14 Innocent Things That Could Be Murdering Your Sex Life

14-Innocent-Things-That-Could-Be-Murdering-Your-Sex-Life-624×328 copyA man’s sex life fills up a good chunk of his entire being. You take any man and ask him what his priorities are. You can be sure that if it is not the first, sex should still be on that list. It’s a fact. Men take pride in their sexual escapades. The more a man knows how to please a lady, the better his ego and in place in society. At least that’s how most men think. This is why men go to so much effort in taking care of his sexual capabilities to maintain his sex life. A decrease in libido may also mean the death of your manhood, but there are things, little, innocent things, that you do or experience sometimes that you may think are not affecting you sexually. But one day you just wake up and find yourself unwilling or unable to have sex anymore due to these small and innocent things. Here are 14 little factors that could be murdering your sex life, even though you don’t know it, as well as what you can do to beat them:

1. Sexual Boredom

Sexual BoredomIt happens sometimes. You can get bored over something that you enjoy doing. While boredom can be easily cured, sexual boredom is a totally different story. Since men enjoy having sex so much, the idea of a man getting bored at the thought of sex is like a big taboo. There are many activities that you can get bored of, but sex is not one of them, lest you want to kill your sex life. Sexual boredom is fun to address. Why fun? Because you will have to try out new things to see what would work out. You get to try new sex positions and enjoy new sex escapades to keep the fire burning. Surprise yourself and your partner each time. It doesn’t take much – some candles and music – a new place for lovemaking – just change it up a bit.

2. Bad Smells

Okay, in your defense, it is not your fault if your partner has bad body odor. You know what your fault would be? If you continue to let yourself go through that each and every time you have sex. You are torturing yourself, and you are not being honest with your partner, it would go on until your sense of smell gets traumatized and you will start hating sex altogether. If your partner has that smell – you know, it could be bad, or it could be too much of a good thing so that it would hurt your nose – maybe you can improvise. Like ask her to join you in the shower, to take the odor off, or you can just go clean and tell her honestly.

3. The Voices In Your Head

The Voices In Your HeadYou know that little voice in your head that makes you overly self-conscious, especially if it’s your first time with a woman? Questions roll around your mind, like, “Am I big enough? Will she like it if I do this? Am I too sweaty?” Get rid of that, because it kills your jive and it makes you look jittery, which can ruin the experience for you both. The voices in your head are just you, making yourself nervous over nothing. Stop being so self conscious during sex. Just enjoy the action. Move as you please. Nothing can go wrong as long as you just aim to please your woman and yourself.

4. A Word On Body Hair

We’re talking about body hair on her. In some countries and cultures, men find it attractive if women have body hair, but not for the rest of the male population. Body hair is for men. No, that is not a sexist statement. It’s a fact that states men have hormones that women don’t, which makes them grow hair twice as much as women do. So if your woman has more body hair than you do – that could make you feel awkward and turn your face away from sex. This does not mean you find another woman who does not have body hair. Maybe you can ask her to shave it off, in a nice way of course. Subtly suggest that she will look hotter to you with lesser hair on her.

Too Much Alcohol5. Too Much Alcohol

You might think that alcohol is boosting your sex drive. Well yes, for the time being, it does. That’s why it’s so much hotter to have sex when you are boozed up, right? But too much alcohol in the system is not good. First of all, alcohol has a numbing effect, which can spread as far as down there, making your boner soft. Second, alcohol slowly kills your sex hormones, thus killing your sex drive. Alcohol does not sound so good now, does it?

6. The Use Of Illegal Drugs

Let’s just be clear about one thing: illegal drugs are never good for anything at all. There’s a reason why they are called “illegal” and if you use them, you should stop. Illegal drugs may be good for some time and may even boost your stamina and sex drive, but eventually, it shows up some really bad things on your body which will cross over to your sex life. So it’s plain and simple. Do not use illegal drugs.

7. Sex Pills

ED DrugsTo be fair, men who have erectile problems have a lot to be thankful for because sex pills have helped many a dude keep his mojo after 50. But there’s a reason why certain sex pills are for those with erectile problems only. Too much of this drug can lead to limpness issues which, in case you missed it, is really, really bad for you sex life.

8. Too Much Stress

Stress can come from many different things – work, home, bills and problems. You should learn to control your stress or it could have some really bad implications to your physical health and sexual health. Studies reveal that too much stress can decrease the testosterone production, which is not good news to your sex life. [adsanity id=”54600″ align=”alignnone” /]The secret? Avoid stress and stay positive and happy all the time. The truth is, you’re the only person who can determine what you can stress about or not.

9. Lack Of Intimacy

Lack of intimacy in a marriage or a relationship can zap your sex life. Intimacy is the door opener to many sexual escapades. Intimacy is the mother of sex drives. If you are consistently intimate with your partner, you will find new ways to be sexual and sensual with your partner.

10. Low Testosterone

Low TestosteroneHere’s something that you hear all the time. Low testosterone comes from an unhealthy lifestyle. Low testosterone can wind down your sex drive and eventually, your entire sex life. So the secret is to keep that magic sex juice producing. You can do that by keeping a healthy lifestyle. Testosterone, after all, is a hormone that your body replenishes when you sleep, so get a good night’s sleep every night.

11. Sleep Deprivation

Sleep deprivation can affect your sexual health tremendously. It can affect your energy, your blood pressure and your erections. What will happen is that your sex drive will gradually dwindle down until you get to the point when given the choice between sex and sleep, you choose sleep. A person needs an average of six to eight hours sleep for his brain – and apparently, his penis – to function properly.

12. High Blood Pressure Medications

High Blood Pressure MedicationsHigh blood pressure can be a pain in your butt, especially if you take maintenance meds to control your blood pressure. But some medications – while they help you cope with the health problem – may slowly killing your sex life, too. Like the health problem is not bad enough in your sex life, put in the meds and you get worse on the sex department. The best thing to avoid these medications is to not get high blood pressure in the first place. Keep a healthy lifestyle. That’s all there is to it, but if you do have high blood pressure, talk to your doctor about alternatives if your meds are causing low libido problems.

13. Obesity

Obesity can be a problem in your sex life in two ways: one, your weight and size can affect your self-confidence, your way of thinking and your performance. Two, the high amount of body fat can affect and decrease the testosterone production in your body. Any of these two can kill your sex life automatically. Be sure to watch that weight and stay fit.

14. Lack Of Self Confidence

Lack Of Self ConfidenceYou have to admit, self confidence is one key ingredient to enjoying sex, even with your partner. Therefore, a lack of confidence in yourself or your sexual capabilities will destroy your sex life. If you are not confident in yourself, you will not be confident enough to please a woman and yourself in bed. So you should always have a dose of confidence in you to keep your sex life going. Learn to look at the good things in yourself, instead of all the things you don’t like, instead. From the most obvious causes to the less common cases, there are many possible ways that you may be killing your sex life. Some of these causes may even be part of your normal day to day existence, like alcohol, or your attitude like the lack of self confidence, or even physical aspects. The bottom line is that you should take care of yourself. If you want to stay sexually active, then you should always be careful and watch out for any of these little, innocent symptoms and actions.
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