10 Wasteful Ways to Save Your Sexual Energy

10-Wasteful-Ways-to-Save-Your-Sexual-EnergyMen have the sexual energy of a horse, theoretically speaking with a hint of exaggeration. It figures, since men think about sex once every few seconds. It’s only rightful that men make up for the physical energy that their brains make them think they have, and they do. You can masturbate and ejaculate, and still manage to make your manhood hard a few hours later and have a long, Kama Sutra sex marathon. It is a gift, a physical attribute that is normal in men. Whether you admit it or not, it’s an ego-boosting fact. Yeah, okay, enough with the pleasantries shall we? Your sexual energy is nothing more than energy and power – something you can convert into something more productive other than your reproductive system. You can do more than just masturbate. Channel your energy into something else, something that can be for a greater good. Not really the modern superhero kind. Just the kind where you do something other than pleasuring yourself. Here are 10 ways to save your sexual energy, and do more than just touching yourself and thinking about sex the whole day:

1. Contain Your Energy

MasturbationInstead of masturbating – which is what we have established that you think about doing many times a day – avoid the action altogether. It’s as simple as that. Masturbation, in one way or another, wears you out and takes out a fraction of your energy; energy that you can use for something more productive. To contain this energy and avoid wasting it on something that only pleasures yourself, after all, guilty pleasures are the best and worst kinds, just downright don’t do it. You can do it maybe once a day, slowly wean yourself into doing it once in two days and so on. Basically, you just have to control yourself, so you’ll have more energy for other stuff, too.

2. Be Creative

Instead of thinking about sex and orgasm, which you have to admit, is really tempting all the time, think up something else, something entirely different. Dream of something that you haven’t done before, and not just in the sex essence. Be creative. Innovate something that the world has not seen yet. Okay, maybe not on that level, but you get the idea. The thing is, the greatest inventions of our time were created from the brains of people who refused to procrastinate. Sure, it’s also because of the need for improvement, but you get what this all means, right? It all boils down to creativity on how you can kill the time you have on your hands without your hands holding a certain appendage down there.

3. Think Of New Ideas To Help Your Company

Help Your CompanyNew ideas can make your boss extremely happy. Eight hours at work can sometimes be not enough to finish all your work. It’s even less if you think about having sex with your sexy teammate half the time. Instead of daydreaming of a quickie in the pantry, think of new ideas that can help your team or your company as a whole to improve your processes. You know where this can go? That’s right, an increase in your paycheck. Did that get your attention? Of course it did. The only thing better than sex is money. If you continue to perform well in your company, your boss just might think of giving you a higher salary.

4. Call Your Parents

Okay, this is a little awkward, but it gets better. When was the last time you called your parents? When was the last time you visited them?Or, you may still live with them, but when was the last time you actually sat down and talked to them about what’s going on with you? You’re thinking, back tracking to time immemorial. That’s not good. We grow up, and we grow old and independent. We sometimes forget to ask our parents how they are. This is getting sentimental, but do you know what this means? It means instead of thinking how you can pleasure yourself all the time, think of other people that you love, like your parents, for instance. [adsanity id=”54600″ align=”alignnone” /]Call them up and talk to them about how you are and how they are. That can make them happy and you’ll be surprised how light you will feel after talking to your family.

5. Volunteer For Environmental Work

Volunteer For Environmental WorkDon’t laugh, this is serious. We’re talking about energy and how you can use it for more productive purposes other than pleasuring yourself. What better way to channel your energy than to give back to Mother Nature? That’s right, go to the nearest environmental project within your vicinity and see how you can help. The world needs all the help it can get and all that cliché stuff. Instead of masturbating and putting all your energy on a porn marathon, do something for the whole world. Be a modern superhero. As ridiculous as you think it may be, it’s still a way to channel your energy into something more productive that can help the greater good.

6. Plan A Romantic Date For Your Better Half

Ah, romance, isn’t it just the root of all this sexual tension and energy that you have? Instead of skipping the pleasantries, and getting down and dirty as fast as you can, add a little drama and effect to make it all romantic. What does it mean, you ask? It’s using your energy to plan something romantic for her. Be all gushy and sweet, and you’ll sweep her off her feet. You probably already know, it takes a whole lot of effort and planning to make set up a romantic date. Guys are not born to do that. Use up whatever energy you have to plan everything out. It may take up your entire energy with just planning. Who knows, with the effort that you’ve put in, she just might be thankful enough to release your sexual tensions.

7. Clean Up The House

Clean Up The HouseHelp out around the house and make her really, really happy. You know how she sometimes nags you to stop bumming around and give her a hand with maintaining the house? This is it, gentlemen. This is where you take your energy from, and that’s not the only example too. If you live by yourself, instead of masturbating or turning your house into a porn studio every chance you get, try rearranging the furniture and cleaning up after yourself. You’ll be surprised how much money you can save from not calling up the cleaners to tidy up after you.

8. Study And Learn Something New

Energy is dictated by the brain. If the brain is exhausted, the body eventually follows suit. That simply means you can use your brain to channel the energy that you have. If you choose to use your brain, use it for something that can benefit you all in all. How’s that, you ask? It’s simple. Learn something new. Read the paper, some classic books and study something new like algebra or the origin of the universe. Exhaust your brain, instead of exhausting your manhood. Leaning something new can help you in many ways in life.

9. Indulge In A New Hobby

swimmingInstead making masturbation and orgasm a hobby, indulge in something more social and something that could expose you more to the world. Like hiking, biking, swimming – the options are endless if you’re willing to try out something new. The good thing about hobbies is that it can go from sitting down and knitting to bungee jumping off a cliff – it’s everywhere and you can choose what best suits you. So indulge in a new hobby and expose yourself to things that the world has to offer other than your eyes rolling with pleasure.

10. Get Moving

Of course, the simplest and most common way of channelling your sexual energy is exercising.The best thing about it is that it hits two birds with one stone, no pun intended. You get to channel your sexual energy and make your body fit in the process. That’s a win-win, right? Instead of bumming around your couch all day and thinking about sex any chance you get, head to the gym and exercise your energy out. gym and exerciseThere are many things that you can do to channel your energy into something other than sex and anything entailed with it. The possibilities are endless and the results can be great, not only for you, but for the people around you, as well. So instead of masturbating, go ahead and find other productive ways to use your energy. It’s just like waiting for your flight, or waiting for the clock to strike six o’clock, so you can leave work. You need to find something that can entertain you and help you kill the time. Sex is not a bad thing, but thinking about it constantly and self-pleasuring endlessly wastes a lot of time and energy. Use that to make yourself or the world a better place. Do new things, educate yourself and find positive ways to use that sexual energy. That, fellas, is how you save your sexual energy and save the world along with it.
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