10 Unfortunate Truths About Your Man’s Age and Sexuality

10 Unfortunate Truths About Your Man’s Age and SexualityYou only live once or YOLO, so they say. That is why a lot of men, including yourself perhaps, enjoy life as much as they can while they are still young – including the sex life. Admit it, you have tried some crazy things with different women, some pleasurable, some, uh, unexplainable. Whatever your reasons for trying, at least you tried, right? After all, there are certain things you can’t do as you grow old – and this may include not being able to get it up or even the lack of drive to do it. As sad as all this may sound, do not fear – modern medicine and manufacturing has come up with a number of ways to get your sexy back. However, as harsh as it may sound, here are ten unfortunate truths you should know about your sexuality as you age:

Up, Up And Not.

addicted to sex all the timeIn your 20’s, you have no problems with your guy down there. In fact, you might even have difficulty keeping it flaccid, because you’re just too horny and addicted to sex all the time. When you reach 50’s to 60’s, everything is different. As you grow old, lower sex drive, or the loss of ability to keep your manhood standing becomes more common. All of a sudden, your member is not hard enough, or worse, you can’t even get it up.

Sex Drive – Where Did It Go?

In your younger years, you have a sex drive of a rock star. The sight of a naked woman sitting at the edge of your bed is enough to keep your drive up and running. As you age, your erection is not as hard or as large as it used to be or it may be hard for you to get it up after orgasm. The urge is still there, but you just don’t have enough drive to put it into first gear. Hence, it is safe to say that as you grow old, your sex drive goes M-I-A.

Insensitive Member.

your manhood slows down One thing is for sure, you can still make your man down there reach the tower of Babel. The question is how long does it take for you to get there? When you grow old, the responsiveness of your manhood slows down due to the decrease in blood flow down there. Even if you watch porn, getting your guy up will depend so much on physical stimulation. The key? Ask your partner to give you a performance level blow job.


The pleasurable feelings of orgasm still happen during this stage. However, ejaculation does change as you grow older. When you are in your 50’s, the muscular contractions orgasm brings are less intense. Ejaculation slows down, and is less urgent. At the same time, the semen volume and sperm count also declines. If you’re thinking of getting a young girl pregnant, don’t. You may not have the tenacity in bed like a 20 year old, but this doesn’t mean you can’t get a girl pregnant. It may be challenging but still possible. Just imagine yourself – a dad at 60? Tired yet? You will be.

heart diseaseSay Boo To Your Medical Issues.

Did you know that any illness or disability can affect your ability to have and enjoy sex? Conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, heart disease or stroke can make sexy time uncomfortable. Still, this shouldn’t stop you from having a satisfying and enjoyable sex life.

Surgery Gone Bad.

This doesn’t mean you suffered from a bad surgery. When you went through surgery involving your member and its surrounding parts such as prostatectomy, it may be troubling and uncomfortable for you to get your groove back in bed. Luckily, a lot of men are still able to get their sex life back, so there’s nothing to worry about. Just be patient.

Watch What You Drink.

DrugsBelieve it or not, medications can affect your mood for sex. Drugs such as blood pressure medicines, antihistamines, antidepressants, diabetes drugs and tranquilizers can cause sexual issues which make it hard for you to release those juices. If you are taking any of these, look for alternatives. Or better yet, adopt a healthy lifestyle now. You are never too old to start taking better care of yourself. [adsanity id=”54600″ align=”alignnone” /]At the same time, take it easy on alcohol. It can help you boost your confidence and still catch women even if you’re 50, but too much of it can cause erection problems, too. Sure, you got the girl, but if your man down there is not cooperating, what’s the use right? Better just go to sleep tonight.

STDs Know No Age And Boundaries.

You might think that being old is a good excuse for unprotected sex. Wrong. That’s still your penis and anything infectious that it comes in contact with will cause you problems – big problems. So don’t be foolish and practice safe sex, regardless of your age. Unless you want to catch gonorrhea or Chlamydia or become infected with HIV, then go ahead, have sex without a condom.

StressSometimes, It’s All In The Mind.

Stress can affect people of all ages. As you grow old, you often find yourself worrying about a lot of things, such as your age, your adult children, your job, your health conditions and other life challenges. You may not notice it, but this can drastically affect your sexual mood. Put your issues to bed before you go to bed. If you can’t do that, talk to a professional and get some help. Unless you’re dead and dying, you can still have satisfying sex with your wife.

It’s Not Always About Humping.

If you’ve tried different positions and mastered the Kama Sutra during your younger years, you can surely think of ways to bring the sexy back in the bedroom. Remember that sex is not always about humping, screaming on top of your lungs and getting your juices all over her face. Change things up like having sex in the morning, extending foreplay or trying new and different positions. VigRX PlusAt the same time, talk to your partner and be open with the changes happening in your body. By keeping the communication lines open, you’ll be able to get your groove back in bed a la 20-year-old. Really. You may not have the sex drive and manhood, or the god-like performance of rocker sex god, Steven Tyler of Aerosmith fame. Still, your sex life is not yet over. If you want to bring your swag back in the bedroom, then try VigRX Plus. This male enhancement pill is made of high-quality ingredients to make sure you can get your man up in just 84 days. Finally, you can have that all-day sex with your partner, even if you are 60 or older.
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