5 Virtual Sex Video Games That Will Amaze You

5 Virtual Sex Video Games That Will Amaze YouVideo games will always be a part of every human person’s life. Admit it, guys. Even if you’re not a fan of video games, you at least have held a controller, or even attempted to try to maneuver that car in GTA once in your life. For many experts, video game addiction is not a good thing. It strains your eyes and discourages movement, since the only thing that’s doing the work are your thumbs. In other words, it’s making you fat – and it makes you feel less guilty, because you and your guy friends are all doing the same thing. video game addictionOn the other hand, there are types of virtual games these days that enable all five senses – and more. Yes, you have to thank technology and the bright minds behind this for finally finding a way to get your butt up and moving. Introducing virtual sex video games. Okay, before you get too excited, you won’t see any naked men and women banging each other and doing the same thing as in those porn movies. Believe it or not, these virtual games can actually help you, well, in case the situation calls for it. Check out five virtual sex video games that will surely leave you in awe.

1. Warming Up With Kinect

It’s Friday night. Instead of hanging out with the boys and going from one strip club to another, you decided to spend the day at home. Hey, you deserve to take a break from that once in a while too, right? Well, even if you’re staying at home, that doesn’t mean your Friday night should be a dull, boring one, too. This is where technology comes in – and by technology, it’s not about watching porn at two in the morning. The problem with porn is that you’re merely a spectator. You simply watch, get a boner, give your man some hand action, then that’s it. watching pornThis is where Xbox Kinect comes in. If you have Kinect at home, then your hands will get full as soon as you start to open it. It has enough power to put the girl of your dreams on screen, enable eye contact, respond to your voice commands and even call you by your name. All that and more, thanks to Kinect’s face and voice recognition. Of course, the main purpose of Kinect is well, for pure fun and entertainment purposes suitable for all ages. With just a few tweaks and a brave programmer who is willing to come up with a game focused on sex and a virtual girl who is willing to lick you down there, the Xbox Kinect will really get you warmed up. Again, you’re just warming up in here, guys. Don’t get too excited yet.

Starting It Out with Facial Expression Technology and 3D.

You often associate Rockstar Games with the game L.A. Noir. A few years back, the guys behind Rockstar decided to develop a facial expression technology for its L.A. Noir. This is where things start to get exciting. It may sound too futuristic, but this amazing facial expression tool will keep you and your man down there excited. Facial Expression TechnologyThis virtual girl can look you in the eye, call you by your name and even do human-like facial expressions. And if she likes what she is seeing, she can give any of the following – a genuine smile of satisfaction, a devilish but still sexy grin, or a surprised look at how big or small your package is. If you are not satisfied with Rockstar’s facial expression technology, then you should know about Nintendo’s portable 3D. It has a full-size glasses-free display. It is hard to imagine how this portable 3D will look, because it is being developed by several companies. Still, it is capable of flirting and sending signals that you are actually making her happy. As to whether it can get your man up, it depends. It’s up to you how you plan to handle a 3D image of a naked girl. How to touch her is, well, let’s just say leave it to your imagination and creativity.

The Touch and Texture Device

Okay, enough with the virtual thing that only keeps your brain and imagination working. You need some action and real life sensation to be able to feel that you are man enough in bed. What is the better way to do that without getting a disease? Thankfully, Novint Technologies, a company that designs and builds 3D touch devices and software, developed a device called Novint Falcon. It has three-dimensional control that allows you to feel the texture of the objects while playing a video game. As what its website claims, it is “the most immersive way to play video games,” bringing your gaming experience to a whole new level. What Does It Have To Do With Sex? What Does It Have To Do With SexThe answer is simple. This device can perfectly stimulate any texture under your hand. In other words, you grab a rock during the game and you will feel something hard and heavy. You get a pile of mud and all of a sudden, your hand can tell that it is mud. And if you feel like slapping someone in the game, whether or not in a sexual manner, then you can actually feel that, too. [adsanity id=”54600″ align=”alignnone” /]However, not many gamers are raving about this device. Some dudes want more than just using their hand during boob grabbing, which actually makes sense. Thankfully, ForceTek XIO came out with a gaming controller that they claim “hurts you, not the video.” It covers your biceps to palm to allow you to engage more than just your hand every time you slap that butt. Sadly, you look like a Robocop-wannabe when wearing this thing, so make sure you keep this hidden inside your closet.

The Taste and Smell Dispensing System

Call it pheromones, perfume or whatever sexy scent it is. The point is, there is something about your smell that can make any woman go crazy. And yes, even your sweat emits certain signals that can turn a woman on, at least according to pheromone experts. Because of this, Biopac came out with smell dispensing system for military training. Using your innate creativity and imagination, you can guess it’s more than for the boys and their camouflage suit. perfumeThis smell dispensing system has pre-packaged smells to produce more complex scents. To top it off, it also comes with a sex scent, so you know what to choose when you decide to invest on this smell-dispensing device. Of course, sex will never be complete without using your tongue and actually getting it to, uhh, certain places. In that case, a group of people from the University of Tsukuba in Japan, aka the Land of the Rising Sun, whose primary role is to provide the most advanced technology in the world, came up with a machine that stimulates the chewing sensation. Before you say yuck on this, this chewing sensation device produces different flavors and yes, even simulates texture, as if you are actually licking something. In other words, it vibrates and can simulate every squishy area in the body you want to have inside your mouth. Okay, that sounded really weird and not exactly sexually appealing, don’t you think?

Sex with Your Virtual Partner

Now that you have engaged all of your senses, it’s now time to go on the real battlefield here. No, it doesn’t mean you can have sex with anyone at this very moment. Believe it or not, there is a device that allows you to get laid without risking a dreaded STD. Hold your horses, because here comes the RealTouch. It is a robotic vagina designed by a former engineer of NASA. It is a synchronized interactive experience, which puts you in the middle of a sex activity and experience real-time encounters. Sex with Your Virtual PartnerIn other words, RealTouch is synced with tons of porn videos, links the sensation on the screen and makes you feel as if you are part of the action. But if you really want to involve your entire body, then there is Cyber Sex Suit. Manufactured by Vivid Entertainment, this $200 neoprene bodysuit has 36 electronic sensors located on the chest, inner thighs, and other sensitive zones in the body. And yes, these sensors can transmit cold, heat and even vibrations. Aside from making you look like Austin Powers, its manufacturer decided to stop production since the sensors might give the wearers a heart attack – which is not exactly the purpose of this body suit. Well, at least you stimulated every portion of your body, right? So, what do you think? Who says video games are only for the kids and kids-at-heart. Given this list, it is safe to say that technology can work its magic and make you experience things you’ve never done before, without even leaving your bedroom. Whether it is effective or not, hmm, that depends on you and how you intend to use it.
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