10 Health Foods That May Make Men Sick

10 Health Foods That May Make Men SickDrawing the line between eating healthy foods, and eating foods that seem healthy, but actually are not is difficult, especially if you are one of those people who depends mostly on the nutritional facts on the packaging. Eating food rich in vitamins and nutrients is a pre-requisite if we want a healthy body and to live longer. Some foods may seem healthy and their contents may seem appealing to a health buff, but these foods sometimes just don’t cut it. There are many types of foods in the food pyramid alone, with even more in the classification of what vitamins they contain. There’s even a lot more variety in the aisles of grocery stores, on restaurant menus, and just about anywhere. The choices of food is endless, like the universe itself. While some may brag about “healthy contents” and how a specific food can help keep you fit, the question is what process the food went through to attain such a nutritional value. healthy foodsThat’s where dilemma starts. Because although the idea of eating less could make you lose weight and keep you fit, that is just not how it works. As appealing as it sounds, some types of food that claim to be healthy pose more danger to your health, especially if you don’t really know what it contains, how it was prepared and what it does to your body. So, here is a list of foods that have the good-for-your-body tag on them, but are actually helping to pave the way to sickness:

1. Red Meat

Okay, you have to admit that at the back of your mind, red meat is never really a great choice of protein for your diet. But as for the taste? Absolute heaven. Eating steaks and burgers can really be a turn on for a guy – in the eating department, that is. What best way to do it is to eat only the best quality red meat, and ignore the fact that it is not healthy for the body. Here’s the thing: no matter how well you cook a red meat – boiled it to the limit, barbecued the fat out of it until it’s black – it will still, and always, contain cholesterol and fat. Even if it contains a ton of protein, you can’t really forego that it has two of the deadliest contents a food can have. No matter how good it tastes. You can get protein from other products like white meat and fish – those are healthy options.

2. Sports Drinks

Sports DrinksSports drinks come in many types and many sizes, but they all advertise one thing: energy. Let’s sidetrack here for a second and acknowledge the fact that the body is capable of producing energy by itself. It only needs the help of the vitamins and nutrients that we ingest. So a sports drink, since they are artificial, is basically an artificial boost of energy. While the idea is tempting, the means is not. Think Popeye and his spinach, but on a totally twisted level. Sure, sports drinks can boost your energy. You know what else they do? They shoot up your sugar because that’s what energy needs. Therefore, drinking it regularly would mean tampering with the sugar levels of your body, which is, if you don’t know it already, not healthy.

3. Dairy Products

You’re probably thinking: “What – really, dairy products? I thought they were healthy.” Well, this is a real shocker, because although dairy is a great source of calcium, the truth is really not that appealing. First, dairy products have an acidic effect on your body because they are an animal protein. Your body’s alkaline mineral resources are the ones distributing calcium to the body, so it kind of has an opposite effect. Second, according to research, cow’s milk contains pus cells. Yes, pus cells. If you’re not grossed out yet then maybe the fact that you’re drinking cow’s pus cells would do the trick. So instead of cow products, you can opt for soy, almond or coconut milk.

4. Yogurt

YogurtYogurt holds the power of advertisement just about everywhere – its packaging, TV commercials, etc –saying that it is a healthy option for weight loss. That is what led you to believe that it is indeed healthy. On some levels, it is. It contains calcium, vitamin C and D. Although not all yogurts are unhealthy, some brands – you know, the ones you see in grocery stores and fast food chains – contain more sugar in them than a bottle of beer. Kind of makes you think that beer is a healthier option, does it? For this reason, not all brands of yogurt are as healthy as they claim. So, instead of buying from a grocery store, which is more than likely to be overly processed and filled with preservatives, choose the healthy options like unsweetened plain Greek yogurt and add your own fruit and flavoring.

5. Sushi

The Japanese cuisine is known for its healthy and good-for-the-skin menu. Don’t get upset, it still is, at least most of it. While the pure Japanese cooks maintain the quality of the dishes, the business franchises sometimes don’t. After all, it’s only business, nothing personal. But the truth is, Japanese fast food restaurants can sometimes compromise the health and quality of the food. Remember – you’re eating raw fish. [adsanity id=”54600″ align=”aligncenter” /]Another one is tempura, tasty, flavourful, yummy tempura. The shrimp is covered with bread crumbs and then – wait for it – deep fried in oil. You already know that deep frying a dish will basically make it swim and absorb all the oil it can get, right? So there. Instead of eating in Japanese fast food restaurants, eat in authentic restaurants where you can watch the chef cooking the food fresh and everything is original.

6. Granola Bars

Granola BarsA granola bar is a fast and easy protein boost, especially if you’re too busy to eat a decent meal. A lot of office-working, boss-hating, job-loving professionals opt to eat granola bars in the middle of the day, so they can catch up on deliverables and such. Most people think reaching for a granola bar is a healthy thing to do, but that’s not always the case. Granola bars are processed foods that contain artificial proteins, a disturbing amount of sugar, and lots of preservatives. They’re not really a healthy option in contrast to a full meal. This also applies to those who go on a diet and eat granola bars. They don’t contain much nutrition, and can cause you to gain weight due to the fat and sugar content. Instead of eating a granola bar, love yourself and go for a decent, full course meal.

7. Sauces And Salad Dressings

Food tastes a lot better when you add a little flavor to the original taste, doesn’t it? That’s what sauces and salad dressings do. They add flavor and spice, and allow you to mix up a flavor that suits your tongue. Although eating a salad is healthy, thanks to the vegetables and herbs, adding salad dressings or sauces for more flavor is not always a good option. For one, sauces and salad dressings are processed and contains preservatives. Second, sauces and dressings are actually high in sugar, salt, cholesterol and fat. You’re just making it do a tug-of-war in your body. So, instead, let go of the sauces and eat your salad as it is. You can make your own dressings, or just add a splash of oil and vinegar.

8. Canned Juices

Canned JuicesCanned juices are said to be rich in vitamin C. Yes, they are, but they’re also high in preservatives, processed chemicals and artificial sugar that are downright unhealthy. Drinking canned juices may be appealing because they’re cold, sweet and you can find them anywhere. Because of its artificial contents, it sort of kills the whole idea of vitamin C. Instead of drinking canned juice, opt for freshly squeezed juices.

9. Fast Food Salad

You’re in a hurry, but you want to stay on top of the food you eat. So, you order salad from a fast food chain. Wrong. No matter how fresh the greens may look – which, by the way, are made to really look fresh – they’re actually not. Like anything else in the fast food chain menu, the food is processed and contains preservatives to keep the food longer. Eating fast food salad does not sound as appealing anymore, does it? Just because it’s green does not mean it’s healthy. Add to that the creamy fat-filled dressings, cheese and croutons. So, make your own green salad with vegetables fresh from the market to ensure that it’s healthy and fresh.

10. Peanut Butter And Jelly Sandwiches

SandwichesSandwiches may be appealing if you’re on a weight loss program, but it still depends on what the sandwich contains. Peanut butter and jellyis not one of the healthier options. Both contain an unhealthy amount of sugar and they’re mostly processed. They’re good for a time-to-time visit in your stomach, but not regularly. Sandwiches are healthiest when you put vegetables and lean meats in them. Eating healthy is always a fine choice. Choosing wisely from the menu or from the foods that you cook can benefit your body greatly. While the objective of staying fit is ideal, the means are sometimes lethal – and it’s all because of your innocent way of eating food that is actually not good for your body. So, it’s not just because the food looks healthy. It’s the contents of the food and how it is prepared that makes it good for you.
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