five: Outside The Bedroom Thursday

On the fifth day of your one-week sex challenge, it’s time to take it to the next level. You’ve focused too much on what to do inside the bedroom, now it’s time to move it outside. Yes, Thursday should be out of the bedroom kind of sex day. It’s a lot easier when you do things inside your turf. You have privacy, plus you can do whatever you want without being bothered. All you need to do is lock the door, and you’re good to go. But where is the fun in that? Okay fine, it is fun. Still, there are times when you need to take it out of the bedroom to spice things up in your sex life. In this case, anywhere outside your bedroom is a good candidate. Try the stairs, on top of the dining table, the living room couch, the playroom, or even the garage. You can also camp out in your backyard and well, do it there. [adsanity id=”54600″ align=”alignnone” /]The point is, don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone. It keeps things exciting and yes, that thrill of risking getting caught naked by your neighbors is something you will always remember. Unless it really happens, so don’t be stupid and end up at the police station for public lewdness or something.

6. Day Six: Date Night Sex Friday

Date Night SexThank God it’s Friday, isn’t it? Five straight days of sex can be exhausting, but rewarding and pleasurable at the same time. Therefore, take this day as a time for you and your wife to be a couple. Yes, in other words, have a date night and simply enjoy each other’s company. Go out and see a new place you both haven’t been to before. Or, try a new restaurant. If you only have a few hours to spare, why don’t you catch a movie, or do some sightseeing somewhere new to you. The point is, make Friday night all about you two as a couple. Reconnect with each other, and see how close you’ve become over the years. Take time to sort out your issues, and find an amicable solution to your never-ending problems. While the kids are at your or her mom’s place for the night, have real husband and wife sex – no rules to follow. Focus on giving each other pleasure. After this, you will probably want to include a Friday night, date night in your routine.

7. Day Seven: Role Play Sex Saturday

Congratulations, you finally made it to end of the challenge. To make it memorable, here’s a little treat for you two: role-play sex. Yes, that type of sex where you pretend to be someone, complete with costume and props. Most couples are not into role-playing because:
  1. Role Play SexThey are too shy to try it.
  2. They are too lazy to prepare for it.
  3. They simply don’t like the idea of pretending.
If you answered any from these choices, Role Play Sex Saturday is the perfect time to try out something new. Devote your whole Saturday to being someone you’re not: doctor and patient, teacher and student, police officer and criminal offender, you name it. The point is be creative in your roles and make sure to give justice to it. If it helps, a trip to a sex store won’t hurt and it won’t take too much of your time, either. Go ahead and give it a try for a change. If you are too shy to go to a store, shop online together. Before you try this out, make sure to work on a schedule – and stick to it. What’s the point of doing all this, when you can’t even set aside even a few hours of your time every day for sex? When you finally do so, you’ll be surprised with how much your relationship has improved after just a week.
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