10 Silent Health Symptoms That Scream Sickness in Men

10 Silent Health Symptoms That Scream Sickness in MenYou have to admit that the idea of being sick, bedridden, dependent to others and not being able to do the extreme stuff that you want to do because you’re ill can scare you more than anything. It’s a natural instinct. As a man, you want to live your life exactly as you want without having anything hold you back, which, as much as you hate to admit, is sometimes induced by physical elements, like illnesses. But most men stay in the dark and remain in denial of the fact that they are growing older and starting to show signs of physical deterioration. Go figure. What you find hard to grasp is that symptoms, although an omen of an impending and quite possibly life-changing illness, are actually good. Like seeing the glass half full kind of good. Think of it like a warning sign, and in some ways, it really is. illnessWarning signs give you a heads up, give you a chance to change your gear, your direction, your strategy to either avoid the accident or at least lessen the impact. It’s the same thing here, fellas. Symptoms are your key to identifying an illness. Hopefully, they come at an early stage and with the hopes making an illness more curable. Sometimes these symptoms are subtle, and sometimes they’re too obvious, like flashing lights. Either way, they give you a chance to pay your doctor a visit, put your insurance to use to zone in on the illnesses that has been bugging you. Here are some silent health symptoms that scream sickness in men, so you’ll know what to watch out for:

1. Chest Pains

Chest pains may seem normal and passing. They can happen regularly, or once in a while, so you choose to ignore that flash of plain above your left rib or sometimes on your whole chest. You may think it is just be a strained muscle or because of the stress or tiredness that you feel from your daytime activities. You could be wrong. In this symptom, a wrong assumption can be fatal. Chest pains may be a telltale of angina or worse, a heart attack. Angina is when one or more of your veins and arteries have blockages, affecting the blood flow to and from your heart. This is causing the sudden pain that you feel. It can lead to a heart attack if you don’t address it. If you feel even a little chest pain, consult your doctor immediately.

2. Sudden Weight Loss

Sudden Weight LossA lot of people want to lose weight and dream that they actually can without doing anything. Actually, if you are losing weight without doing anything, it is a scary thing. Weight loss, without the attempt or a plan to do it, can only mean that something is not right within your body systems. If you eat a lot and drink alcohol often but your body is losing, or more like sagging, it means that your body systems are not getting the nutrients that it needs. Worse, it could be rejecting the nutrients that you are eating. This is a sign of diabetes or kidney problems.

3. Shortness Of Breath

Do you ever experience a sudden severe need for oxygen, but you wonder why, because you were just sitting around or doing nothing extreme? Shortness of breath is a common thing, but only common for people who do strenuous activities or extreme sports athletes who push their bodies to the limit. So why on earth would you have the sudden need for oxygen in your lungs when you’re just bumming around? The answer is simple and scary, to be honest. Sudden shortness of breath without doing anything strenuous may be a telltale sign of a heart problem, in which an artery is blocked and the blood can’t flow freely. A fully blocked artery can be a cause of heart attacks. Shortness of breath is not something to disregard.

4. Snoring

SnoringYou’re probably thinking “Really, snoring too?” As a matter of fact, yes. Snoring, commonly associated with large men, is not a normal thing that happens when you sleep. It’s actually a sign of a heart or lung problem thathappens when your throat muscles relax and block the airway, causing a sound, which is what we call snoring. Now that explanation may not sound all that threatening, but it gets worse. If left untreated, this sleep disorder can lead to serious lung diseases and even heart failure. Basically, snoring means something is not right, and therefore your doctor should test and treat you for it.

5. Black Stools

You know why physical exams sometimes ask for a specimen of your stool and it undergoes an exam? This is because the color and contents of your stool can determine if you have an illness or not. It a simply what goes in, what goes out and what it carries with it when it does. If you have bacteria, a virus or anything unusual inside you, your stool can be a specimen for that, because it’s basically food that enters one way and exits in another. Black stools could mean several conditions. The black pigment may be blood or body toxins. Either way, if your stool color is not brown, which is the normal color, something is not right. If it happens regularly, you will need to seek help from your doctor.

6. Frequent Constipation

Frequent ConstipationJust like with black stools, taking a dump can be a really helpful way to determine if you have any problems within your body systems. See how far your dump can go? It’s amazing. Anyway, the color of your stool is not the only thing that can help. The softness or hardness of it can also be a telltale of what’s going on inside you. Frequent constipation can mean that your stomach is not digesting your food properly or there is something blocking the stool from exiting. Both reasons may be a big concern if not treated immediately. Plus, frequent constipation may lead to the formation of hemorrhoids.

7. Heartburn

Heartburn may seem normal because you occasionally experience it, especially if you eat a heavy meal. Well, it is not normal. It may be a symptom characterized by frequent heartburn and stomach gas, but it goes deeper than that. Patients with this issue may have an excessive amount of acid in their stomachs. [adsanity id=”54600″ align=”aligncenter” /]While it may seem non-threatening, if left untreated and grow to excessive levels, it can erode and irritate your esophagus and stomach. This can lead to ulcers and other worse stomach conditions, like cancer.

8. Breast Mass

Breast MassThe belief that breast cancer happens in women only is not only a sexist assumption, but also just basically wrong. This is because breast cancer can happen in men, as well. In fact, every year, more than 1,000 men receive the breast cancer diagnosis, which happens to men between 60 to 70 years old. The idea can be terrifying. Breast cancers can start from breast masses or lumps that may seem harmless and painless at first. Like women, men who detect a mass in the breast are should immediately consult the doctor to have it checked to see if it is threatening or not.

9. Pain When Peeing

Experiencing pain when peeing is not a normal thing in any part of the world. Peeing is a natural body process and should be painless. If you experience pain, especially if there is nothing that could cause it, like your crotch getting hit or you if have an open wound around your penis, then something is not right. Feeling pain when you pee is a symptom of STD or a Sexually Transmitted Disease. If not addressed immediately and left untreated, it can lead to serious life-changing STDs that can scar you for the rest of your life.

10. Erection Problems

 Erectile DysfunctionIt’s an ego-killing thing to admit that you have problems with erections. It’s a man thing. Erectile issues mean that you’re growing older and your sex genes are getting weaker. While that is true, the causes of limpness can go deeper. How deep? Think cancer. That’s right. You may find temporary treatment or a boost with those medications, but there could be something worse at work, and that is what you need to find out. Some medical causes can be high cholesterol, or other serious health issues, so find out the root cause. It could save your life. Pretending that you’re healthy is a whole galaxy different from pretending you are not sick. As much as you want to hide it from yourself, especially if you have been successful in ignoring it for some time, it will eventually catch up with you. What’s worse is that it may be at the later stages that either cost an entire lifetime of insurance to pay for, or may not be curable anymore. So instead of pretending you’re all strong and healthy like Superman, don’t be afraid to admit that you’re feeling something wrong and you need to see a doctor. Because it all gets harder before it gets easier. The least you can do is to lessen the blow.
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