12 Simple Tips for Opening Up to Your Partner About Your Limp Secret

12 Simple Tips for Opening Up to Your Partner About Your ED SecretGoing limp is a problem that most, if not all men dread. Of course, who would want to have a non-working penis, especially at the height of your sex life? Thanks to certain sex pills, men still get to relive their sex lives, even with this condition. Sometimes, however, men get too caught up with the drugs that they forget – or choose to forget – to tell their partners the real issue. It’s quite understandable. Men are not known to be the touchy-feely type of species that go around talking about their emotions, let alone something that is ego-bruising. That’s why some men opt to just keep their limpness problems all to themselves. They may be underestimating their partner’s ability to love, understand and accept them for what they are and what they have. You see, if your partner loves you truly, this should not be an issue. If anything, it should be one way to make your relationship stronger. Keeping something as big as this from your partner will only be a nail in your relationship coffin. You need to be open with each other if you want a healthy and strong relationship. If she’s meant for you, she’ll definitely stay. Here are 12 simple tips for opening up to your partner about your limp secret.

1. Research The Facts

erectile dysfunction Truth be told, it’s not easy going around telling people you have problems getting your man down there to toughen up. Even just sharing it with your partner –or rather, especially sharing it with your partner. For men, your sex drive is your main asset, and losing the ability to have an erection is the beginning of the end of your sex life. You feel like you’ve lost your strength, which is quite ironic, since that is exactly what you want your man down there to have: strength. Having erectile problems does not always mean your sex life is completely dead. There are many types of erection problems, divided into different cases and symptoms. That is why, when you notice the first signs of limpness, you need to talk to your doctor and research the facts immediately to know what you can do to prevent it from getting worse.

2. Find The Right Moment

Like all other significant moments in your life – and you can consider this a significant moment, too – you need to drop the bomb at a precise moment when you know that the news won’t be too bad for her. It’s like this: the moment you tell her the truth, you either make or break her heart. You have to consider that, as much as this is a tragic experience for you, it will be the same thing for her. That means you don’t just drop the news on her when you are arguing, and you are both mad. Don’t conveniently squeeze it in during a happy moment. This sort of news needs the two of you to sit down calmly and talked out clearly.

3. Trust Her Enough To Be Open

built on trust and faithYou know how they say relationships are meant to be built on trust and faith? This is where you can prove just how much you trust her and have faith in her, which apparently is also a way to show that you love her. Telling her the truth is also one way to let her know that you are want to go through this experience with her, and that you need her support. Some men may think this is a sign of weakness. Let this be an eye-opener to all men that trusting your partner is not a form of weakness. If anything, it is a sign that you love your partner for keeps.

4. Get Healthy Together

Talk about looking at the glass half full. Aside from giving your relationship the opportunity to become stronger, you also get the chance to venture to a healthier lifestyle together. If your partner is on the healthy side, this can be a shared passion. If not, this is something that you can start together. Erectile issues, if you look closer, are mostly caused by lifestyle choices and diseases. It goes without saying that if you choose a healthier lifestyle, your sex life will just follow suit.

5. Take A Break From Sex

You know what they say. The more you deprive yourself, the hungrier you become. It’s one way to isolate your erectile problem, as well. Give yourself and your partner a rest. Find other ways to entertain yourselves. Find a new hobby and pastime to do. Sex is not everything, you know. Take a break and come back to the game stronger.

6. Don’t Play The Blame Game

Blame GameIf you have something as life-altering as this, especially if it’s on the negative side, it’s quite easy to put the blame one someone else. Actually, for erectile problems, it’s common for men to feel like blaming their partners, and this is where most men start to stray. The one thing you need to remember is that erection problems are a physical and medical condition brought about by your sex organs abilities, or disabilities, for that matter. You can’t just blame someone else for something that happened to your body. But you also don’t have to blame yourself. Looking for someone or something to blame will just add to the burden and the stress you feel. Stop the blame-game and focus on getting well instead.

7. Find Other Ways To Be Intimate

Sex is not everything. Sure, for some time it may seem like it is, but eventually you will realize that sex is just not everything. Intimacy, on the other hand, is what keeps the fire in a relationship burning. The good thing is that intimacy can be in the form of many different things. It does not only revolve around sex. Intimacy can be on your touch, your kiss, even on your day to day actions, the stuff you do together. Intimacy means to become personal and close with someone and truthfully, there are numerous ways that you can be intimate with your partner.

8. Assure Her

lack of sex lifeGentlemen, here’s the truth. When a man tells his partner about his erection difficulties, one possible effect is for her to blame herself, or think that you do not feel attracted towards her anymore. This is where some relationships fall apart. The lack of communication plus the lack of sex life can tear your relationship down. It is important that you reassure her. Let her know that this is a medical condition. Tell her that it has nothing to do with how you feel towards her. Tell her that you are still attracted to her no matter what.

9. Read And Study

[adsanity id=”54600″ align=”aligncenter” /]Knowledge is power, and the more you know about your condition, the more chances you have on fighting it and recovering from it. When you decide to share it with your partner, it is best that you are equipped with as much information as you can get and expect that she will have many questions. For one, she will be concerned about your health.

10. Seek Medical Help Together

Seek Medical HelpOne way to assure her and make her feel that you are willing to go through this with her is to take her to your doctor’s appointments. That’s right, you seek medical help together and let her hear firsthand what your doctor has to say about your medical condition. This way, she will hear it from a specialist. She also gets to take notes of the medications and lifestyle changes that you may need. When your partner loves you, she will be there to go through with you on this plot twist in your life.

11. Know That You Are Not Alone

You are not alone, and that is what she needs to know also. There are thousands of guys who have erection difficulties every year. This is why the medications keep evolving time after time. A lot of men have this issue. These men need support from their partners more than ever. Once again, letting your partner know is not a sign of weakness.

12. Go To Couples Counseling

build a stronger relationshipSome couples think that going to counseling mean that your relationship is dysfunctional. Actually, couples counseling is a good indication that you both want to work things out. It means you are both willing to stick it through. You get to learn a lot of new things during couples counseling. You might even get some health tips on how to address your erectile dysfunction. Yes, limpness is a sensitive and mostly embarrassing topic for most men, but only if you share it with the wrong people. Opening it up to your partner is never wrong. Keeping it a secret is wrong and can even lead to feelings of distrust and betrayal for her. Telling her the truth is honest and humbling and you can work together to build a stronger relationship. Besides, it is not always about the sex.
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