12 Unexpected Things Men Can Expect From Testosterone

12 Unexpected Things Men Can Expect From TestosteroneWhen you hear the word “testosterone,” the first thing that comes to your mind probably is men. The more testosterone a man has, the manlier and more aggressive he will be. Afterall, men and testosterone are two things that go together. It is a vital hormone responsible for your male attributes. In fact, your body starts to produce the big“T” as early as seven weeks after conception. However, testosterone is more than just making you look like a man, according to the checklist. According to experts from the University of Bonn, the level of testosterone in your body could also affect your social behavior and honesty levels when dealing with other people. In other words, testosterone affects everything about you. The question is, how? Here’s how.

1. Testosterone As You Age

right amount of testosteroneYou have to give credit to the human body for allowing you to function properly. When it comes to the male body, the right amount of testosterone is one of the many things you will need to keep you working. However, testosterone production doesn’t happen as soon as you reach puberty. In fact, seven weeks after your mom got pregnant with you, testosterone started to work to form your genitals. As soon as you hit the puberty stage, the production of testosterone increased, which also explains the growth of the penis and testicles. It also peaks during your late teens and in your 20’s. Apparently, testosterone production doesn’t happen forever. As soon as you hit the big 3-0 mark, your T levels start to drop in a gradual manner each and every year.

2. Testosterone Helps Maintain Masculine Physical Characteristics

This is the first thing sex education teachers will teach you about testosterone. You might hear estrogen is for women, while testosterone is for the dudes.This is because testosterone plays a crucial role in making sure that you meet the manly characteristics in the checklist provided by society. This includes the growth of facial and body hair, a deeper voice, strength and muscle mass growth, bone density and the reproductive functions down there. lack of sex driveIn other words, the right amount of testosterone makes you look like a healthy man. Any drop or massive increase in your T levels could lead to abnormal signs and symptoms, such as a low sperm count, enlarged breasts, poor erections and lack of sex drive. If you notice any changes in your body that are not usual, it won’t hurt if you have your T levels checked. It helps to address any issues before it’s too late to treat them.

3. The big T Makes You More Honest

Did you know that the right amount of testosterone in your body could make you more honest? That’s according to the researchers from University of Bonn. On the said study, half of the 91 male participants were given testosterone gel while the remaining half was the placebo group. Researchers found out that men who received testosterone gel were more honest than the placebo group. This is because the more T you have, the higher your sense of pride will be. At the same time, it boosts your self-image. Just take it easy though. Too much testosterone is not good for you, as well.

4. Testosterone Helps You Get The Girl

Helps You Get The GirlDo you always have to fight for your dream girl’s attention? Yes, you wore the right clothes, shoes and cologne and yet, she doesn’t even look at you. Maybe, it’s not just about how you look. Maybe, this could do something with your testosterone levels. Researchers from Wayne State University conducted an experiment by comparing two groups of men competing to get a woman’s attention. They found out that the men with the higher testosterone levels were more in control and more assertive than the men with lower T. At the same time, they clicked better with women. In case you are having trouble with women, have your T levels checked. It could be the culprit.

5. More Testosterone Makes You More Willing To Take Financial Risks

The amount of money you have in your bank account may not matter to some people. However, it won’t hurt if you saved enough for the rainy days, which leads you to the next question. Where do you invest your hard-earned money? There are many venues where you can make your money grow, but here’s the surprising part: your testosterone levels could affect your willingness to take risks, at least in the financial aspects. Financial RisksA group of researchers studied almost a hundred men and attempted to create a link between testosterone and the innate willingness to take financial risks using a computer simulation. According to the said research, men with more T are willing to invest more money and take more financial risks than those with a lower supply. Maybe, this could explain some recession issues these days.

6. Testosterone Makes You Feel More Optimistic

How often do you watch porn? Did you know that watching porn could spike your T levels by 35 percent an hour to 90 minutes after watching? Based on an experiment published in The Archives of Sexual Behavior, men were asked to watch porn videos while experts recorded the reactions. Aside from enjoying the show, men are more energetic and optimistic, thanks to the testosterone spike. In case you need a pick-me-upper after a stressful day, you know what to do. Just make sure you’ll lock the door.

7. When T levels And Menstrual Cycles Are In Sync

surprising factHere is another surprising fact: your body synchronizes with your ladylove’s menstrual cycle. This means your testosterone levels also peaks every 28 days, which is the same as a woman’s menstrual cycle. At the same time, a study published in the Hormones and Behavior Journal showed that your T levels also peak on weekends, which is why most men get laid when there’s no work the following day. However, this doesn’t automatically mean you will experience a midweek dry spell. Being in sync means you and your girl are comfortable with each other and could already work in bed in a synchronized manner.

8. The big T Makes You More Competitive

Fact: testosterone plays a role in some of your behaviors, including aggression and dominance. This means that when in their right amounts, enough supply of T all over your body could spark competitiveness in your system. This could also help boost self-esteem and make you more confident, since you are willing to participate and make sure you win. [adsanity id=”54600″ align=”aligncenter” /]On the other hand, low testosterone leads to a lack of motivation and a loss of self-confidence. It could make you sad and you might find yourself having trouble concentrating.

9. Testosterone And Facial Or Body Hair

Body HairFacial and body hair are among the characteristics that define men. As you grow up and pass different physical stages in your life, you will experience changes, which indicates the amount of testosterone you have in your body. Therefore, when the testicles produce enough testosterone, you will experience hair growth on your face, armpits and even down south. Depending on your genes, you might also find hair growing on your chest, arms, and legs. However, if you start to lose body hair, then it could be a sign of something serious, like low T.

10. T levels Could Affect Your Sleep

Are you always tossing and turning in bed? Do you often find yourself awake in the middle of the night, and find it hard to keep your eyes shut? If you answered yes, then you might have T problems. According to studies, men with sleep apnea are likely to have low testosterone levels. Consequently, treating sleep apnea could help return your T levels back to normal. However, it’s not as easy as taking testosterone pills. Before you find a solution to both your sleep and testosterone issues, make sure to get a thorough checkup to check the other possible causes of low T levels. Otherwise, supplemental hormones could worsen your sleep apnea.

11. Testosterone Is Not The Fountain Of Youth

boost your libidoSorry to break it to you guys, but maintaining the right amount of T won’t stop the aging process and make you look younger. In fact, you won’t see any changes in your mind and body, especially if you have normal T levels. Surely, maintaining the right T levels could boost your libido, improve sexual function, and work on your bones and muscles. However, your muscles, youthful vigor and sex drive like a 20-year old cannot be restored simply by going through hormone replacement therapy. Aging is inevitable, but there are plenty of ways to feel and look younger. Adopt a healthy lifestyle and get rid of any damaging vices like smoking and drinking excessive amounts of alcohol. By getting lots of exercise and rest, and eating healthy, you’ll feel and look younger.

12. Testosterone Keeps You Healthy

Testosterone is responsible for your man-like attributes – chest hair, deep voice, muscles and the works. Believe it or not, this hormone works way beyond the physical aspect. Experts agree that maintaining the right amount of testosterone could delay your death. Various studies also show that low T levels could make you more at risk of developing heart conditions, obesity and type II diabetes, among others. If you want to live longer and be able to play with your child’s kids, then make sure your testosterone levels are at bay. What does all of these mean? Testosterone is more than just a hormone. It controls every aspect of your body, which is why it is important to ensure that your body gets an ample supply. For this reason, get plenty of sleep. When you sleep, your body restores your hormone levels. Sleep is not overrated, so start a healthy sleep pattern tonight.
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