10 Must-Do Sex Positions That Will Blow Her Mind

Sex Positions That Will Blow Her MindYou know how getting her off can sometimes be a feat, and finding her G-spot can be a really challenging treasure hunt? Don’t blame your size, your length or her hormones. Don’t get her wrong – sex is just as amazing to you as it is to her. But stimulating her to orgasm may sometimes be a feat because her trigger is in there, somewhere, and you just need to hit it right. Men are proudMen are proud and domineering when it comes to sex. You like knowing that you can pleasure your woman and bring her to the edge at any given time. You like to know that you can blow her mind with the intense pleasure that you give her – with your hand, mouth and most importantly, your penis. This is why you should know the best positions that help her orgasm in ways she never thought possible. Sex is really good. But with the right position and hitting the right angle, sex can be mind-numbingly good to the point that you and your woman will want to do it over and over again. So listen up fellas and take note of these 10 must-do sex positions that will blow your lady’s brains out and keep her coming back for more.

1. Doggy Style

bull's eyeAh, doggy style. It’s every guy’s favorite, or it somehow makes it to their list of favorites, and every woman’s G-spot bull’s eye. This position is the ultimate G-spot hitter as it hits the spot over and over until your lady reaches the brink, like an explosion. Doggy style is common and easy to do, too. You start by making your lady kneel down and bend forward, and then you take her from behind following the same position. It is more pleasurable if you use strong and hard thrusts for best orgasm results. With this angle, you can also either hold on to her breasts or play with her clit, giving her more satisfaction as she hits the edge.

2. Play With Her Body

Any sex position can help you do this little trick. Playing with your woman’s clit during sex can double the sensation she feels and make her reach the top hard and fast. two fingersA woman’s clitoris is just as sensitive as her G-spot and touching it gives a pleasurable and tingling sensation for her. Fingering her clit during sex will make her scream for pleasure even before she comes. You can do it with any type of sex position just as long as you have a clear visibility or access to her clit. Stroke it gently with one or two fingers while you thrust in and out of her. The sensation will be so good, it will make her squirm and scream your name over and over as she reaches the edge and gets her full blown orgasm.

3. Stand And Carry

Stand And CarryThis sex position may be a little challenging for you, but in the interest of pleasure and orgasm, who cares how hard it is, yeah? Stand and carry is a sex position where you stand while your lady’s legs are spread out and you carry her through holding the back of her knees. You can pin her against the wall for support. Stand and carry gives you a spot-on target of the G-spot, her clit, her entire vagina and her breasts. This position makes your woman somehow vulnerable and you are in full control of the situation. As you slam into her, thrust in and out, all that put together and the sensations that she feels as she rides you will all be so good, she’ll reach the edge in one earth-shattering orgasm that can be prolonged as you strongly thrust in and out of her.

4. Reverse Cowgirl

clear view of her sweet, little assMost guys’ fantasy is a woman on top – making her take the lead, pleasuring you and worshipping your body like a king. Reverse cowgirl can give you just that. This is one of the classic positions where the woman is on top facing away from you.She straddles you as you lie down and she does the pumping and the moving – of course this can be tweaked and you can move with her. [adsanity id=”54600″ align=”alignnone” /]Reverse cowgirl can be pretty advantageous for you. You have a clear view of her sweet, little ass and you can see how she moves in and out of you. You can also ask her to play with your balls while she’s there. This position is like the doggy style that it hits the G-spot right on and can bring her to the edge fast and hard.

5. Counter Top

counter top is commonly in the kitchenMost women like to be man-handled during sex. What better ways to be a little barbaric then to act like you can’t wait until you get to bed? You can practically have sex anywhere around your home, so by all means, have sex at every corner of your home. One of that location is the counter top. The counter top is commonly in the kitchen. It’s a thrill to take on your lady while she cooks and you shove everything from the table, rip her clothes off and take her then and there. The action can be surprising for her, you take her off guard that the sensations can be both thrilling and pleasurable; it will blow her brains out.

6. The Couch Position

CouchSo, you like to have sex in every corner of your home, right? That includes your couch. Your couch can be a glorious tool for sex – just like your bed – if you are creative enough to put it to use. This sex position is more like the reverse cowgirl, except that you are on a sitting position against the couch. Your lady straddles you while she faces forward and moves in and out of you. This position will give you a clear view of how you move in and out of her, all while you cup her ass to help her out with the pumping. This while drive her over to the edge quick and give her a mind-numbing orgasm, you’ll gave to support her before she topples over because of the pleasure.

Don't forget to use the lube7. Missionary With A Twist

Good, old missionary. It all starts from there. Put a twist to your missionary position by bringing your lady’s legs together while you’re the one straddling her. With this sex position, pull in long, hard and deep thrusts to make it more pleasurable for her. This will also hit her clit over and over, adding pleasure to her. The deep and hard thrusts will also add to the sensation that you both feel that you will both reach orgasm hard and fast. Don’t forget to use the lube to make it more comfortable for her.

8. The Scissors

scissorsThis sex position can actually be done many ways – either you’re on top or your woman is – and your legs are positioned like two pairs of scissors penetrating each other. Get the picture? This position will allow deep and hard thrusts while you or your lady move in and out. This will hit her clit just right and target her G-spot that a few long, deep and hard grinding thrusts can make her climax fast and hard.

9. Side by Side

have your lady face youThis may be common and you may think that a side by side sex position won’t have too much impact. Well, you’re in for a treat. You can have your lady face you or face away from you, just stay in a side by side position as you enter her and move in and out. This position will allow you to caress her breasts or play with her clit – or you can let her do that as well, while you stand back and watch that really sexy display. Use deep and hard thrusts for best results. This sex position may be ordinary but with the right movements, can be one mind-blowing orgasmic experience for her.

10. The Eagle

The Eagle sex position will give you a front seat viewing of all of your lady’s parts – her vagina, breasts, clit, her face and how she looks as you slam into her. As the name suggests, you take her legs, hold it out and spread it like an eagle as you enter her. This position will give you full access to her vagina, hitting her G-spot and her clit just right, over and over, and making her reach the edge of glory fast with a mind-numbing orgasm – all as you watch her come apart and knowing it’s all you giving her that pleasure. Pat on the back. eyes closedBringing her to the edge is easy if you know what to do. It may be something that you can do even with your eyes closed. But blowing her mind with a perfect, numbing and explosive orgasm takes technique and mastery. With these 10 sex positions, you are guaranteed to have your woman crying out loud for the intense pleasure that you give her. Every moment during the sex will feel like an orgasm for her and once she reaches the edge, she’ll be seeing many stars, and she’ll thank you for taking her to heaven.
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