10 Popular Positions She Might Not Be Into – Yet

10 Popular Positions She Might Not Be Into – YetAdmit it guys, you want to be adventurous when it comes to sex. As much as possible, you want to master the Kama Sutra hotness, and try all those positions on your woman. But, you may have been living in a lie the whole time. Believe it or not, some of your favorite positions makes her want to curse inside. According to a survey conducted by Women’s Health magazine on 1,200 readers, “dog style,” “reverse cowgirl,” and “69” are the worst sex positions for women. Before you demand on a certain position in bed, here are ten positions where women silently scream “No.”

Dirty Dog

dog styleRough sex is awesome if you’re both into it. And, in this case, dog style will work well. It also gives you an amazing view of her assets, which will surely turn you on. However, doing this position will mean ramming her cervix, making deep penetration painful and even harmful for her. At the same time, there is less face to face connection during sex. To fix this, keep your thrusts slow, short and shallow, not fast, deep and hard. Run your hands through her hair, down her spine and kiss the nape of her neck. Stimulate her clitoris to rev up your playing field.

Woman Power

When she’s on top, she’s in control, which can be a turn on for you. Unfortunately, being on top makes your girl insecure and self-conscious o]n how she looks like from your view. Women often worry about their breasts and stomachs. They fuss over how imperfect they are, compared to other women. Even if you assure her she’s the hottest person alive, the tiniest shred of doubt can definitely tick off her mood, so lavish her with praise – in a hot way, of course.

Reverse Hop On Pop

This position definitely screams naughty and adventurous. Apparently, reverse cowgirl or hop on pop will make it hard for her to climax and worse, not everything fits in the way she wanted it. At the same time, the curve of your penis may not coincide with her vagina and the farther you go to the base, the more it becomes uncomfortable for her. Or worse, you can break your guy down there and surely, you don’t want that. Ouch – she may want to turn around, which is still hot and feels good for you both, too.

Missionary Position – Yawn

Missionary PositionIt’s common, it’s safe, but, done too much, it gets dull and boring. Aside from that, missionary position does not hit the right spots, making it difficult for her to reach her climax. And if you are on the smaller side of the scale, missionary position will definitely not accentuate your size, no matter how hard you are. Spice it up a bit instead of the usual chest to chest position. Have her legs raised in 90 degrees to allow you better access and hit the right spots. Or move your body farther up with your chest near her shoulders. Then have her legs bend about 45 degrees to tilt her hips up. This will make the base of your shaft in constant contact with her clit, which will drive her crazy.

69 Time

This position is like hitting two birds in one stone. You get your blowjob and at the same time, you are able to stimulate her down there.Apparently, 69 gets her way too mentally and physically preoccupied. That makes it difficult for her to focus on receiving pleasure and concentrate on your needs at the same time. And for women, pleasure and reaching the big O relies heavily on her mental state. [adsanity id=”54600″ align=”aligncenter” /]This doesn’t mean you should completely eliminate the sensuous 69. You can still take turns giving and receiving. And when you are down there, make sure to look at her in the eyes, so she can feel a connection between the two of you.

Take a Sexy Stand

standing up positionKeira Knightley and James McAvoy definitely nailed this position in a steamy library sex in the hit movie, “Atonement.” The standing up position definitely has good qualities, such as face to face action and intimate closeness. Sadly, it’s not as easy as it seems. First, you have to have strong, steady arms that are capable of lifting your girl for more than a minute. Also, you have to work with gravity while leaning on something like a wall or bathroom shower stall, so balance is definitely a plus. If you have any doubts on this one, skip this position. You might drop her anyway and damage your member. Talk about bad memories.

Double What?

Unless you are (a) a porn star, (b) you’re paying your girl to have sex with you, and (c) you are having sex with a porn star, don’t attempt to double team your girl. Bringing another man in the bedroom for some action might be adventurous, but two guys inside her both at the same time might be too much for her to handle. Plus, it can be difficult for you guys to maintain a synchronized rhythm, then it’s better to just grab your clothes and leave. The next time you decide to go on a three-way, stick to two girls. It’s better that way.

Car Coitus

sex in the back of the carIn your younger years, having sex in the back of the car is the most feasible thing to do to get dirty with your girlfriend. When you are in your 20’s and older, hopping on the back seat for old time’s sake is not as erotic as it seems. The back of your car is so cramped, hot and uncomfortable, which can limit your movements. Think of your car as a first base and finish it off somewhere else where you can move freely and more adventurously.

Erotic Accordion

From the name itself, this position will not even make your girl get in the mood. For this one, you lie down on your back, while your lady sits down on squat position with your legs placed on her shoulders. Two things: first, you have to be flexible enough to last longer in this position and second, she’s only getting a quad workout, not sexual pleasure. Definitely a big no-no.

What’s Coming Down The Pike?

The pike position involves your woman in a standing position while you penetrate her from behind. Sure, she displays her entire lovely backside, but there is lesser possibility of grabbing her boobs or kissing her back when doing this position. Remember, women long for intimate connection and not just getting some action and pleasure down there. So, what’s left when all of the positions you’ve used to ticks her off? Have a discussion and find out what she really likes – and what she doesn’t. Make note and have fun trying them out. VigRX PlusAnd bring your sense of adventure and humor along. Nothing helps an awkward moment better than a few chuckles, and if she sees how hard you try to please her, she’s sure to be grateful. The key is spicing it up a bit and make it work for her, as well. If you are able to integrate physical and emotional connection, plus intimacy in the bedroom, then you have surely hit the jackpot. At the same time, use VigRX Plus to give you an added boost in bed. This natural male enhancement pill is made of high quality ingredients that will surely help you get bigger, harder and longer-lasting erections.
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