12 Obvious Things Men Ignore About Their Own Orgasms

12 Obvious Things Men Ignore About Their Own OrgasmsAn orgasm, for a guy, is that brief ecstatic moment of overloading pleasure and nirvana that you get from sex or from pleasuring yourself. Men love it so much, they think about it on an average of three times every minute. For some men, an orgasm is as simple as that. You take pleasure from it, it neither asks nothing in return, nor does it have any negative implications. If you do not overdo it, that is. But orgasms are not just orgasms. There is more to an orgasm than what meets the eye, or the penis for that matter. You may have orgasms often because it’s as simple as that, but orgasms have a lot more to them. Don’t worry. There is nothing you do not know that can harm you or your orgasmic capabilities, but it helps to know a thing or two, especially about your body. Orgasms are normal aspects of your body functions and they affect your body and mind just as much as blinking and breathing does – it’s purely physical. Here are 12 things that most men do not know about their orgasmic experiences.

1. Orgasm And Ejaculation Are Two Different Things

experience dry orgasmsHere’s what you need to know: orgasm is the spasm of your nerves triggered by your brain and that is where all the pleasure comes from. Ejaculation is the process of secreting semen, or as men commonly call as their juice. Although the two go together most of the time, they are not exactly related to each other. That simply means one can go without the other. Yes, it’s possible and it happens. Some men experience dry orgasms, a type of orgasm where only the pleasure is felt due to the spasm of the nerves. There are also men who ejaculate semen, but are totally unable to feel pleasure. There is nothing to worry about, because this is a rare case, but it still happens to some men, so consider yourself lucky.

2. Orgasm Will Get You Really High

Studies have been conducted that scan the brain activity during climax. The results are astonishing. It turns out that the neurotransmitters in the brain go on hyper-drive during orgasm, but that is not what has kept researchers interested. They made a comparison and found out that the amount of brain activity during climax is the same as when heroin is injected into a person. Heroin use is illegal, but for research’s sake, they were able to find out that the feeling of an orgasm equates to a person getting high on drugs.

3. An Orgasm Can Cure Your Headache

HeadacheEndorphins are neurotransmitters that enhance your body chemicals to make you feel good. This is prominent with athletes after finishing a game. In a study conducted on male orgasm, it has been found that endorphins also shoot up and flood the brain during climax. Endorphins have been confirmed to relieve pain from migraines and prevent nausea due to severe headaches. This is actually good news, especially for those who hate getting headaches. The best thing about the study is that the same brain reaction was also seen in women. So when your partner tells you, “Not tonight, I have a headache,” you already know the cure for that.

4. Your Sperm Can Outrun An Olympic Runner

You probably wondered once or twice exactly how fast your sperm can go. Well, the answer is quite interesting. The first ejaculation – when we say first, it means the first of that day – the sperm can run up to 28 miles per hour. Whoa, that is fast, right? That speed is the record speed of Olympic champion runner, Usain Bolt. That means your sperm can run as fast as the fastest runner in the world, even if you can’t. Imagine those little swimmers of yours, swimming at top speed. Don’t you just feel proud of them?

5. You Can Knock Up A Woman Even If You Do Not Orgasm

pre-ejaculationHere’s a tip for those who do not want to be dads yet: be extra careful. In the early stages of sex – like foreplay or even the first few seconds – men secrete a fluid called as pre-ejaculation. This fluid is responsible for lubricating yourself or an additional lubrication for your women. Studies have shown that this fluid may already contain sperm. Actually, it can have as much as 35 million of your fancy little swimmers. It takes one sperm out of those 35 million to penetrate your woman’s awaiting egg cell to spring up your very own little version of you. Imagine the odds. If you don’t want to be a daddy yet, don’t forget the rubber.

6. Men Also Have G-spots

Men are sometimes too busy looking for their woman’s G-spot that they forget to look for theirs, but men have G-spots, too. In fact, they have three of these climax stimulators as compared to women who only have one. That’s a 3-point advantage to getting the most pleasure from your sexual escapades. In case you want to know, these three areas are: one, the perineum – this is the area between where the scrotum ends and the anus begins. That little area, when stimulated, can give you extra pleasure. The second one is the frenulum. This is the stretchy skin on the area near the head. The last one is at the prostate gland.

7. Some Men Fake Orgasms, Too

Fake OrgasmsThis may be bad news for the ladies, but let’s back it up a little bit. Remember the thing about men ejaculating without feeling pleasure and the difference between ejaculation and orgasm? This is where it escalates. Because if men do not feel the pleasure but has already ejaculated, you would not want to freak out your lady and say you didn’t feel anything, right? Faking an orgasm is not for the ladies only. Although, again, this is a very rare case for men, still it happens.

8. You Can Have An Orgasm Every 3 Minutes

If you’re the average guy, you know you won’t be able to do a round after round after round of sex without a rest in between. That’s just exhausting to think about, and quite possibly deadly. But did you know that you have the capacity to have an orgasm once every three minutes? That’s right. [adsanity id=”54600″ align=”aligncenter” /]Take away the tiredness of your body or your hands; take away all the actions that you need to do in order to fire away. If you take all of that out into consideration, you can have an orgasm every three minutes. Wow.

9. Your Weight Affects How Much You Ejaculate

weight affects your outputOkay, it’s time you take a look at your weight to see if you are a healthy weight, or just a little over the normal. Apparently, your weight affects your output. Studies have been conducted and showed that the normal amount of sperm ejaculation during climax is at least 3.5 milliliters. Men who are overweight produce just an average of 2 milliliters. See the difference? Although it has not been confirmed if the amount of body fat directly affects the sperm production, but it is believed that the heat emanating from the extra fat may be conducting a killing spree of your juice.

10. Your Semen Is Filled With Vitamins And Minerals

Your semen is not just simply sperm used to reproduce. Apparently, your little swimmers also boast of something far more. They are loaded with vitamins and minerals that can be a healthy addition to someone’s meal. Your semen has sodium, protein, fructose, zinc, calcium and potassium. It’s a multivitamin supplement that you can share. Bravo for that.

taking anti-depressants11. There Are Orgasms That Are Not Good

Okay, you’re probably thinking this one’s ridiculous. What kind of orgasm is not pleasurable? Well, there’s this condition called sexual anhedonia where a man may have all the visible symptoms of an orgasm – the ejaculation, muscle spasms and a shoot of endorphins – but is totally unable to feel the pleasure of orgasm. Although this is a fairly rare condition, this can happen to those with depression problems or men taking anti-depressants.

12. Men’s Orgasms Are Shorter Than Women’s

This is probably the only unfair thing in the evolution of species. While men’s orgasms are always guaranteed when they have sex, men have shorter ones as compared to women. A man’s average length of orgasm can run for about 5 to 15 seconds. A woman, on the other hand, can run to a minimum of 20 seconds up to a minute. You see, there’s a lot more to an orgasm than your ultimate pleasure source. It helps to know a thing or two about your orgasmic realities. It is also good to know that the amount of pleasure you get from this pleasurable and ecstatic body function is something that you can somehow measure. That way, you can be in full control of your orgasmic experiences.
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